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Most of these pictures are from a combined birthday part for me and Becky at my grandmother's house. Lots of aunt, uncles, and cousins showed up. It was an alright party. After the party, I headed over to Wacko's house to hang out.
Strawberry likes that pen
Oh Strawberry, you can't do homework
My mom talking to people
My mom, Uncle Chris, and Uncle Michael
Becky's having fun
Johnny looks weird in this picture
Johnny really likes that cookie
Some relatives standing around
Uncle Michael
Danny makes a weird face
Fun fun?
Uncle Peter
Becky, Uncle Michael, Melissa
Everyone's in the kitchen!
Posing is fun!
That's a pretty decent picture
More standing around
I caught Uncle Micahel off guard
Everyone in the living nroom
Johnny on the computer
Johnny draws a guy with a really tiny head
Johnny looks at me
Time to go?
Our cake
My grandmother
Aunt Teresa moves the cake
Standing around, talking
Yep, there I am
Time for presents
Greg got Becky this weird thing
And he got me a Hindi copy of Harry Potter
Some can?
A penguin!
A really dark shot of everyone standing around
A slightly better shot of everyone standing around
Bye guys
Becky eats some brownies
Fortune cookie!
Gah, old pictures of me!
Johnny and Danny
Aunt Teresa
My mom and my cousin Colleen
My mom and my cousin Colleen, again
..and again
..and again
Note the guy in the background
My mom checks out my new Harry Potter book
She finished it already?
My grandmother's having fun
Becky sitting around
Becky makes a weird face
Uncle Peter and my cousin Melissa
Danny's done with pictures
Hi Aunt Diane
Time to go
Everyone gets ready to leave
Someone in the mirror
My mom looks around
Beany and her British friend at Wacko's house
Fun fun!
Wacko's got weird hair again
Why you gotta be like that, Wacko?
Wacko works on Tom's new laptop
Wacko shows off his crazy hair
You are viewing images from 01/24/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 67 pictures.
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