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Today was the day that I registered to vote. To register I had to head down to Melrose City Hall. I decided to just walk over after school got out and I took some pictures along the way. It's kind of like a visual stream of consciousness thing.
The teacher's parking lot
The speed bump.. and my shadow
The icy sidewalk
The corner
Stop sign
The trees on the corner
Crossing the street
Another corner
The tennis courts
Walking along this street
The pond is frozen over
Walking along..
A crappy old house
A tree
A house under construction
Main Street
The old folk's home
Lebanon Street branches off here
Ell pond
The hospital
The sidewalk next to Ell Pond
The sidewalk again
Ell Pond
A war memorial
Another war memorial
The gazebo
Fleet bank
Caruso's pizza. It's supposed to be amazing.. I say if you like burnt pizza, go for it
Main Street sidewalk
Melrose co-op
Some church
Orange building?
That other building
Orange building
That building again
Fire station
City Hall!
My copy of the registration form
City Hall again
Post Office
City Hall
Inside City Hall
Me inside City Hall
The front of Shaw's
Vending machines
Main Street
Main Street sidewalk
Sweet's Stuff
Sweet's Stuff again
A car
Someone shot this window with a BB gun
Melrose Drug
A truck with my name on it
A painting on the side of a building
That stupid diner
The psychic
Writing on a bench
The psychic again
Papa Gino's
Butter truck
I'm bored!
My dad came and gave me a ride
Strawberry looking at stuff
A roller coaster in a book (Viper at SFDL)
You are viewing images from 02/10/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 73 pictures.
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