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Commander looks at something
Commander takes some pictures of her own
A nice shot of Commander laughing
Steph smiles for the camera
The back of Edith's head?
Someone on the DDR pad
Edith hides from the camera again
She avoids yet another picture
Commander takes my picture
Finally caught Edith off guard
"Want some pizza?"
Everyone hanging out in Wacko's basement
Commander thinking about something
Wacko doing something on the floor?
Edith and Commander on the couch
Wacko looks around
The internet connection goes from the second floor, out the window, down the side of the house, and in the basement window
Someone took this gross picture of me
Steph in front of my Rei poster
I'm showing Edith and Commander something
Why do I keep taking these terrible pictures?
Happy new years!
Someone's buddy list, blurred out
Somone on TV??? What am I doing??
Commander looks at something
Tim is not amused
Everyone on Wacko's couch
"Give me my camera!"
I'm making a weird face here, and Commander's making a weird face at me
Wacko adjusts his video camera
Edith has had enough
Ugg, look at me go
A blurry shot of me. I kind of like it
A closeup of Wacko's squirrel
A blurry shot of... nothing?
A blurry shot of Edith's hair and the wall?
Command and Edith are asleep
Commander with Wacko's squirrel
Steph hides behind a pillow
James on the couch with Commander and Steph
Nice face, James
Commander's still awake, but Edith is long gone
Hanging out on the couch
James has the squirrel now
Ug, you can see that gross chin thing I have
Some random crap
Steph and hiding James
James continues to hide while Commander tries to sleep
Someone sleeping?
Everyone's sick of my pictures
Especially James
Still on the couch
Commander still tries to sleep
I'm in a sleeping bag... is it mine?
James hides
Sleeping on the DDR pad is not comfortable
Wow, what a terrible picture
Steph.. doing... something
Me walking around
Commander fixes her hair
Video time!
I'm looking at whoever has my camera
A weird closeup of Commander
Who the hell is this!?
Another weird closeup of Commander
"No more pictures!"
Everyone's asleep
Except Steph. Jerk
Who gave James a camera!?
Bad idea
Commander in mid-motion
More couch shots
That was a long night..
You are viewing images from 01/01/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 74 pictures.
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