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Arisia 2004! This year's Arisia was probably my favorite. Most of my friends went, Wacko was still around, and it was a good time overall. I'm not sure what I did for housing this year, I believe it's the year that started using the Anime Room as my main base of operations. Since hotel rooms are so expensive and since Arisia is a 24 hour a day con, I just sleep in a sitting position, while pretending to watch anime. Usually nobody hassles me. Some of the others got rooms and shared them. While we didn't do a whole lot, we still had a lot of fun.
The weekend started off with a pleasant surprise: school was canceled!
All the stuff I carried around
Yep, there I am
Wacko think's he's spiffy with his hat
Waiting at the platform
Muffie gives James a skeptical look
Is that Rob?
Arlington stop!
Muffie and Rob
There's the Park Plaza!
Hooray, the Boston Park Plaza Hotel
I'm not sure I even know these people
Find the ducks!
James in a hotel hallway
Yep, there's James
A typical hallway at the Park Plaza
There I am in the mirror
James is going to jump!
Oh no! Don't do it James!
Steph poses for a picture
I don't know who this is
I don't know who this is either
Wacko hanging out in the computer room
That creepy statue thing that comes back every year
Steph in her new corset
Tom's got some coke
Wacko brought his video camera
Emily's got wings!
It's that stupid warning that I take a picture of every year
Yeah, that's where the action is
Beany looks like she's having fun
Hey, Ed's here
Ed and Beany pose
There used to be an "M" there. ...I totally didn't take it
Beany chose a floor
The elevators are shiny
Beany walking down the hall
I forget this guy's name, but Beany apparently knows him
Beany's surprised!
Beany doesn't even have shoes on!
That guy
Ein! I finally got Ein back!
Beany stole Ein for many months, and now I've got him back
Bye random kid!
Well isn't this an action-packed image
Ein in the hallway
I heart ice
A gross panel
James was riding these things around
I wasn't really a gopher. I just kind of got the ribbon
James probably shouldn't be riding those things
Looking down the stairwell
Some staffers saw me take this picture and came after me for some reason
I took this shot every year for a while
When it's late at night, there's not a whole lot to take pictures of
"I am watching you through a camera!"
T is for "top?" I think it's for "tower"
The pillows
Ein in the air!
I didn't know Ein could fly!
James has a lighter
James is flying!!
My laptop wasn't really radioactive
James + Ein shot 1
James + Ein shot 2
James + Ein shot 3
James + Ein shot 4
James + Ein shot 5
James + Ein shot 6
James + Ein shot 7
James + Ein shot 8
James + Ein shot 9
James + Ein shot 10
James + Ein shot 11
James + Ein shot 12
James + Ein shot 13
James + Ein shot 14
James + Ein shot 15
James + Ein shot 16. I eventually put all these images together
Tom is having fun
Wacko's thirsty
Want some refreshments?
Wacko hanging out in the con suite
Dirty, dirty floor
Steph's got some Chex Mix
Tom looks around
Steph makes a face
Mmm, ramen
It's that guy I run across every year
Everyone hangs out in the lobby
Wacko looks bored
This guy's still working, this late at night
This is how I carried Ein around
The fancy chandelier
Hanging out in the lobby
Going to get some food
The John Hancock tower
Other people are also getting food
Mmm, Au Bon Pain
It's so expensive
Mmm, gross
Lots of muffins!
Tom is not amused
James' breakfast
"Mmm, numnums"
That.... is so gross
Hey nerds!
I heart the internet room
Someone took my camera and took this picture of me sleeping in the anime room
The guy who's supposed to be in charge was also sleeping
Matt the Mat shows up!
NERO fun!
It's Athene!
Shhh, it's a secret
Wacko gets his hair braided
Party KK!
Beany is Faye!
Hanging out in the room
Wacko's doing weird things to his hair
Wacko's gross hair curls
Tom is tired
That other person
Wacko checks out his new hair
That other person
Wacko and Tom are tired
The space travel panel
This was a pretty interesting panel
Glowstick fun!
This was taken in the dark.. with a flash
Wacko's camera
Beany's a kitty
Beany waits in line
Dan waits with me
An Ein point of view?
Tom pretends to be me with Hyatt, my glasses, and Ein
Tom, Wacko, and Mike Burns
Waiting in line
Beany drew on KK's boob
Mike Burns looks around
Emily and Mike Burns
KK hangs out in line
James is sleeping
All the stuff I won. I won the Haibane DVD I needed!
Beany on a couch
Dan got tagged
Dan and Beany stand around
Dan and Beany
I'm sorry, I had to
Beany gets ready to go
A final look at the lobby floor
Lots of flyers for other cons
Some random people
Dan stands around
That stick plastic with writing..
I wasa gopher, but I didn't help at all
A blurry mirror shot
Time to go
Walking to the subway
Dan on the subway
Someone drew where the posters go
Beany ends the day with a weird face
A panorama of the lobby
You are viewing images from 01/18/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 173 pictures.
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