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The first few pictures are hanging out at Wacko's house and messing with a laser. Lasers + long exposure = laser images! The next set of pictures were taking at a drug assembly at MHS. It was really stupid. At one point the speaker came right out and said that trying heroin once would feel amazing and not be bad, as long as you only did it once. Great lesson to teach these kids. After that is a few pictures around MHS. Next is a bunch of pictures of my new discman. It plays CDs, FM radio, and can play MP3s off a CD. This means I can put 200 songs on one CD. Next up is a bunch of Physics notes. The last few pics are of all the stuff that I carried around on a daily basis.
Wacko lining up a shot at me
Happy laser
Drug assembly!
James and Muffie aren't having fun
A blurry picture of the screen
Pinder looks around
Dr. Burke on Warden duty
That's a pretty big bag to inhale out of.. must be 15 feet tall!
I don't know why I tried so hard to get this shot
Mr. Barth's ID
James with his video camera
The MHS staff parking lot
The dongle for the CD player
It's a pretty sweet machine
I can clip this onto my pocket and leave the player in my backpack
The CD player while closed
See? It plays MP3 CDs
I never use the buttons on the side.
Mark Beckford
Rob's sleeping in Physics!
Circuits are fun..
Ooo, matrix multiplication
This was all very new at the time
Another circuit
Our homework.. I probably should have deleted this
I thought this was cool
All the stuff I carried around daily
Another shot
I used to carry a lot of stuff around...
You are viewing images from 03/19/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 39 pictures.
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