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112 |011/02/19Hanging out with James in Orlando. The Millennium Falcon is pretty cool
18 |010/31/19Daily slice of life photos for October 2019
21 |010/26/19I run a 24 hour Kerbal Space Program charity event and try to not go insane
94 |010/19/19Visiting NYC to see Intrepid with Josh and MBMBaM with the gang!
58 |010/13/19Exploring the Renn Faire with Mel and Dan!
24 |010/12/19Mel and Dan clash in an intense cooking competition
52 |010/11/19The gang, including Clark James and his wife, come to visit GSFC, the ROC, and my house!
|010/04/19Neil's first trip to the vet in ten years
26 |009/30/19Daily slice of life photos for September 2019
20 |009/01/19Visiting New Jersey to see Vic, Amanda, Bryce, and Vic's new DOS PC
39 |008/31/19Daily slice of life photos for August 2019
112 |008/31/19Goran's bachelor party! Let's hit the beach!
59 |008/13/19I took some photos around the office. Some for their website, and some for mine
40 |008/11/19Hanging out with Becky and Dad
91 |008/03/19Vic, Amanda, Omar and I enter the strange world that is the final BronyCon
11 |008/02/19Davieau demonstrates his fancy coffee process
|007/31/19Daily slice of life photos for July 2019
50 |007/29/19Otakon's done. Let's pack, party, breakfast, and leave
74 |007/28/19Otakon 2019!
56 |007/25/19Otakon 2019 is here! Let's hang out at my house and then go set everything up
19 |007/23/19Ahh, the joys of home ownership. A big branch fell off my tree and smashed my fence. Almost hurt the neighbor's house
42 |007/20/19In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 a full-sized Saturn V is projected on the Washington Monument!
54 |007/19/19Hanging in Ithaca with Steve and Megan! Guest star: Emily
18 |007/17/19I drive to Ithaca.. mostly. Hit some car trouble along the way
16 |007/16/19I revisit Three Mile Island
|007/06/19I finally photograph Terra, Aqua, and Aura!
20 |006/29/19Otakon AMV Prescreenings 2019, let's watch a lot of AMVs again
40 |006/23/19James came to visit DC and dragged me and Dan all over the place
|006/08/19Let's go to an Otakorp meeting!
|005/31/19Daily slice of life photos for May 2019
12 |005/20/19I spend nine days in the hospital with appendicitis! On vacation! In Orlando!
26 |005/10/19Visiting Orlando and Disney with James!
15 |004/30/19Daily slice of life photos for April 2019
12 |004/27/19Time to move Bryce out of Amish Country
13 |004/17/19Time for another Antares launch! Cygnus NG-11 is heading to the ISS!
17 |003/31/19Daily slice of life photos for March 2019
21 |003/30/19Let's help Dan and Katie move!
37 |003/24/19March 2019 Buffaling!
19 |003/22/19The Buffalo tour continues! Let's see Steve, Megan, Phil, and Matt!
10 |003/21/19Synacor mini-meetup at Pearl Street!
23 |003/20/19The Mika photoshoot starring Mika
38 |003/19/19I'm back in Buffalo! And by lucky coincidence am here for Topaz's last Synacor Devtricks
23 |003/14/19You're never too old to enjoy a playground
|003/11/19Apollo and Space Shuttle engineer Jack Clemons talks about Apollo guidance
|003/03/19Early morning ops! Let's watch Crew Dragon's first docking
|002/28/19Daily slice of life photos for February 2019
51 |002/17/19I wake up far too early to join Joe on a pre-dawn photo shoot of the DC Mall
23 |002/15/19Joe's leaving to work at Blue Origin! Let's have a goodbye party!
10 |002/02/19Checking out an Otakon meeting and interviewing people for the documentary
|002/01/19Go karts with Dan, Joe, and Josh!
19 |001/31/19Daily slice of life photos for January 2019
|001/09/19We lock ourselves in a room for a week to try to fix the GNCGS requirements
52 |001/06/19Bondcon 2019! Who predicted "DDR in the basement" because you win
26 |012/31/18Daily slice of life photos for December 2018
29 |012/31/18I go to Natalia's New Year's party with Dan and Katie!
18 |012/25/18Hanging out with Mom in Portland!
51 |012/23/18Christmas with Mom, Becky, and Nick! We celebrated a little early to make travel easier
36 |012/20/18Hanging with Dad, Becky, and Uncle Jimmy before Christmas
33 |012/11/18Jim Lovell speaks at the National Cathedral about the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8
18 |011/30/18Daily slice of life photos for November 2018
82 |011/12/18Exploring the Udvar-Hazy Center. Mom meets a space shuttle!
29 |010/31/18Daily slice of life photos for October 2018
51 |010/13/18Exploring DC with Topaz!
48 |009/30/18Daily slice of life photos for September 2018
73 |009/16/18From the ashes of Rippoween rises Oktoberfest!
51 |009/01/18Melissa gets married!
52 |008/31/18The family hangs out on the patio on the night before Melissa's wedding
35 |008/31/18Daily slice of life photos for August 2018
87 |008/19/18Matt the Mat comes to visit. Let's see space stuff and art stuff!
50 |008/13/18Another Otakon has come and gone. Time to pack up and his the staff party!
90 |008/12/18Otakon 2018! Let's take some pictures!
60 |008/09/18Otakon is upon us once again. Let's set everything up!
18 |008/08/18Topaz gives a regex talk at my work and then celebrates by breaking his phone
66 |007/31/18Daily slice of life photos for July 2018
24 |007/13/18Milwuakee Day is upon us once again! Time for BBQ and games
13 |007/08/18Otakon prescreenings! Dan is at Vic's house, this is weird!
36 |006/30/18Daily slice of life photos for June 2018
30 |006/30/18It's Dan's birthday! Let's play dumb games
18 |006/11/18The seemingly never-ending London/Iceland trip finally comes to and end. Time to fly home!
45 |006/10/18While in Iceland I lent Topaz my camera. Let's see what he shot! (Captions by Topaz!)
57 |006/10/18Exploring a glacier! And then getting far too close to the big Seljalandsfoss waterfall
44 |006/10/18Next up, the Reynisfjara black sand beach
61 |006/10/18Headed to the beach and checking out Skogafoss on the way
30 |006/09/18Exploring Kerid Crater. Formally a volcano, now a lake!
24 |006/09/18Gullfoss! A big crazy trianglar waterfall
38 |006/09/18Checking out some hot springs and the original Geyser!
47 |006/09/18Exploring the continental divide in Iceland
39 |006/08/18Arriving in Iceland and exploring Reykjavik!
14 |006/07/18Scotch tasting and games
47 |006/07/18Touring the American Embassy in London
35 |006/06/18More wandering around London. Snacks and sushi
95 |006/05/18We check out the new and old sides of London. Cyberdog and ancient pubs
24 |006/04/18More wandering around London
93 |006/04/18Exploring the Tower of London
38 |006/03/18Wandering around London
97 |006/03/18Hitting the London Science Museum with Topaz
24 |006/02/18I start my first real international trip! Let's go to London!
34 |005/31/18Daily slice of life photos for May 2018
39 |005/25/18Getting wings and hitting a carnival with Dan, David, Jack, and Moe
72 |005/12/18Visiting Mom at her new place in Portland!
39 |004/30/18Daily slice of life photos for April 2018
24 |004/21/18Plumbing repairs are expensive and annoying
41 |003/31/18Daily slice of life photos for March 2018
|003/29/18Some close up photos of the Solar Parker Probe in Goddard's cleanroom
14 |003/09/18Droneswarm test flight. Can it detect the big tarp?
39 |002/28/18Daily slice of life photos for February 2018
135 |002/07/18Exploring the Kennedy Space Center with Dan and James
73 |002/06/18The first ever Falcon Heavy launch. Double rocket landing!
|002/05/18Dan and I travel to Florida
22 |002/04/18Having a bunch of people over for the Super Bowl! Go football!
97 |001/31/18Daily slice of life photos for January 2018
13 |001/05/18After a last second loss in the health contest at work, we blow off some steam
12 |001/02/18Some of the guys from work swing by to play some games
28 |001/01/18Bondcon 2018! More board games, marginally less junk food
12 |012/31/17Daily slice of life photos for December 2017
45 |012/25/17Christmas with Mom, Becky, and Nick!
15 |012/24/17Christmas with the Burkes!
10 |011/30/17Daily slice of life photos for November 2017
18 |011/24/17Home for Thanksgiving!
16 |011/18/17Hanging with Vic, Amanda, Bryce, and company for various birthdays
|011/16/17I get a new fridge! Not quite exciting as the previous photo batch
34 |011/12/17The second attempt was a success and we watch Antares launch OA-8 to the ISS!
24 |011/11/17Waking up absurdly early and giong on a long drive to watch the Antares OA-8 launch.. attempt
|011/06/17I give a talk about my podcast at the Goddard Engineering Colloquium
17 |010/31/17Daily slice of life photos for October 2017
19 |010/29/17Board games and cats at Vic and Amanda's
22 |010/27/17I meet history podcaster Mike Duncan at a Philly book signing
24 |009/30/17Daily slice of life photos for September 2017
12 |008/31/17Daily slice of life photos for August 2017
18 |008/31/17I close on my first house!
20 |008/24/17CEO Bob takes the team for a ride on his boat
57 |008/21/17The Total Solar Eclipse is here! Let's just hope the weather holds
36 |008/20/17Photos from the road as we head to South Carolina
34 |008/20/17James and I hit Busch Gardens in Williamsburg on our drive to South Carolina
31 |008/14/17Let's wrap up Otakon
101 |008/13/17Otakon 2017 is upon us! First year in DC!
78 |008/11/17It's time for Otakon 2017! Let's set everything up!
17 |007/31/17Daily slice of life photos for July 2017
56 |007/29/17Wrapping up Jon and Becca's wedding reception.. and some afterparty madness
65 |007/29/17Jon and Becca get married!
61 |007/28/17Rehearsal dinner for Jon and Becca's wedding.. on a river boat!
22 |007/28/17Wandering around St. Paul, Minnesota
23 |007/22/17Otakon panic meeting. Let's check out the WEWCC!
30 |007/19/17Droneswarm demo flight 1!
23 |007/18/17Droneswarm test flight
87 |007/16/17The NYC E-Prix! Suz and I watch Formula E cars go whrrrr
27 |007/14/17Visiting 2U! First time back in NYC in a year!
20 |007/12/17GSFC knows how to put on an impressive science fair
|007/08/17AMV Prescreenings again. Fewer videos, same amount of nonsense
42 |007/01/17Erin and Bernie are married, let's celebrate!
19 |007/01/17Erin and Bernie get married!
28 |006/30/17Hanging out with family in Florida before Erin's wedding
13 |006/30/17Daily slice of life photos for June 2017
42 |006/29/17Exploring interesting corners of the Goddard Space Flight Center
22 |006/15/17Touring the Hubble Space Telescope Mission Operations Center
16 |005/31/17Daily slice of life photos for May 2017
41 |005/30/17We celebrate and remember the life of my incredbile grandmother
12 |005/20/17I help Bryce move into his new place in Amish country
27 |005/15/17Back in Melrose for Mother's day and Mom's birthday!
31 |005/09/17I attend the Humans to Mars summit and meet Buzz Aldrin!
27 |005/05/17WeddingCon - Vic and Amanda are married! Let's pack up, opening some presents, and get breakfast
139 |005/04/17WeddingCon - Vic and Amanda get married! Let's eat some ribs!
70 |005/04/17WeddingCon - Vic and Amanda are getting married! Let's set up the wedding!
|005/03/17I meet Harrison "Jack" Schmitt! The twelfth man and only scientist to walk on the Moon!
40 |005/02/17One last batch of JWST photos. I hope you like selfies
16 |004/30/17Daily slice of life photos for April 2017
39 |004/02/17Hanging out with Steve, Megan, and the crew!
|003/31/17Daily slice of life photos for March 2017
20 |003/31/17Visiting with Topaz and Kate and friends in Buffalo!
|003/19/17Let's get a new chair from IKEA!
12 |003/05/17Playing complicated board games at Dan and Katie's place
14 |002/28/17Daily slice of life photos for February 2017
|002/25/17Dan and Katie try some VR madness
20 |002/11/17A trip to the climbing gym with Dan and Katie!
27 |001/31/17Daily slice of life photos for January 2017
60 |001/22/17Beany and Suz visit to be in the Women's March. Bryce is here to hang out
13 |001/12/17I got a camera flash for my birthday! Let's take well-lit photos of cats
55 |001/02/17Bondcon 2017! Aka the year I played with a camera flash the whole time
39 |012/31/16Daily slice of life photos for December 2016
19 |012/26/16Beany and I bring Suz to Petrones for her first buffalo chicken calzone. Too spicy!
|012/26/16Christmas with Dad and Becky!
47 |012/25/16Christmas!
|012/24/16Christmas Eve with the Burkes!
21 |012/24/16Hanging out before Christmas!
|012/10/16I finally attend an Otakon meeting
|012/08/16My Oculus Touch finally arrives!
19 |011/30/16Slice of life photos for November 2016
32 |011/26/16Home for Thanksgiving!
20 |011/19/16Goran and Ryan come visit me in Maryland!
15 |011/12/16WaldoLAN 2016! VR, Goddard, space telescopes.. the usual
17 |011/07/16Traveling and visiting Melrose before Rippoween 2016
46 |011/05/16Rippoween 2016! Not a huge turnout but still tons of fun
21 |011/05/16Some photos around Clark University while I'm in town
54 |010/31/16Daily slice of life photos for October 2016
28 |010/31/16Vic and Amanda show me how Halloween is done
13 |010/22/16Omar goes overboard and buys a racing cockpit. I go overboard and buy a racing helmet
28 |010/19/16Mom comes to visit me in Maryland and we look at space stuff!
24 |010/06/16JWST's mirror is facing the window! Let's take lots of photos
39 |009/30/16Daily slice of life photos for September 2016
|009/24/16Omar and I swing by the a.i. picnic and I meet a praying mantis
|009/22/16Some cool airplanes fly over my house as they practice for some event in DC
17 |009/21/16I attend a special event at the Air and Space Museum. Spacecraft and famous people!
13 |009/17/16Continuing my travels, I drive north to see a CHVRCHES concert with Bryce
83 |009/10/16I drive down to Richmond to see my first ever race. The NASCAR Federated Auto Parts 400!
13 |009/08/16I head to the launch party for OSIRIS-REx at Goddard
32 |008/31/16Daily slice of life photos for August 2016
21 |008/26/16I drive to Watkins Glen and hit the circuit with the ultimate speed machine: my Kia Soul
62 |008/24/16It's time for camping in Ithaca again! But this year we upgraded to whole house!
40 |008/15/16Otakon 2016 wrapup. We pack up and say goodbye to the Baltimore Convention Center
69 |008/14/16Otakon 2016! Costumes, panels, fun all around. Our last year in the BCC!
59 |008/11/16Otakon 2016! Let's set everything up
|008/10/16Topaz and Anthony arrive to hang out in the days leading up to Otakon
50 |007/31/16Daily slice of life photos for July 2016
|007/18/16JWST comes out from hiding and I can see the mirrors!
19 |007/10/16Otakon 2016 AMV Prescreenings! My first longish drive in the new car
|007/02/16Suz visits me at my new place on her way to South Carolina!
50 |006/30/16Daily slice of life photos for June 2016
15 |006/26/16I buy a Kia Soul!
|006/20/16First day at my new job!
17 |006/19/16I move to Maryland!
43 |006/16/16With my last full day in NYC I finally head over to the USS Intrepid to see Enterprise!
54 |006/15/16After two and a half years I say goodbye to my friends at 2U
16 |006/14/16Max convinced me to walk back to Queens from work, which is on the Hudson!
50 |006/11/16One last trip to Long Island for horses with Suz and Helen!
13 |006/09/16Packing up and taking some of the last photos of the NYC apartment
43 |005/31/16Daily slice of life photos for May 2016
80 |005/29/16Suz and I play tourists and visit Times Square, Empire State, and Statue of Liberty!
12 |005/28/16Flying back to New York City
18 |005/28/16Animal Riders at the mall with James
32 |005/27/16Back to the Kennedy Space Center to see SpaceX launch Thaicom 8!
34 |005/27/16Riding some rides at SeaWorld and not watching any whales!
|005/26/16Rounding out the day with a little Disney fireworks and diner food
23 |005/26/16KSC - We attend SpaceX's first launch attempt of Thaicom8.. but it was scrubbed!
|005/26/16KSC - A quick trip through the Saturn V Center as we get ready to watch a launch attempt
65 |005/26/16KSC - Revisiting one of my favorite tours, the LCC and LC-39A and LC-39B!
13 |005/26/16KSC - Exploring the rocket garden and lunch with astronaut Wendy Lawrence
14 |005/26/16KSC - A somber visit to the KSC display of Challenger and Columbia remains
29 |005/26/16KSC - Off to the Kennedy Space Center once again.. let's visit Atlantis!
|005/25/16Wandering around Target with James and Mariah
15 |005/25/16James and I take a quick trip through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot
38 |005/24/16Hitting up Universal and the Harry Potter park with coworkers
22 |005/24/16My last all-company meeting at Disney with my coworkers!
10 |005/23/16Random nonsense around Orlando
24 |005/22/16Feeding ducks in Orlando
55 |005/22/16James always knows where to find interesting landmarks.. let's see Fort Mantanzas!
25 |005/21/16Hibachi and Universal mini-golf with James and Mariah!
|005/20/16A few pictures of airplanes at La Guardia
33 |005/16/16It's Suz's birthday! Let's go drink!
55 |005/08/16Looking through old stuff from my bedroom wall and greeting cards
31 |005/08/16Mother's Day with Aunt Teresa, Aunt Kathy, Gragra, and of course.. Mom!
15 |005/07/16Brett and I go head to head in go kart racing again
|005/07/16Hanging out with Dad!
45 |004/30/16Daily slice of life photos for April 2016
18 |004/16/16Trying to find Tony and Suz in Manhattan and then playing board games!
10 |004/15/16We try a practice "inception" at work, breaking down the steps required to start the day
32 |004/11/16After years of waiting my Oculus Rift finally arrives!
119 |003/31/16Daily slice of life photos for March 2016
58 |003/30/16I checked out the New York Auto Show! Prepare for a bunch of pictures of cool cars with vague captions
|003/26/16Mel stops by for a weekend visit and plays with cats and VR!
12 |003/24/16I designed a custom Alien-inspired keyboard and it came out great!
|003/11/16A trip to Rocket Pig with Nate and Max
24 |003/10/16I spent all week at an Object Oriented bootcamp and took some photos while I was there
11 |003/06/16Planes and trains! I went to the elevated subway platform and took shots of planes landing at LGA
59 |002/29/16Daily slice of life photos for February 2016
23 |002/26/16Beer Friday at work!
42 |002/20/16I trundle across Buffalo to spend the weekend with Steve and that whole gang!
37 |002/18/16Hanging with Topaz and Kate in Buffalo!
15 |002/12/16Traveling to Buffalo to surprise Topaz and hang out with Steve and crew
|002/10/16Lunch and Learn with cool robots!
72 |001/31/16Daily slice of life photos for January 2016
15 |001/21/16Topaz got me a piece of Apollo 11 for my 30th birthday.. you need to see it!
48 |001/21/16Work heads to Bowlmor again! Bowling, laser, ropes! Fun times
10 |001/15/16My old flight stick died.. time to get a way crazier one!
54 |001/08/16Checking out the NY Historical Society's computer history exhibit with Topaz and Hez
12 |001/07/16I go out drinking with Synacorians and stay out far far too late
25 |001/06/16It's my 30th birthday! Let's go to Chelsea Barcade and play some arcade games!
|001/06/16Topaz presents at Lunch and Learn and then tries the treadwall
|001/04/16Topaz and Anthony partake in VR madness at my apartment
|001/03/16Bondcon comes to a close.. let's get burgers!
|001/02/16Bondcon heads to Star Wars!
15 |001/02/16Bondcon trundles on with more go karts and video games!
26 |001/01/16Bondcon wraps up the first day of the year with lots of video games
44 |001/01/16Bondcon continues with breakfast.. and GO KARTS!
37 |001/01/16Bondcon 2016 gets started with wings, Magic, VR, and WiiU
|012/31/15Doing laundry and.. a Wiimote?
|012/28/15Traveling home and taking a closer look at the Trinitite Brett got me
10 |012/27/15Beany, then Brett and Steph swing by for hanging out and gift exchanges
12 |012/26/15We celebrate my 30th birthday a little early so I can do it while home
|012/26/15I visit Pop Pop's grave to take some photos
10 |012/26/15Becky and I take Dad chair shopping for his Christmas present
46 |012/26/15It's unusually warm for December so let's go on a photo tour around Melrose
32 |012/25/15Let's head over to Gragra's for Christmas dinner!
37 |012/25/15Christmas at Mom's house!
12 |012/24/15It's the night before Christmas! Visiting Dad, staying up late watching movies
14 |012/24/15Visiting Gragra at the Fitch along with some Branagans
|012/23/15Dad has some fun in the GearVR
|012/23/15Taking Amtrak to Boston for Christmas
|012/21/15My fancy new mechanical keyboard finally arrived. Red Bull Racing theme!
42 |012/21/15I document my daily commute.. photographically!
|012/17/15LEGOs remain fun!
15 |011/08/15WaldoLAN 2015! Games, VR, and chicken!
91 |011/06/15Conrad takes me and Omar on an amazing tour of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center!
23 |011/01/15Post-Rippoween recovery, VR, That's Entertainment, and travel
48 |010/31/15Rippoween 2015! This time with more VR and the same number of syringes
|010/31/15Gragra tries her hand at Virtual Reality
|010/30/15Driving to Boston with Suz and Charlie.. we found an interesting convention!
50 |010/30/15Halloween at work is crazy as always
|010/25/15Long exposures of LED color bars can be fun
|010/23/15Exposing people at work to Gear VR
10 |010/10/15NYCC is in town.. let's take a few photos on the way to work!
10 |010/04/15I bought a Gear VR. Let's do a good old fashioned unboxing
|009/27/15I try my hand at photographing a lunar eclipse
37 |009/19/15Off to a family reunion with.. well, various family members!
13 |009/15/15I attend the 20th anniversary screening of Hackers with the director and cast!
|009/11/15I lug some camera gear onto a train platform to capture the 9/11 Tribute in Light
121 |009/06/15Time for camping with the Buffalo crew again! Boats are back and this time Phil brought his own!
101 |008/29/15Tony and Shayna got married! Let's party!
14 |008/29/15Visiting Clark and getting lunch before the wedding!
21 |008/28/15Hanging at Mom's house with friends the night before Tony and Shayna's wedding
97 |008/20/15Coney Island with James, Suz, and Beany!
21 |008/20/15James' NYC visit kicks off with a quick trip to Adventureland
18 |008/09/15Back home to visit family!
26 |008/08/15It's lights out and away go me and Brett as we hit the gas powered go kart track!
59 |007/26/15Otakon 2015 draws to an end.. time for teardown and partying!
67 |007/26/15Otakon 2015! Cosplayers! Panels! Ballot counting! Whooo
50 |007/23/15Otakon 2015 gets started with Day 0, getting the AMV Theater and Video 1 ready to go
48 |006/28/15It's that time of year again.. Otakon 2015 prescreenings! This time featuring Mel and Will!
17 |006/25/15I play my first ever game of Dungeons and Dragons.. and it's super fun!
26 |006/25/15Hulu set up a replica of the Seinfeld apartment in Manhattan. Let's go check it out!
20 |006/13/15Topaz heads off to Europe while James and I bum around Orlando
34 |006/12/15Hitting a bunch of meetings and Disney World with coworkers!
21 |006/10/15I go to the Richard Petty Driving Experience for a NASCAR ridealong!
55 |006/09/15Busch Gardens, the Gulf of Mexico, and driving around Tampa with James and Topaz
49 |006/08/15Epcot and Hollywood Studios with James and Topaz. Mission Space is fun!
35 |006/08/15Animal Kingdom with James and Topaz. Safari!
17 |006/07/15I get Jerry Ross' autograph and we wrap up our Kennedy Space Center trip
58 |006/07/15We have the privilege of touring the KSC Launch Control Center
44 |006/07/15Viewing Space Shuttle Atlantis again, but this time with some hands-on demonstrations!
19 |006/07/15We head back to the Kennedy Space Center for more tours! Let's see the rocket garden
54 |006/06/15Next in the KSC tour: close up to the VAB, 39-A white room, Saturn V, and some more Atlantis!
59 |006/06/15Our KSC visit continues with an up close tour of the launchpads and VAB!
42 |006/06/15Topaz and I visit the Kennedy Space Center! Seeing Atlantis and meeting Jerry Ross!
|005/30/15I left my camera in Bryce's car. Whoops. Quick trip to Philly to get it!
77 |005/24/15Tony's bachelor party in New Hampshire! Games, cabin, lake, booze, good times
70 |005/16/15Suz and I look at the Apple store and then head to her birthday party!
51 |005/02/15I go to Brooklyn with Tyler to fly drones.. and then go to get bandages when one attacks me!
25 |004/25/15Josh's photos from our Queens photoshoot with Suz
73 |004/25/15Going on a photo shoot with Suz and Josh in Queens
47 |004/19/15Hanging around in Hamburg and then attending the Unconference in Buffalo
130 |004/16/15I tag along during an Eden EMS training session and take lots of photos of messed up cars!
|004/16/15Some random photos around Hamburg since I was bored while walking to lunch
26 |004/16/15Cooking up some lunches and electronics with Topaz!
45 |004/12/15Hanging out with Steve, Megan, Dustin, and the gang. Go karts!!
45 |004/11/15Starting my Buffalo trip off with Wine Night at Steve and Megan's house!
60 |004/05/15Anime Boston 2015 comes to a close. Sunday, teardown, and dead dog
51 |004/04/15Taking a break from AB to hit Boston with Beany, Tony, Shayna, and Dan!
39 |004/04/15Anime Boston 2015 continues on Saturday
79 |004/03/15Anime Boston 2015 Day 1, bring on the cosplayers!
87 |004/02/15Anime Boston 2015, back from my hiatus, let's set this con up!
24 |003/14/15Goran and I visit Vic and Amanda to hang out and pick up my new desktop "Bebop"
26 |003/11/15After a cold winter we finally get a warm day. Time to do a little photo shooting on the way to work!
47 |003/08/15PAX East 2015 Guest Batch! I handed my old camera to Goran and Topaz for the weekend. How did they do?
84 |003/08/15PAX East 2015 Day 2 - Our mission completed, it's time to wander around looking at games and cosplayers
81 |003/07/15PAX East 2015 - The big moment is finally here.. the Giant Bomb panel is upon us!
62 |003/07/15PAX East Day 1 - Let's hit the show floor and have some fun before the big panel!
16 |003/06/15PAX East 2015 Day 0 - Let's drive to Boston!
26 |002/15/15WaldoLAN draws to a close with more games, and a baffling and freezing trip in the cold
80 |002/14/15WaldoLAN heads to the archery range for target practice
44 |002/14/15WaldoLAN gets started. VR, racing, games, and.. drilling through tables?
22 |002/13/15I join Omar and Liz for some pre-WaldoLAN shopping
24 |001/30/15Nate goes climbing and I follow him around with my camera
|001/30/15Super Fan Day at work!
29 |001/26/15Walking around in a snowstorm is fun, just don't slip or drop the camera!
|001/24/15You guys.. I moved my furniture around again. Let's take pictures of cats!
45 |001/19/15I visit Vic, Amanda, and Bryce and take far too many pictures of the new kittens Sam and Dean
14 |001/12/15Cyril visits from France, let's get a team dinner!
10 |001/10/15Suz swings by to exchange gifts and try out the DK2!
|001/09/15Tyler visits 2U and brings a neat LED strip that displays the status of meeting rooms
10 |001/05/15Playing with my new 70D at work
24 |001/04/15My flight back to New York was delayed.. let's explore the Rochester airport!
|001/04/15Time for more nerd games over at Joel and Suzi's house
16 |001/04/15The reception venue kicked us out.. let's go to the afterparty!
115 |001/03/15The big moment at last.. Ben and Dani get married!
18 |001/02/15Back to hotel for some final checks and, more importantly, games!
25 |001/02/15Rehearsal's done, let's go eat!
38 |001/02/15We regroup for the wedding rehearsal!
30 |001/02/15Meeting the groom's party for lunch and then hanging with some cool cats
13 |001/02/15My whirlwind of travel activity continues as I fly to Rochester
87 |001/01/15Down to Philadelphia for pre-Bondcon 2015 with Bryce, Vic, and Amanda
|012/29/14Hanging with Dad and heading back to NYC
17 |112/28/14Visiting Gragra and showing her my new camera
68 |012/28/14Fun, board games, and nonsense in Worcester with Suz, Tony, and Shayna!
57 |7012/27/14I upgrade to a new camera! A Canon EOS 70D. Let's take some pictures!
83 |18912/26/14Christmas time is here! Let's open presents and wonder why it's not cold out
15 |7212/24/14Time for our yearly pilgrimage to Marshfield for Christmas with the Burkes!
58 |31011/29/14Boston's Museum of Science with Brett, Steph, Suz, and Beany!
|811/29/14An old comic I made and breakfast with Dad
58 |21411/28/14Beany dyes my hair blue! Who knew it was such a production!
34 |10911/27/14Thanksgiving! Dinner with Mom, Becky, Nick, and Gragra
28 |10311/23/14Mel, Suz, and I head to Borders for Chris Hadfield's book signing
18 |14111/23/14Mel comes to visit and brings me to a guerilla film shoot!
33 |15811/19/14Law and Order SVU takes over the office to film a few scenes for an upcoming episode
|6411/19/14Charles and I head over to the gym for a few minutes of climbing
64 |20811/16/14I tag along as Suz and her friends ride horses
124 |45611/09/14Rippoween 2014! Time to party in Worcester!
49 |60610/31/142U Halloween! People really put some effort into their costumes here
51 |41210/27/142U goes go karting! Who will win? Who will crash? Who knows!
65 |37610/25/14Exploring The Cloisters museum with the Buffalo gang
53 |26210/24/14Buffalonians in New York City! The gang heads out to visit and see an away Bills game
23 |18409/20/14Omar and Liz visit NYC and we hang out with their friend Deep and Escape the Room!
27 |37009/12/14I go for a bike ride around Queens and take a few photos
13 |33209/07/14Josh, Suz, and Goran stop by for breakfast at a diner and goofing off with the racing wheel
|11309/06/14I go to the book signing for "XKCD What-If" and meet Randall Munroe again!
58 |008/31/14Mom and Aunt Teresa come visit me in Queens and attend the US Open!
172 |222508/17/14Ithaca Camping 2014 with a bunch of the Buffalo crew again! Now with more boats!
155 |150308/10/14Otakon 2014! The first year for the Otakon AMV Theater! Also Topaz joins us on staff!
14 |25307/20/14Breakfast with Mom, then hanging out with Gragra
95 |52307/19/14Dad and I walk the entire Freedom Trail! Including the U.S.S. Constitution!
31 |58907/19/14Visiting Tony and Shayna, a walk around Clark, and helping moving
28 |46207/18/14Go-kart racing with Brett and Steph at F1 Boston! Super fun
16 |34207/12/14Time for Otakon prescreenings once again!
|4907/06/14A few shots snapped from the Megabus as I head to Boston
46 |81307/04/114th of July party at Suz and Goran's place with special guest Bryce in from Philadelphia!
55 |95106/21/14Going for a walk around Queens
|27106/13/14Suz and I hit up an arcade at Disney then head back to New York
|13306/13/14I head to the Disney Yacht Club fo the 2U Annual Meeting.. and don't take many pictures!
|25006/11/14James leaves for his trip and takes his forty pounds of cheese with him
57 |129206/10/14Disney World with Suz and James! Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and James drives the monorail!
190 |217106/09/14Trip to the Kennedy Space Center with Suz for a full tour, lunch with an Astronaut, and Atlantis!
|16506/08/14Our first "down day" of the vacation. James works, Suz and I watch F1 and wander around
43 |101406/07/14James brings Suz and I to Funspot to kick off our Florida trip right. Rides and go-karts!
21 |54206/07/14Suz and I head to Florida for a week of hanging with James, NASA, and Disney!
62 |223405/25/14Beany comes to visit NYC! Hipster food, too much candy, ST&B, and braindead cat!
67 |128105/18/14BBQ and karaoke for Suz's birthday!
28 |75205/11/14Hanging in the city with Josh and Goran, including my first F1 meetup!
10 |27805/06/14Lunch at Frying Pan with some of the old MGB crew
12 |38305/04/14Post-wedding brunch and headed back to NYC
43 |85305/03/14Steve and Megan get married! Let's dance!
66 |109605/03/14Hanging with Steve and the guys in the hours leading up to his wedding
|25505/01/14Return to Buffalo! Hanging with Topaz and attending Steve and Megan's wedding.
59 |107604/27/14Hanging out with Mel at the premiere of her first feature film! "Wander My Friends"
54 |131504/20/14Spoons, Toons & Booze, Fette Sau, Barcade, and other nonsense
|44104/19/14Heading to Chelsea Markets with the 2U gang
|31004/12/14I head to Space Apps NYC and meet astronaut Doug Wheelock!
|41804/09/14Seeing Jeff Gerstmann talk at the NYU Game Center
34 |167404/06/14Mom comes to visit me in Queens and we headed to the site of the World Fair!
23 |107703/28/14I celebrate my second IPO when my new job goes public! Party!
22 |70103/22/14Visiting Bryce, Vic, and Amanda! We did more things but this is mostly pictures of hamburgers
30 |83303/11/14Shots around work, and lunch with Charlie and Josh
54 |140403/08/14Suz and I head to Flushing Meadows so she can try out her new camera
20 |61802/22/14It's the first reasonably nice day of the year.. let's bring the camera to work!
45 |86002/17/14WaldoLAN! I head down to Maryland to attend Omar's big LAN party
36 |85802/15/14Ben and Dani come to New York! Oculus Rift and Grand Central photo shoot ensues
30 |163101/01/14New Years with Suz, Goran, Josh, and friends!
40 |113112/29/13The first Bondcon! Internet money, presents, food, and lots of games
25 |72612/25/13Christmas! Mom, Becky, Dad, Aunt Teresa, and Uncle Chris!
11 |33211/27/13Visiting Betty with Suz! Thankfully, we didn't have to play scales
18 |62611/19/13Suz and I make "The First Thanksgiving on Mars" for a contest at work
42 |135311/03/13Rippoween 2013! Blood on the walls, creepy masks, and madness
22 |171911/02/13Back in Worcester for Rippoween. Oh how I've missed That's Entertainment!
19 |116410/31/13Halloween at MGB! Chili, costumes, and prizes!
10 |43710/30/13Meeting Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half!
30 |173610/28/13Suz and Charlie make chili for the contest at work!
101 |283810/26/13Suz, Goran, Charlie, and CJ run from zombies in a deadly deadly 5k!
|33110/24/13D&D, lunch, and buildings!
|43610/22/13Kate and Topaz breifly visit, I start my new job, and buildings!
39 |135710/19/13Beany comes to NYC! Suz takes us to a farmer's market and then we make apple pie!
14 |58010/17/13Wandering around New York a little before I start work
28 |117110/15/13I move to New York City!
|35510/13/13Dad comes to Buffalo to help me move and goes to his first, and only, tailgate party!
46 |153210/11/13After three wonderful years, I bid farewell to Synacor and all my Buffalo friends
16 |90109/22/13Visiting New York City for a job interview!
42 |112309/15/13AnimeUSA 2013! We had a great year but the con had poor attendance. Bummer!
30 |96709/08/13The Bills season opener reminds me how crazy sports fans can be
|34609/01/13Bees abound at Steve's labor day BBQ
172 |373008/25/13Camping in Ithaca! A few near fatalities, but tons of fun!
64 |248008/21/13Flying around Buffalo in a tiny Cessna with John! And we survived!
239 |969708/12/13Otakon 2013! Busy as always, but now with more Mckeeds and Oculus Rifts!
10 |63408/05/13At long last, my Oculus Rift finally arrives! Let the VR revolution begin!
21 |120607/13/13BBQ cookout with Topaz and the gang
51 |320207/06/13Prescreenings for the Otakon 2013 AMV Contest!
85 |406906/30/13Roaming around New York City with Suz, Goran, and Bryce! 9 years since last time!
13 |97906/29/13Hanging out in Brooklyn with Suz, Goran, and Bryce!
12 |66306/28/13Wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
|54006/28/13Hanging out on the roof of the hotel with family on the day before Greg's wedding
48 |245106/27/13Greg's bachelor party! Hitting NYC with a lot of booze and a lot of fun
126 |409406/24/13MarineLand and Martin's Fantasy Island with James! Lots of sun and coasters
15 |81706/22/13James comes to visit me in Buffalo and ride some rides. Time for a tour!
15 |90605/26/13Barbeque and Kan Jam at Steve's house
|64105/04/13Mom comes to visit me in Buffalo! We went to a Bisons game
|25504/25/13Synacor Idol 2013! Nan got robbed, he definitely should have won!
45 |234704/06/13Silo City Rocks opens in Buffalo, so I get to go poke around a bunch of old grain silos
11 |68704/04/13I build an exercise bike, without Buzz's help
111 |660602/10/13Camping with Steve, Megan, Phil, Dustin, Kevin, and Christina! Sledding!!
14 |96502/03/13Super Bowl! I bet that the Super Bowl would be canceled.. and the power went out! So close!
20 |125101/01/13Alancon 2013! Nothing goes better with cheesesteaks than Kinect, right?
|45812/28/12Games at Tony and Shayna's!
|45112/27/12Visiting Mel and Raz and Stu!
16 |95512/25/12Christmas 2012!
|55512/14/122012 Synacor Holiday Party
38 |226911/29/12Synacor goes bowling!
125 |573811/18/12Rippoween 2012! So many people showed up it ended up being a mini Clark reunion!
34 |263211/11/12Anime USA 2012! Not many cosplay photos, but lots of fun!
96 |451711/09/12A trip to the Udvar-Hazy center to see Space Shuttle Discovery!
36 |230311/05/12A tour of my new home away from home: Buffalo Lab
20 |130410/27/12Steve's 2012 Halloween party!
|52610/22/12Veena is moving on from Synacor. Photos from her farewell lunch!
|37710/15/12Neil and Buzz! ..and clouds!
204 |666009/30/12My first time at Anime Weekend Atlanta. So many cosplayers, so little time.
|43809/15/12LAN party at Topaz's house!
35 |218309/14/12Poker with Steve, Megan, Dustin, Tom, Tamara, Kevin.. the whole gang!
253 |1402607/30/12Otakon 2012! The AMV department was busy this year but we had a blast and put on a great show!
29 |204207/20/12Dance party at Steve's house!
|39907/10/12Stone Wall takes a nerf hostage!
|24407/08/12Traveling back to Buffalo after a visit to Boston and Mckeed's wedding!
23 |190707/07/12Mckeed and Joanna get married! I attended with Vic, Mike, and Meri!
12 |100107/06/12Traveling to Albany with Vic to attend McKeed's wedding!
10 |94907/05/12Visiting Gragra and Becky!
17 |107207/04/12Minigolf with Dad!
|39606/29/12Nerf carnage in the office!
11 |82706/23/12Getting sushi and playing "Cards against Humanity" during Otakon prescreenings!
|69906/08/12Barbeque at Steve's house!
|57606/05/12The transit of Venus! Venus passes in front of the sun! Last one until 2117
|65305/25/12Mom comes to visit me in Buffalo!
14 |176205/22/12I go on a crazy trip to Florida to watch the SpaceX COTS2 demonstration flight. It was amazing!!
|52205/20/12A solar eclipse at sunset!
23 |162005/19/12Going to a Bison's game with Steve and some friends
17 |146105/12/12Going for a walk through Chestnut Ridge
|59905/10/12Julia sent me some cool stuff she made! Project X (Neil plushie) and a pony hat!
14 |90605/08/12Another round of photos at the Cargill Pool grain elevator
|46005/07/12A few pictures at the old Buffalo Lab
53 |428405/06/12I head out to Frontier Skydiving to watch some people jump out of airplanes!
16 |90504/30/12I attend an Arduino meetup at the BuffaloLab hackerspace
|29504/20/12It's Steve's 30th birthday! Time to go to the bar and later make a bonfire
18 |99004/20/12Steve and Phil attempt to assemble a gas grill
19 |111604/16/12I ran into some skaters near the Marina who let me shoot their skating
18 |92404/16/12Walking around the Marina, shooting pictures of seagulls
10 |61103/14/12It's Pi Day at Synacor, and you know what that means... pie for everyone!
81 |709903/02/12The Synapps team heads to Montreal for ConFoo!
41 |227102/11/12Synacor goes public! Time to party!
25 |153702/04/12I head down to Spaceport Eden to fire off some model rockets!
20 |139702/04/12Building a model rocket! Pretty simple stuff, but fun!
|34401/30/12Making omelette muffins!
46 |257601/28/12A "fancy dinner party" at Steve's house! It didn't stay fancy for long..
31 |197301/21/12Rochester people come to visit Buffalo! Nerdy games ensue
32 |209301/15/12Brett and I visit a snow covered Niagara Falls and goof off at Clifton Hill
27 |201101/14/12Brett and Bryce come to visit me in Buffalo!
37 |182401/02/12The second batch of Alancon photos. IHOP, music, and punch!
50 |202412/31/11It's New Years, which means it's time for Alancon 11-12!
35 |228912/25/11Christmas with Mom and then later at Gragra's place!
27 |185312/24/11Christmas Eve with everyone at Uncle Michael's place!
27 |161212/24/11Christmas with Dad!
17 |99112/16/11Reddit Secret Santa! Also MLP subreddit Secret Santa!
|44712/16/11Playing Magic with Shawn at Synacor
16 |151312/16/11The Vending Machine Challenge returns to Synacor!
47 |254512/09/11Synacor Holiday Party 2011!
|39312/02/11Pooja's mustache and Ceiling Cat!
21 |166611/27/11Brian's son Carter gets baptized!
|69311/27/11A foggy morning in Melrose
38 |453611/26/11Going to Howl at the Moon Boston with Mckeed, Joanna, Mel, Raz, Brett, and Steph!
|21111/26/11Macaroni photo shoot!
28 |170911/25/11Going to black light minigolf with Brett and Steph
34 |173111/24/11Thanksgiving! Gragra stopped by to have dinner with us and Becky made a pie!
25 |164211/23/11Wandering around Melrose in the late Fall
31 |129211/21/11Last batch of Anime USA 2011 photos! Hanging out and going to the Dead Dog
65 |335111/20/11More of Anime USA including the AMV Sing Along and My Little Pony video block!
41 |609611/18/11Taking a break from Anime USA to head to the Air and Space Museum!
31 |227911/18/11Anime USA 2011! Setup and a few cosplay photos
84 |446711/13/11Rippoween 2011! Back in Worcester at Tony's new apartment!
10 |57911/12/11In Melrose for Rippoween weekend!
|29011/10/11Playing Batman with Steve and Phil!
11 |65410/31/11Halloween at Synacor!
24 |124810/30/11After-wedding brunch, cheesesteaks at Jim's, and driving back to Buffalo!
26 |161710/29/11Bryce and Alicia get married!
35 |318310/28/11Post-wedding rehearsal dinner! Best steak on the planet!
21 |179510/28/11Wedding rehearsal for Bryce and Alicia
35 |329810/28/11Getting fitted for tuxes with Bryce and the groomsmen, and giving Bryce his iPad!
18 |127410/22/11Steve's Halloween party!
|34810/12/11I watch Eraserhead with Steve, Phil, and Megan. And forever regret it
14 |86210/09/11Eric and Kate marriage brunch!
117 |573110/08/11Eric and Kate get married!
41 |203910/07/11Eric and Kate wedding rehearsal!
|13710/07/11Neil and Buzz sleeping!
12 |90110/06/11The pre-pre-wedding dinner for Topaz and Eric's wedding!
|18310/03/11Cargill Pool grain elevator at sunset!
13 |93409/30/11New couch day for the Synapps aisle!
20 |135309/28/11Synacorians head down to the Hatch for some greasy food!
15 |85209/18/11The Bills win a game!
|37209/16/113d printed space shuttle, and Steve's ridiculous mustache
116 |418909/10/11I head to the Thunder over Niagara air show with a monster telephoto lens!
22 |136009/09/11I rent a Canon EF 100-400mm monster telephotos lens for an air show. Time to try it out!
41 |289709/05/11Bryce's bachelor party! BachelorCON!
|38608/27/11Rainbows over Buffalo, the Sherif helicopter outside my apartment, and bored Neil!
|74208/10/11I see a waterspout (tornado!!) over Lake Erie! Holy crap!!
22 |128008/09/11Synacor's picnic gets rained out at Darien Lake!
10 |81508/02/11Canz brought his old Virtual Boy to work! Madness!!
57 |342008/01/11Wrapping up Otakon and going home
210 |1805707/31/11Otakon 2011! Back a year after my camera died mid-con with an L lens! Cosplay photos galore!
20 |88707/28/11It's Otakon 2011 Day Zero, which means it's time for Howl at the Moon!
17 |73207/28/11It's Megabus time again as I head to Otakon 2011!
26 |183007/28/11Synacor signed a big client! Time for a celebratory brunch!
31 |187207/27/11I found a carnival setting up so I headed down to get some pictures
114 |575507/27/11I finally pony up the ten bucks to explore the inside of the battleships near Synacor
13 |69607/26/11I take my rented L lens to the shore for pictures of windsurfers and buildings
19 |102207/26/11I rented an L lens for Otakon! Time to test it out around the office
|29507/25/11Borders goes away, and a few Daily Shoot photos
23 |128207/22/11Taco Truck, working, and awards at Synacor
25 |128807/16/11I bring my camera along as I walk to the mechanic to pick up my car
16 |107907/15/11My car started leaking gas! Time to get it towed to the mechanic
26 |171707/14/11The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile showed up at Synacor! But didn't bring hotdogs!
|59007/11/11Nonsense at Synacor
87 |335507/11/11Synacor booze cruise with unexpected L lenses!
21 |109307/04/11Visiting with my old coworkers at Baldwin!
44 |310207/02/11Otakon 2011 AMV contest prescreening! 139 videos, one sitting!
|51406/29/11A tall mast ship sails into Buffalo, and I go to take some pictures!
|34106/24/11Bring your dog to work day at Synacor!
|36006/22/11Hanging around on the Synacouch
122 |644706/19/11Topaz's bachelor party! Lasers, LAN, food, drink, and swordfighting!
22 |188906/17/11A vehicle fire on the skyway, and some pretty typical "life around Synacor" pics
|45006/14/11Synacouch, and fixing Highwind
19 |116206/08/11I attend Barcamp Buffalo, a meeting of local techies for cool talks
14 |106406/01/11Synacor Foosball Championship 2011! I won an iPad!!
54 |342505/29/11Steve bought a house! Housewarming party!
16 |109805/27/11I go to a "Drinking Skeptically" meetup with Shawn
|27605/26/11Rainbow and clouds!
12 |71005/23/11Synacor welcomes the new interns with lunch at Pearl Street!
134 |692405/21/11I go on a whirlwind tour of Disney World (Animal Kingdom and Epcot)
23 |123805/20/11Hanging out with James in Orlando!
55 |324405/16/11I witness the final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour, on her last mission: STS-134
104 |673205/15/11I visit the Kennedy Space Center the day before Endeavour's final flight
19 |119305/14/11I arrive in Florida for a week of hanging with James, NASA, and Disney!
34 |190805/12/11Beager's birthday, stuff in my backyard, foosball, Starbucks, and shuttle practice!
158 |647105/01/11A camping trip to Allegheny National Park with Topaz and the crew!
12 |79004/28/11John Lawrence is moving back to India! We had a farewell lunch for him.
59 |780704/25/11Wandering around Boston with Topaz since our flight doesn't leave till 9pm!
245 |1837204/24/11Anime Boston 2011! Topaz joins me on tech staff and I take my nifty fifty on a cosplayer hunt!
11 |68704/21/11Topaz, Dad, and I head down the Reading range! Some pretty great pictures of Dad
10 |52504/20/11Topaz and I fly to Boston for Anime Boston 2011!
19 |143004/08/11Balance board and gyroscope!
49 |322904/06/11The second annual Synacor Idol!
|47904/04/11Topaz's crazy balance board in the office!
|62304/03/11Origami and cats!
16 |91103/31/11Everyone's favorite grain elevator.. in the fog! Plus, some construction nearby!
12 |82303/29/11Beager tries to save the beanbag that Matt killed
20 |120303/18/11Lunch with Synacorians at Pearl Street, wandering around near Route 5
28 |188003/17/11The weather is warmer, so I wander around the Tifft Nature Preserve again!
34 |200103/15/11Investigating the scary bridge and the Concrete Central grain elevator
34 |189503/14/11Walking along the beach of Lake Erie
|22903/14/11Antics at work, and Steve found a weird banana
85 |543003/13/11Visiting the Philadelphia Zoo with Bryce!
|66503/10/11I travel to Philadelphia to hang out at Bryce's for the weekend
|44003/09/11Random pictures taken throughout the week. Including a haircut!
16 |263203/05/11Playing with really cheap product photography
|48603/04/11Driving around Buffalo in the rain
21 |148403/03/11Wandering around near some train tracks and an overpass. Nice place.
|74503/03/11Helicopter, miscellaneous pictures, and rude Beager
24 |143502/28/11Wandering around Tifft street in Buffalo
15 |116902/27/11Snowmobiles, and wandering around the neighborhood in Orchard Park
14 |91202/25/11Buffalo weather returns, and another trip to the Tifft Nature Preserve, this time with Topaz
31 |191802/23/11An after work trip to the CSX Frontier Yard train yard!
31 |182402/22/11Wandering the Tifft Nature Preserve at sunset
19 |83502/20/11Cooking, more shopping, and sushi!
37 |215302/19/11A little shopping, and a little "street" photography at Wegmans
55 |257802/18/11Visiting the Buffalo Botanical Gardens for their special lights event!
11 |93602/16/11Wandering around the (now frozen) marina near Synacor to play with my Sigma lens
|46602/14/11A few pictures of some very cold abandoned buildings
48 |408102/12/11Winterfest was more like Lamefest, but at least it was something to do
18 |118402/11/11More Synacor pictures. Nerf guns everywhere!
|57202/06/11Super Bowl Sunday! I watched the game with Topaz, Kate, and Chris
26 |141902/04/11I got a new lens! A 70-300mm, for telephoto fun!
|63502/03/11Not alot of pictures, and some spooked kitties
13 |105501/21/11Neil and Buzz photoshoot!
26 |379301/21/11I revisit the Cargil Pool grain elevator in the winter! It was cold.. so cold.
23 |160101/21/11Matt Turland in town, and hanging around at work
53 |211601/15/11Dagger bought a house in dire need of renovation, so we lend a hand!
33 |213501/10/11Playing with my new wide angle adapter, and life at Synacor
18 |122101/03/11Hanging with Bryce and Alicia again, driving home, and new photography toy!
239 |657001/02/11Alancon 2011! This year's themes were Kinect and Jolly Rancher shot glasses!
33 |195912/31/10Hanging out with Bryce and Alicia before New Year's!
|80212/29/10Back to work, and playing with my new lens
103 |568312/27/10Christmas time again! I go home for Christmas and have all sorts of fun. Also, I get a 50mm f/1.8 lens!
23 |130212/10/10Syancor holiday party! They made me dress up, but gave me free booze and food
16 |98412/09/10Reddit Secret Santa day! Both Topaz's and my secret santa gifts arrived
|51912/06/10Buffalo weather rears its ugly head, and Topaz's mom comes to visit!
17 |103511/27/10Barbeque with Dad, and traveling to Providence to see Mel
42 |282411/25/10Thanksgiving! The Branagans joined us this year, along with Becky's boyfriend Cathal
25 |137611/24/10Down on the range with Dad
30 |137911/20/10Window washing guy at work, and Rock Band
174 |681611/15/10The second batch of Anime USA 2010 photos!
215 |708211/12/10The first batch of AnimeUSA 2010 photos, and I finish my touristy tour of DC: even the White House!
12 |75111/08/10Winter arrives, a few pictures around the office, and we get sushi on Topaz's birthday!
34 |199110/31/10Halloween party, breakfast with Caitlin and Brandon, and flying home!
286 |957410/30/10I go to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!!
10 |58110/29/10Cranium with Caitlin, her boyfriend Brandon, and their friend Jason!
185 |936310/29/10I fly to Washington DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity and visit the Air and Space Museum!!
|35410/28/10Neat clouds, and Neil is under the couch again
23 |203510/26/10Cats, goofing off at work, and crazy clouds
59 |342510/22/10Desk construction is completed, another Perl seminar, and messing with Steve
50 |216710/18/10The new desk construction gets underway at Synacor
71 |413610/15/20Double rainbow, Perl seminar, and the great furniture reshuffle begins!
70 |302110/12/10Otaku Generation, hanging with Dave all day while I wait for a bus, and random protest
184 |666110/10/10I travel to Philadelphia to go to Bryce and Alicia's engagement party!
56 |254610/07/10Platform lunch, interesting clouds, building a whiteboard, and fun with paperclips
78 |375610/03/10Geekfest weekend, and a visit to the Eden EMS squad hall
109 |550410/02/10Nature preserve, beer at work, Cuomo at work, amazing sunset, and my G2 arrives!
20 |114909/18/10Intersting bugs, Coco-Pop machine, and a few proj365 pictures
77 |411609/12/10Opening day for the Buffalo Bills! I wandered down to the stadium to take in the chaos
131 |467909/11/10Bryce comes to visit me in Buffalo! Sushi, Niagara Falls, mini-golf, and wings!
25 |122609/09/10Interesting clouds, kitty closeups, and some random things
124 |439109/04/10Another exciting adventure through industrial Buffalo
110 |353508/29/10A fun filled day! I go on a walk to Tim Horton's and bounce around Buffalo on a photo safari! More great industrial and
21 |227308/28/10Wandering around Ralph Wilson Stadium during the first Bills home game of the season
12 |94608/27/10No diabeetus, replacement lens, and Avatar again!
91 |788808/26/10I break my lens, but still go on a photo safari thanks to a Synacorian's lent lens!
|50008/25/10The Vending Machine Challenge claims another Synacorian, and I work a sync!
|52408/22/10Mel and Jamie hit the road, and I take an action packed Project 365 picture
59 |480108/21/10Mel and Jamie come out to visit! Casey came over too!
37 |273908/18/10The CMS team goes to Chef's for lunch.. and prompty slips into a food coma
11 |79008/17/10Some pictures inside my gym, and a few of my routine meals
11 |68608/16/10Topaz at work, pics around my daily routine, and daredevil Buzz
93 |417608/15/10Synacor company picnic!
181 |569208/13/10Cats, lunch with Synacorians, naval museum, and Erie County Fair!
97 |333508/12/10I got a real DSLR! A Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi! It's awesome!!
12 |96208/10/10I bought a Canon Powershot SX20IS but it stunk, so I returned it! Here are the pictures I took with it
165 |643808/03/10A quick visit to Baldwin, Otakon 2010, and the last picture my Powershot S2 IS ever took
43 |209007/25/10Mom and Aunt Teresa come visit, and I finally get some furniture!
54 |265407/04/10Otakon AMV prescreening!! Topaz and I drove down from Buffalo and had a great time
38 |246706/12/10Mini Clark reunion, packing up Baldwin, and moving to Buffalo!
|39806/07/10Barack O'Llama, Brett, James, and Buzz in my bed!
12 |84705/16/10I undergo a sleep study! Ever slept while covered in wires? I have!
80 |465605/03/10Interview at Synacor, hanging out with Topaz, and being tourists at Niagara Falls!
13 |90904/24/10Magnets and a prank on Jerry!
10 |70104/16/10Cats investigate the toilet training device
236 |2417504/05/10Anime Boston 2010! I was Senior Tech this year and finally started learning peoples' names!
15 |81003/31/10Spring Break! I bought an eBook reader and saw Avatar with Aunt Teresa!
141 |661403/07/10My cousin Colleen gets married! I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale for it!
124 |507001/17/10James' Awesome Comeback Tour 2010! James is back from Thailand so we had a big party!
|52601/04/10Building a kitty city!
22 |159901/03/10Alancon comes to its inevitable close with more games and more food. See you all in July!
79 |459601/02/10Alancon continues with cats, more Rock Band, Buca, a tire changing, Wii Sports, and Michael's!
55 |243301/01/10The first night of Alancon and the first night of the new decade! The future is officially here!
32 |181112/30/09Christmas with the Burkes, and early Birthday celebrations!
70 |418612/25/09Christmas 2009! Good times, good loot! Fun was had by all
44 |355712/23/09I brought my cats home for Christmas! That's right, four cats at my Mom's house!
|37412/18/09I got Carol and Jerry Snuggies for Christmas! Dave too, but he couldn't make it
204 |1873011/23/09Anime USA 2009! Not a ton of cosplayer photos but there are some real gems in here
15 |112911/03/09Some nice fall photos around Baldwin
39 |193311/02/09Some photos I took of products in the Baldwin Bookstore for the website
65 |400411/01/09Spooky Halloween party with DJ Franken-Flo!
|52710/30/09Barbeque with Dad!
16 |103310/25/09Various pictures of things in the sky I took while covering a field hockey game for Baldwin
23 |142110/21/09James stops by to visit on his way to Orlando, where he now lives!
79 |2084509/28/09I go on a Kevin Smith odyssey as I visit the Quick Stop and attend a live SModcast!
29 |215409/21/09Neil and Buzz have their first trip to the vet! Also, Dave and Jerry close the Baldwin gates for a photo
32 |292309/18/09Some shots of Jupiter and a bunch of pictures of Dave playing with Neil and Buzz
18 |151409/13/09Neil and Buzz around the apartment!
16 |140109/11/09A few pics of the Mount Lafayette trip (batteries died!!), kittens at home, and Dave
15 |134308/27/09I meet a bunch of kittens, including my future cats!
15 |128508/09/09Brett comes down to visit and we record an episode of Backseat Gaming with him!
12 |94208/05/09Working with Dave and Jerry and the crazy warped floor of the flooded basketball court!
|64107/20/09Some pictures of the new airsoft gun I picked up at Otakon, an M82 with flashlight and laser.
193 |2320807/19/09Otakon 2009! I was a Gofer this year, mostly helping out the AMV department. Lots of fun!
10 |76807/12/09Mom gets a MacBook! Finally, she has a computer that isn't a total piece of garbage
|42007/10/09Creepy lights in my living room, a sad freezer, and sushi with Mom!
17 |148706/26/09Spring.. or Summer cleaning in the Tech department at Baldwin!
|22306/08/09I got a sweet new license plate!
128 |2311705/24/09Anime Boston 2009! I was too busy to get many pictures but it was a great year. See you in 2010!
28 |269505/17/09Nerf, dry ice, and a PHiZZ origami torus!
21 |138004/01/09April Fool's Day madness! I embedded my boss' mug in Jello!
25 |183503/21/09Hanging out in Worcester with Brett, Rosie, John, Bryce, and Flo!
|7303/10/09My smallest batch yet! One picture of me in front of the end credits to Mega Man 2
19 |185602/16/09Some pictures of my apartment and office (and the hallway inbetween) at Baldwin
21 |237702/09/09I won OtakuGeneration's "Guess the Character" game! Check out all the cool stuff I got
|49901/06/09A few Alancon pictures and a new set of shelves
15 |108312/30/08Tachikoma figurine and my G1
15 |106812/29/08Kitties, G1 (Google Phone), and more kitties!
82 |443012/27/08Christmas fun! New kitten, family parties, and giant Rubik's Cubes
63 |420412/21/08Random stuff around Baldwin and tons of snow back home!
41 |577611/30/08Desk, giant poster, Thanksgiving dinner, and Uncle Michael's band
16 |124311/12/08Crazy phone, new pedometer, and I build a gaming PC for Bryce!
17 |118711/04/08Election Night 2008. Barack Obama wins the presidential election!
142 |617610/27/08Melrose James comes down and we do touristy things in Philadelphia
24 |194410/17/08Homecoming bonfire at Baldwin
27 |210110/10/08Brett playing Metal Gear Solid 4, a server room at Baldwin, and some shots of my new apartment
35 |508010/03/08Some stills around Baldwin
11 |96109/23/08Metal Gear, deer, and airplanes
|53909/09/08Spooky Baldwin and my new piano
175 |913209/15/08Clark James' going away party. He left to teach English in Thailand for a while
26 |321509/10/08Spore Galactic Edition and my office desk setup
10 |95609/04/08Some pictures around Baldwin
12 |168309/03/08I start work at The Baldwin School in Pennsylvania
25 |312708/30/08Moving from Dayton and Three Mile Island
11 |79408/28/08Some guys put new windows in my apartment
36 |301608/26/08RB picnic at Wright Patterson Air Force Base
234 |2294808/13/08Otakon 2008! This was my first time at Otakon and I had a blast. Great cosplay pics inside!
29 |199408/08/08I beat a Zelda game, and driving to Otakon with Bryce
93 |430307/08/08I drive to Philadelphia to attend the Otakon AMV prescreenings and visit Bryce
29 |195106/30/08Metal Gear, rain, cool air planes, and hanging around the apartment
|45806/19/08PS3 and a mirror.......
33 |243806/12/08I buy a PS3. Wait, what?? I bought a PS3!?
22 |474906/08/08Weather, origami, ISS and space shuttle, and weird solution
12 |82905/31/08Storm damage, an F-16, and a license plate
12 |83305/30/08Bummin' around my apartment
175 |796205/27/08A first visit to the National Air Force Museum
135 |649905/26/08I move to Ohio!
109 |550105/19/08Clark University class of 2008 graduation day!!
41 |204605/18/08Pre-graduation partying and madness
53 |327005/15/08Brunch, library destruction, Moe's catering, and video editing
14 |90005/10/08Space Pope and party
204 |1068905/08/08A trip to Pennsylvania with Bryce, James, and Tony. Cheese steaks and the Philedelphia Zoo!
21 |156605/05/08Cinco de Moe's, lots of empty bottles, and a gift for Professor Valentine!
17 |147305/03/08Bryce's defense, Highwind in school, James beats second quest, and Rubik's Cubes!
17 |121804/28/08Noise Day and lots of Rubiks' Cubes
|47404/25/08My last day of undergraduate classes!! It was pretty uneventful, actually..
|41604/20/08Shots on James' bed, Freud drawing, and Becky in 1997
54 |472204/09/08Stuff around Clark, tours, parties, karate, pipe, and the worst birthday present ever
38 |305603/23/08Anime Boston - Day 3.5, teardown of video rooms, main events. Chilling at tech ops, conclusion!
246 |3685003/22/08Anime Boston - Day 1-3, pictures of the convention itself! Cosplay, masquerade, lots of fun
47 |263203/20/08Anime Boston - Day 0, Thursday. Driving to Boston, hotel room, staff setting up, etc
84 |481003/16/08St. Patrick's Day Ripper!
32 |632303/10/08Super Smash Brothers Brawl midnight release!
10 |87302/28/08New graphics card at last! (GeForce 9600 GT) and Metal Gear Madness
82 |449502/23/08Lunar Eclipse and the debut of our Rock Band band "Seven Car Pileup"
34 |218602/05/08Mike' sweet art studio and my new mini-laptop Navi!
102 |657602/04/08Hillary Clinton visits Clark University... go Obama!
98 |560201/30/08Mysterious Beer Ball, CS99, MATH226, and Octopus Prime arrives at last!
46 |260001/26/08TAing for Chou's class, Personal Values, and Bryce and Clark James sing their best hits
16 |140301/19/08Lovell's autograph, Dad's yellow room, and me and Becky's birthday!
89 |639412/27/07Christmas 2007!!
48 |323812/24/07Frozen car, Moe's party, Christmas at Uncle Michael's, and lost license plate
29 |188912/07/07Brett's broken glasses, mail to Iraq, DS party, and Rye the kitty!
71 |398111/14/07Mike shops for a coat, fish store, and very very dark chocolate
125 |625211/13/07Red Sox win the World Series, hawk eats squirrel, Guitaro Hero III, and yearbook pictures
235 |1489110/28/07Ripp-o-ween 2007. Need I say more?
41 |304010/27/07Preparing Ripp-o-ween costumes, and an awesome rainbow!
29 |222610/25/07Hanging out at Shirley Street, and Bryce plays Team Fortress 2
31 |205910/20/07Magic podcast, fog at Clark, and Clark James rocks out
58 |394510/08/07Beard-off conclusion, Plasma class, home for a few days, and throwing out discs.. literally
28 |161210/04/07Stranded balloon, hidden fire alarm, and Coke machine secrets
51 |313410/03/07Cat, sandwich, medical maladies, Hibbett crew, Dump & Run, and sporting goods store
45 |386709/28/07Bryce sets up N64, way too close to a squirrel, server room fun, and Prof. Sternberg
19 |307809/23/07Dark Chocolate, Benny the tailless squirrel, and the LAN Lounge
45 |379109/20/07Laptop repair, cat, mouse, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. map, and people hanging out in our room
41 |574309/17/07Guitar Hero, Mike plays S.T.A.L.K.E.R., squirrels, and a "Hookah Smoke-Out"
76 |460309/11/07Guitar Hero, and the building of Highwind, my new desktop computer
43 |849308/24/07A Chinook helicopter flies over Clark, and Randall Munroe, the artist of xkcd comes to WPI
19 |164908/23/07Stars, new room, and working in the CS lab
79 |526608/03/07A family gathering at my Aunt Meredith's house
67 |416008/02/07Greg's birthday at Gra-gra's house, and pictures of the ISS
54 |464808/01/07Clark James' giant bed, and our jerk neighbors cut chunks off our tree
58 |399607/22/07Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last Harry Potter book, is released!
165 |1049807/21/07Robokitty, Mall of America, new DS Lite, eating out, and flying home
164 |1005607/05/07Flying to Minnesota, hanging out with Topaz, Wacko, and Wacko's girlfriend Emily
24 |203507/04/07Cookout with Aunt Teresa and Gragra, A-10 flybys, Becky, and fireworks
15 |93607/01/07Train, and my new phone: A Samsung Blackjack
77 |818706/24/07Visiting Worcester for the weekend for Mike's "Back in America" party!
|58006/21/07Cat at door, Rubik's Cube case, and our tree before the jerk neighbors cut chunks off
36 |313106/20/07Birds, sprinklers, fireworks, Boston at night, Mount Hood Tower, and tower lit up!
|63406/15/07Fun with fireworks!
104 |811206/13/07Revere Beach, more beach, abandoned amusement park, Seabook Nuclear Power Plants
86 |520206/10/07Becky and Strawberry, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Grace, my cousin Amy's daughter, is baptised
28 |339006/03/07Cats, new dish washer, Wii, and a creepy red moon
56 |283705/29/07Cleaning up, routine hospital visit, new LCD monitor, and an R/C helicopter!
59 |298305/23/07Airplanes, kittens (!!!), and more airplanes... human controlled this time
15 |123505/22/07Found my first geocache! An elevation marker with a great view of Boston
53 |323705/21/07Hanging out, neat toys, geocaching attempt, airplanes at the park
109 |653205/16/07All night in the lab, moving out, minigolf, goofing off at home, and some birds
230 |900905/06/07Drafting, podcast, electronics, hanging out in the lab, and the return of Clark James!!
105 |520704/27/07Nice weather, Academic Spree Day, squirrel, and Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek at Clark
396 |1524404/22/07ANIME BOSTON - Day 3, Sunday. Hentai Dubbing, Cosplay Chess, and the end of the con
696 |3256004/21/07ANIME BOSTON - Day 2, Saturday. More cosplayers, and more Masquerade pics than you want!
116 |2414404/20/07ANIME BOSTON - Day 1, Friday. Con goers are here, panels, videos, events
125 |562204/19/07ANIME BOSTON - Day 0, Thursday. Staff setting up, dealing with problems. Fun fun!
188 |862004/18/07Sisters visiting, bowling with Becky, fun at 86, and Clark James visits, kind of
118 |432304/12/07Pics from around Sackler, professors, Wii fun, and an Assembly class
70 |357604/04/07Jesus Christ!! Also fun with a smoke ring gun, sparks, cold, electronics, and AIDS
56 |303503/25/07Lots of lights, fun with the Wii, and electronics
38 |245403/12/07Grandma plays Wii, Wii comes to Clark, whiteboard fun, electronics
28 |180103/08/07Electronics project and Wii at last, Wii at last!
83 |796603/06/07Cats, malls, and The Jumpy Thing
54 |384003/03/07Jump starting, Papa Ginos, and atomic bowling
38 |472503/02/07Rubik's Cubes, rubber monsters, Gods of War, and sitting around
68 |320602/19/07Lasers, games, party (!), out in the cold, microchips, and Sunny comes to visit
86 |499302/08/07Building a Theremin, sort of, and Mel's new dog: Little Miss Sunshine,
44 |338102/03/07Paper towel machine, and fun with a Wii!
20 |165101/28/07Same boat, different world. A trillion people. Hanging out at 86, drawing, and Rosie attacks!
134 |823601/21/07Tons of boxes, juggling, and Pictionary party!
99 |1121301/07/07Driving to Rhode Island, Zelda embroidery, birthday, gimp, and cats
96 |677301/01/07First Night in Boston. Mel appears as A-Chan at the Anime Boston event
93 |529812/30/06Last batch of the year. Christmas morning and parties
75 |399612/16/06Studying, Topology, ITS party, fog and lasers, and Uncle Social premiere
88 |473412/08/06Hanging out in a physics lab with Chris and Mitch
87 |442512/06/06Hanging out at home, laptop, Mel's house, shopping, moon, and chair pics
52 |299811/24/06Ahhhh Thanksgiving!!
84 |425011/23/06ITS, crazy Mel, creepy Atwood, haircut, Mo, traveling, Matt the Mat
90 |529211/17/06Slide whistle, Rube Goldberg Machine, Chili, and some Topology
25 |165311/09/06Squirrel, balloons, new glasses, and low flying airplanes
66 |666411/05/06Halloween, eye exam, magnets, smoke, anti-Mo, and Target
36 |217710/29/06Hanging out, returning my broken chair, James and Rob, library, and magnet structures
138 |548610/13/06Peapod Squad show featuring the two new members: Kaylie and Andrew
32 |287410/12/06New keyboard, topology, leaves, and The Flying Linked List!
82 |493710/10/06MacPro, home for the weekend, train, and laser madness
21 |122810/05/06Post office, topology, cougar, pile of meat, door pieces, and Traina panoramas
64 |539409/27/06Mel gets her first tattoo, and I was there to document it!
21 |170209/26/06DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU, and new room at ITS!
17 |131009/22/06Neato art in the Traina Center
37 |252509/21/06Fun in the UC, Topology, Brett, hanging out in Mel's room, and a neato dog
26 |152909/19/06Clark James, Brandon, and Mike all hang out in our room
68 |854509/14/06A mad trip home for an ortho appointment, ouchies, mall, train stations... fun fun
12 |89109/07/06Awesome desktop, reverse peephole, balloon animals, and Brandon
71 |421609/05/06Wiki photoshoot, flying thing, Mo, snakes, magic cards, origami, and "faxes"
71 |492008/31/06Breakfast, Topology with Prof. Rudolph, circling helicopter, and a Peapod Squad show
55 |409108/29/06Students finally move in, and a trip to Shaws for some supplies
117 |672008/26/06Hanging out with the Speech Champions, Mel in the RA skits, and some long exposures around Clark
26 |169408/23/06More fun with the zoom lens, pics taken from the lab, and a bunch of pictures of the Linux Lab
61 |356508/22/06Orthodontist, sprinklers, fire training with Mel, and the problem with living on the ground floor
144 |649308/21/06Origami, BBQ with Dad, garden, dentist, new Middle School construction, Becky with Isabelle
143 |705708/19/06Shaved Mo, building a chair, and a party with my dad's friends
14 |108708/17/06Firewall exceptions, lots of fire extinguisters, and a bunch of panoramas of our new room
22 |169308/15/06Hanging out with Mel and Brandon
34 |312008/13/06Fun in Rhode Island. Hanging out at Mel's house and the store
198 |1134308/12/06Lots of origami, Mel's car breaks down, shaving Mo, and generally just goofing off in RI
140 |763508/08/06Pictures from Mel's birthday. Hanging out at Mel's house, and the mall
196 |974908/05/06Trip to Canobie with Mel (her first trip!), Muffie, and the CanobieFan himself: James. Pics of Mo too.
21 |176608/03/06Long exposures, fish, and fun with furniture in Dana
137 |923307/31/06Ice, Mel with dough, calzones, rainy drive, slug, Pirates, Mo, long exposures, and a walk
216 |1203407/22/06Stamps at ITS, and the Weekend of the Burrito
110 |588807/18/06People at ITS, construction, and awesome squirrel pictures
23 |178307/14/06Atlas the dog is back at ITS! Melvin plays with the lightup superball, and a crazy squirrel!
284 |10513707/08/06ConnectiCon 2006! Lots of cosplay pictures, and hanging out with Mel and Sketch
|92707/07/06Clark, squirrels, Cory, and squirrel!
71 |486307/06/06Dog at ITS, ants, weird hallways in Sackler, construction, Maywood, and Dana Commons kitchen
113 |699707/05/06Fun at ITS, wandering campus with a zoomed lens, and following animals
41 |345507/04/06Shuttle launch, driving to Rhode Island, and hanging out at Mel's house
141 |1042107/03/06New camera, fun with James and Muffie, Dad's house, Boston from afar, and fireworks
24 |185007/02/06Tiny motorcycle, ITS, and new camera! Probably one of the last batches with the old camera
60 |487006/21/06Sneaky sneaking, construction, Applebees on Father's Day, and awesome sunset
59 |461106/13/06Construction at Clark, awkward posing, walking around, and Bailey's 16th birthday party
|38606/05/06Caution tape, new job, and new room
106 |625606/04/06MHS Graduation 2006, lightning ball thing, and back to Clark for the summer!
105 |671506/01/06Magic and Polarity, a trip to Boston to meet a friend of Topaz's, then fun at iParty
83 |368505/31/06Goofing off at my house with Mel and Topaz, then minigolf and Friendly's!
132 |2224505/28/06Anime Boston 2006!! This was my first year on staff and Mel's first as A-chan! Tons of fun!!
|54205/27/06Becky gets a flat tire, and Mel and I take the train to Anime Boston
66 |563005/24/06Neato clouds, hanging out at Mel's house, and A-chan goofs off
16 |170005/21/06A rainbow seen from the train to RI, and a terrible panorama outside South Station
71 |586205/17/06Porter Square with James, Muffie, and Rob, then mini-golf on Route One with James and Rob
78 |870305/14/06Leaving Clark for the summer, massive flooding in Melrose, and a family photoshoot
38 |305105/04/06Mike & Wiki, then pictures of a review session with my Multivariable Calc class. Prof Chou got pizza!
23 |243305/01/06Mike's finished painting, random pictures around clark, and some great panoramas
31 |253204/27/06Bryce's passport pic, dinner at the Bist, cool panoramas, and a few other great springtime shots
|315204/25/06Cool machine, library stacks, and my secret study location in the library has been exposed!
40 |298604/24/06News crew, Rush 2 record, Ashitaka cosplay, Bistro, fun with Mike, and study time!
37 |272403/20/06It's Magic-o-rama as I document two huge games of Magic: The Gathering with my friends at Clark
30 |340403/17/06Who gave Mel my camera!? Bistro pano shots, weird Japanese pictures, and lunch at the Bist
|34003/15/06Wiki doesn't know what I'm up to, and some shots of the Math/CS area
|57803/13/06Panorama fun with the Goddard Library
27 |237903/12/06Weird test, shopping at Target with a sad potato head, and panorama pictures
17 |139903/09/06Fun at Mel's house! Lots of pictures of Mo
185 |802603/06/06Fun with lasers, installing Ubuntu, and then a trip to the Museum of Science with Mel and James
13 |123803/02/06Fun with Wiki (on cardboard), brick patterns, Maywood closeups, and experiments with panoramas
11 |77503/01/06While Brett was drafting we put paper over the windows and drew a desert landscape on it.
48 |375802/26/06Bryce plays with Wiki, my grandmother's 80th birthday, James' 20th, then traveling
|50802/12/06I apparently didn't leave my room this week
49 |519702/07/06Wiki, Rhode Island, and DRY ICE!!
23 |177601/23/06Hedgehog fun, Go, Wiki on my keyboard, and snow
|59401/22/06Cat nose, bleeding, and Wikipedia J. Hedgehog!
11 |87601/12/06As they say in "We Love Katamari!" ... "ORIGAMI!"
42 |355101/08/06Winter break, Christmas, birthdays.. fun fun!
40 |308712/19/05Metal Gear RAY, packing up, A-chan, Engrish, Mel's house
|74912/13/05EMS in the suite, sketchy Mel, satellite dish, magic
49 |354412/05/05Escape from Happiness and snow!
45 |363112/04/05Sketchy house, Becky, Salvies, oil change, Escape from Happiness
32 |322810/20/05Crazy Mike, pics from the suite, home for a bit, pics near the computer, Blue Jeans.
27 |205909/29/05Hug of death, Plan 9, trip to Melrose, new worst picture (sorry Mel)
|32009/19/05Dry eraser marker and monitor, Rubik's cube
89 |501409/16/05Still getting settled, Applebee's, random, and breakfast
87 |536308/27/05AMTech, death of Boccerball, family pics, and moving to Clark
27 |275908/22/05Coinstar, Bertuccis, and radioactive marbles
211 |839708/20/05Trip to Spider Lake. No power, no running water, lots of fun.
104 |397008/15/05Mount Chocurua, Hyatt exposed, Muffie's birthday, and boredom.
|56508/02/05Loading, lightning, and shuttle model
|48007/30/05Letter from Zoe, random shots of my room
23 |147607/25/05Nerf Gun madness at Skye's house
140 |561507/24/05Random stuff, Space Cat, and my cousin Amy's wedding!
221 |1114107/16/05Bryce in Boston, Operation PA POV, and Harry Potter Party!
40 |222907/05/05Stupid parade and some fireworks fun
68 |502507/03/05A few random pictures.. and then The Aquabats again! Also, some fireworks with dad
59 |512506/30/05Transit, cats, hanging out with people, iterative pictures, laundromat, Icrocenter, and Mel
26 |206206/20/05Funny book, cat fun, escalator, laundromat, debt repaid
67 |660006/05/05Random stuff in Boston, new MIT building, keyboard painting
20 |119105/29/05Making the crowbar from Half Life
21 |147705/21/05Back to Melrose, indirect publicity, weird corrosion, fireworks, and cats
132 |552205/15/05Becky takes the camera to her Junior Prom
41 |349305/12/05Going home and fire
15 |106305/08/05PeaPod Squad, packing up, and barricade
189 |2002605/01/05Anime Boston 2005!
35 |256504/28/05Throwing stuff at Bryce, and Contraceptive Girl
|71004/21/05Spring pictures and the world's saddest piano
39 |527004/19/05Spree Day at Clark
48 |298404/18/05Risk! Lots and lots of Risk. Also some flash pictures in the dark
|55904/16/05Drawing outside, and Mike from WPI
24 |171504/15/05Fun at the Moonlight
32 |244404/14/05Shoe book, fun with liquid nitrogen, and "Out of Context"
42 |229804/10/05Inside a CRT monitor, weird art, discrete math, and drawing
46 |470204/05/05People, Pokemon DVD, steam, John's new rifle, and a dead Tony
36 |215704/01/05April Fools Day madness!!
21 |129903/27/05Rearranged room, airsoft, old computer, and making LAN cables out of other LAN cables.
32 |165703/18/05Impromptu LAN party, Mike's art world, physics lab, bruise, and origami.
70 |482103/13/05Spring break. Not much happened. Mostly Becky, Isabelle, and origami.
24 |174802/27/05Card, James' birthday, surprise, origami ball, and fun with two monitors.
11 |72802/24/05#emerge Xorg-x11, Loaf of Love, and dual monitors, with some artwork.
15 |159502/23/05Sad snowman, rubber bands, patches and physics.
13 |106202/17/05USB is back so smaller batches.. don't panic, squirrels, and rovers together at last.
30 |189902/14/05Boredom, snow shuttle, Katamari, Clark, and panoramas.
53 |199702/04/05Zeebo at Clark! Q-tip claymore mine, and fun with snow.
48 |297601/28/05Snow, more snow, radio, and icicle of love.
49 |267301/23/05Arisia 2005. Not as good as '04 unfortunetly but still fun. Zeebo!!
18 |215501/20/05Cold, Hippo-oh no, and radio pics
61 |709101/17/05Winter break pics. Pretty slow month..
46 |410312/30/04Haircut, Christmas, fireworks, iPod
91 |384012/18/04Winter Break starts, Jordan's Furniture, and disection of the Professor's Cube
|67212/11/04James at Clark, Stealth kills, other door, Matt's box and the Tree of Love returns.
16 |133412/08/04Frozen grass and Stealth portraits.
|53312/06/04Funny sleeping positions, Stealth, and Jolly Jaunt.
22 |172812/02/04Fire alarm, crazy hair, fridge, oscilloscope fun.
11 |91011/30/04James' new graphics card, Valentine -sensei, Newton's apple.
54 |321111/26/04Home for Thanksgiving.
|33511/23/04Mike's bag captive, ice cream icky, Anime Night!
49 |315111/20/04Magic, Lost Levels success, Unhinged, and the Halo Tourney.
31 |290411/16/04Tree of love II, camera fun, Boohbahs, Magic, and The Cave.
57 |379311/12/04Randomly home for a day, new cat, testing camera settings, and snow!
11 |68811/08/04Tree of love, food, Foobar, and Mike in a tree.
27 |214411/07/04James at Clark, post-election horrors, tree of love and Metal Gear Solid.
43 |273211/04/04Bio lab and a gel electrophoresis animation (well, the frames)
|40711/03/04Really.. bad.. closeups.
15 |171611/02/04Mir, post-Halloween costumes, and voting.
28 |157810/31/04Halloween horrors, I found Waldo, and Mike uses the cam for a project.
105 |355310/30/04Random crap, lunar eclipse, and the Sox win the World Series.
23 |115210/25/04Smash photo shoot, Jeff Goldblum, and Mike in a jumpsuit.
30 |215010/22/04Lab, ballot, movie, people, Dry Erase Marker Fairy.
89 |523010/20/04Ballot, Rush record, and the Red Sox win the American League Pennant!
|54710/19/04NORAD and Smash Brothers.
52 |624110/18/04Air, physics, linux, library, baseball.
14 |97210/13/04Waxy catastrophe, Sugoi's debut, Army man, and Smash Brothers.
106 |542810/11/04Bio Lab, new kitty (Isabelle), and trip to Six Flags New England with a surprise encounter.
11 |113110/05/04John Glenn, ripped pants, disgruntled diner, and omg DVDs.
31 |211510/03/04Physics lab, fog, pantless party (!?), and SUCCESS!!!
34 |281209/30/04A black light, a quick trip home, banana phone, bio lab, and Einstein the cell.
55 |285909/27/04Twister, bio lab, Adam West, and (upon request) a clearer view of the Haibane paper.
50 |252009/17/04News crews, spiffed up Mike, nerd power, bio lab, and food.
31 |351509/14/04James visits Clark, scrapbook, and Mario drama.
69 |326309/10/04Emo day.
42 |276209/09/04A big crane and Laura's 18th birthday!
57 |439509/08/04Long weekend at Clark! Fire alarm at 5 in the morning!
79 |299709/03/04College is full of humans.
74 |325008/25/04After a few days of internet troubles, another batch of Clark pictures. Still getting settled.
32 |262408/20/04I move to Clark University in Worcester.
22 |152708/19/04College shopping with Aunt Kathy, and a last night of hanging out with James.
41 |202608/16/04Melroseopoly and poker at Jared's.
115 |428208/14/04An unexpected visitor, Orange Juice MIT, DDR at MIT, KK's 18th birthday party, LAN party.
1032 |1807007/29/04My trip to Florida to visit my Aunt and Uncle, as well as see the Kennedy Space Center.
168 |461507/26/04Muffie, Rob, Andy Bean, and I went down to the Democratic National Convention.
60 |223307/25/04Matt the Mat is off to college, and Muffie, Beany, and Dan came over to visit!
132 |482507/19/04A barbeque with dad's old friends, I caught a monster in my basement, and I let the cat in the bag.
26 |145107/15/04My room exploded.
|25407/14/04Becky wears 3D glasses for no reason and Strawberry's in a box.
68 |327507/13/04Driving by the Zakim bridge, the elusive green screen of death, and my DDR pad arrives.
200 |444207/11/04I get my braces off, Becky plays with my parachute, Matt's going away party, and ISS pics.
131 |405807/05/04Old Orchard Beach in Maine, with amusement parks and sunrise.
17 |139806/30/04A trip to Mount Hood tower to see the Space Station at 3 in the morning.
10 |76806/29/04Alewife station, Max the cat, bucket people, Dora in space, confusing Cocoa.
120 |281806/27/04My cousin has a baby, James gets fireworks, and Strawberry gets to sleep.. some more.
83 |290006/24/04Willow visits us in Boston with his cousin.
152 |391406/22/04The death of Topper, James' (supposedly) broken laptop.
78 |298106/18/04The Aquabats live in concert! Lederhosen Lucil opened for them.
17 |127606/17/04Pool at Steph's grandparent's and Beany, Dan, and others show up for The Aquabats concert.
26 |170506/15/04James' neighbor has a heart attack (he's ok), Strawberry goes outside, and flowers.
81 |390506/14/04DDR and donuts.
217 |465706/13/04Mini golf with James, Poker at Jared's, and my Senior Piano Recital.
31 |183306/09/04Hanging out with Beany and Dan, and Strawberry gets dressed up.
235 |639706/05/04Melrose High School 2004 Graduation and the ensuing party.
515 |1246306/04/04Yearbook signings at the beach, improv comedy, graduation rehearsal, prom night at Taco Bell.
108 |327605/30/04Oak Grove, MIT, the roof during daylight, and souped up Nerf guns.
90 |311205/29/04John Glenn, Strawberry, DDR, MIT's roof, and Kendall.
66 |271605/27/04English and Calculus finals, more 3D pictures, and piano.
102 |413305/26/04Mr. Burkett teaching, diffusion, hanging out, and end of the year piano recital.
287 |741105/24/04Last normal day of school, mud and balloons, and the doctor.
|58605/23/04Random book, Jared exorcizes dad's computer, and experimentation with 3D pictures.
28 |179905/21/04Last Latin class, Vulcan races, Nick and Lauren's play, and Becky being stupid.
352 |687105/20/04Field trip to the state archaeologist, Mount Height, more Vulcan, BC signs the wall.
103 |321605/19/04Graded Senior Paper (Haibane Renmei), more Vulcan, Whizz Bong, and a new power cord.
173 |709305/18/04Slinkies, orthodontist, Honda Element, more Vulcan, and practice for Nick and Lauren's play.
17 |160305/17/04More work on Project Vulcan at school.
27 |175505/16/04Working on Project Vulcan (a mousetrap car for Physics) with Jared.
177 |556505/15/04A trip to Canobie Lake Park.
208 |519605/14/04Chalk art, the MHS Anime Club, hanging out at the common around midnight, and helicopters.
|47705/13/04Me trying to make a logo for the pictures page.
34 |416905/12/04Train construction and the senior prank.
36 |246005/11/04Fun with Nick, Sean keels over, and the AP Psychology test.
37 |253405/10/04AP Physics test, a rare glimpse into James' room, and our elementary school.
17 |106805/09/04Fun at Target, Matt's crazy shoes, mom on full automatic, Bob the cat, and a racoon.
28 |241405/08/04MIT, and lots of MIT panoramas.
71 |352205/07/04Dad's house, power outage at school, and mom breaks the belt sander.
47 |1370605/06/04Recreational math, freshmen, and Betty, my piano teacher.
62 |392705/05/04AP Calculus test, Calc party, and snow from the hockey rink.
76 |457305/01/04Kill Bill Vol. 2 and Kaiju Big Battel.
24 |183004/28/04Server room at school, jumping off a wall, and what remains of the staged crash pictures.
41 |632104/27/04Becky, funny poems from English, sunset, and lightning.
95 |469204/19/04To the beach with Beany and Dan.
110 |751704/17/04WPI, MHS Anime Club, and Clark.
359 |3002704/11/04Anime Boston '04 was a blast. Lots of cosplay pictures, around 500 total.
44 |425804/06/04James' house, Cocoa the devil cat, Rachel-rama, cow kite, new stickers for Hyatt.
12 |96104/02/04Flood day at school.
51 |782604/01/04Dialated eyes, magnetism, leaky roof, right handed rule, and Piro.
14 |102803/30/04Mr. Barth, Latin, Mr. McClory, Mr. Burkett, and vocab.
|37903/29/04Muffie's lunch, checklist, Dr. Burke, and Mr. Barth's substitute.
|63703/27/04Baby me on the piano, and a prank involving 11 monitors at Staples.
32 |231903/25/04Mr. Barth's baby, walking home, and hanging out at Conant.
27 |3829803/24/04Physics, Kotoko, lab, and college acceptance letters.
33 |251103/20/04Our (Phil and I) Anime class at MIT, and then to Funworld for DDR and a roller coaster.
39 |286503/19/04Drug assembly, new discman, Beckford, Robert sleeping, physics, and the stuff I carry.
23 |188003/11/04Physics lab, a chance occurance, funny signs, and lasers + Wacko.
15 |142103/04/04iFlurtz, physics, Muffie at Rachel's.
28 |232902/28/04My classroom at MIT, Wacko showing his love for Latin, and James' 18th birthday.
522 |2098702/20/04A trip to New York City to visit Commander via the Fung Wah bus.
11 |83202/15/04Me using a treadmill, and then hanging out at Wacko's.
10 |77402/14/04A trip to MIT for me and Phil to sign up to teach at HSSP.
32 |233602/13/04Mr. Reilly, snowy day, ripping CDs in Latin, and Educational Video, and an MIT trip.
|18502/12/04Lily the cat, physics, the product of James' boredom, and Mr. Greg.
30 |235902/11/04Leno's headlines, Latin picture sniping, and DP.
73 |484902/10/04Walking from school to city hall to register to vote.
10 |102102/09/04Physics and interesting pizza toppings.
22 |194602/08/04Becky, cat, airsoft wounds, cleaning out cereal and painting the basement.
17 |127502/06/04Snow, injured Abby, physics, static and MHS Anime Club.
|76102/05/04Physics and arcs.
58 |402502/03/04Clump O locks, flying, magazines, Becky, physics, floating, J-Pop, and a microwave.
|26402/02/04Caffeine, state archaeologist, broken table.
15 |132801/31/04Router, sleeping Becky, mysteriously twisted metal case ;), and poker at Jared's.
17 |128001/30/04Laundry, Becky, cat, gerbil, jolt, penguin, eye, Tintalle, Mr. Greg, and the mystery ball.
21 |161401/29/04Snow, Latin, and a magazine for later (the discovery of Skype).
|31901/28/04Hanging out in Latin.
14 |103501/27/04Distractions in physics, turkeys, ripped up carpet, and a basement taking shape.
|41701/26/04Umm.. Mrs. McCollum, my new camera case, Matt, and math.
11 |79401/25/04Hanging out at Wacko's, my grandmother, and Aunt Teresa.
67 |502301/24/04Becky and my (delayed) birthday party at my grandmother's house. Lots of family.
12 |97101/23/04Mr. Reilly's last day! Have a nice retirement Mr. Reilly!
|19101/22/04Pirating chair and annoyed Becky.
25 |165601/19/04First trip to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, WPI.
173 |830201/18/04Arisia '04! Arisia was top of fun. There were a lot of great panels and events.
15 |78101/15/04After school with DP doing some calculus.
64 |378801/14/04School and new pellet guns.
34 |219801/12/04Waiting to get picked up and then the Wakefield library with Wacko.
32 |274501/09/04Piano, anime club, and a Beebe group photo.
11 |101001/08/04These are just screwing around for future photoshopping...
68 |439401/07/04It's Becky's 16th birthday! Watch her open her presents!
21 |187601/06/04It's my 18th birthday! Yaay... Mostly pictures of hanging out in Dr. Peterson's room.
50 |309901/05/04First day back at school since the new camera. Lots of people, bridge contest.
74 |388901/01/04New Years 2004 at Wacko's house. Commander and Edith came from NYC to celebrate with us.
63 |387012/31/03We met Commander and Edith at Quincy Market and then headed back to Wacko's house.
25 |186012/30/03Some Jay Leno's Headlines and a trip to Boston to see The Last Samurai.
41 |280912/29/03More of Strawberry and Becky's friends in the car.
23 |181712/28/03Putting a new hard drive in Kotoko and hanging out at Wacko's.
68 |471812/27/03Strawberry, Bob, and a trip to Chinatown.
|86612/26/03Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane and and random pictures.
37 |627012/25/03Christmas '03! This is the day that I got my digital camera.. the beginning....
80 |1447204/19/03Anime Boston '03!! Pics from Wacko's camera. Not necessarily in order.
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