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Muffie watching TV at my house
Becky with some magnet stuck to her face
James hides from the camera
Is that so?
Quincy Market!
Wacko standing around in Boston
Commander arrives
James succesfully deflects a picture
Where are we going?
Somewhere in Boston..
A building with shiny lights on it
Still walking along in Boston
Commander's bag
Some crazy crap
An ice penguin!
This is where they started taking down the central artery in Boston
History in the making
I guess this is the new tunnel
Some buildings in Boston
Dr. Dragonas! James took this picture to "prove" his camera-phone was in fact a camera and not a phone (which would get it confiscated)
A really creepy picture of Commander
Commander holding something up
Commander's friend
Commander's friend again
James in McDonalds
"Hello from Boston"
Edith and Commander
Some taxi..
My dad
Steph and James in Wacko's basement
Commander and Edith look at funny stuff on the internet
James step steps
Look at him go
Commander makes a weird face while talking
Wacko works on Audrey
The video camera recorded some
The gang in Wacko's basement
Wacko takes a turn on the DDR pad
James looks at the DDR game case
Good thing he brought his trusty fan
I love that shirt
Commander takes out her new camera
Some random crap on the table
Wacko films some people DDRing
A creepy picture of Commander
Ga! I've been spotted!
Someone set Wacko up the bomb
Steph watches all
Steph takes a turn on the dance pad
This wasn't our beer
But this was my Mountain Dew
And Wacko's Coke
Kotoko is still partially disassembled. There's my webcam behind it
My Rei posted that Wacko somehow acquired
Our MIT hardhats on Tomato.
Commander and Edith watch stuff on a laptop
Wacko's workstation
Hyatt. This was taken even before my NASA sticker
Wacko took this shot while testing motion blurring. We thought it was funny so we kept it
Quincy Market
Wacko's Basement, 360+ degrees!
You are viewing images from 12/31/03 in the main gallery. This set contains 63 pictures.
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