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The first batch of pictures is of some friends. Since my camera was still pretty new, I was still pretty trigger-happy on it. There's an odd series of pictures of the same desks with me in different positions. This was taken before I knew how to use Photoshop. Using MSpaint, I combined them all so it looked like I was sitting in a bunch of places at once. The last batch of pictures is Becky opening some presents on her birthday.
Mr. Carovillano in class
Abby at lunch
Marjorie in Latin
Kenji should be doing latin
But he's not
Rachel at work
Some person I don't know in my Latin class
Dr. Dragonas!
Dr. Peterson is not amused
Dr. Peterson's desk
Dr. Peterson's bookshelf
Dr. Peterson's door. Note the anime clube flyer
Dr. Peterson's room
Dr. Peterson's room
Where I was working. You can see the line equation in the blue poster
Some crap on Dr. Peterson's shelf
Another of Dr. Peterson's bookshelves
The view from my desk
A non-flash view from my desk
The ten commandments of calculus
A calculus project
Stellated = fun
The Pi wall
The e wall
Weird desk shot 1
Weird desk shot 2
Weird desk shot 3
Weird desk shot 4
Weird desk shot 5
Weird desk shot 6
Weird desk shot 7
Weird desk shot 8
Weird desk shot 9
Weird desk shot 10
Weird desk shot 11
Weird desk shot 12
Weird desk shot 13
Weird desk shot 14
Weird desk shot 15
Weird desk shot 16
Our Christmas tree on the street
Becky got some clothes
Becky likes clothes
Becky's pile of birthday presents
Looking at some clothes
Kind of trying on some clothes
Actually trying on clothes
Time to look at the card
What a creepy card
Becky got a hat
Some book
Becky really likes this book
Unwrapping some slippers
Hello Kitty!
Becky reaches for something
Opening some other stuff
Trying on more stuff
Becky looks at.. something
My mom looks on
Becky tries on more stuff
Becky tries on... more stuff
Becky puts some stuff away
Becky tells her friends about all the stuff she got
How Becky looks when her friends aren't around
You are viewing images from 01/07/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 68 pictures.
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