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I deleted a bunch of pictures of the inside of the program guide. Somehow I think they won't be missed..
The big red sign tells me I'm in the right place
First cosplayer spotted
Commander threatens James
Nice ears, Commander
I got my badge so I sat near at the table
The cover to the program
A free Digi Charat pencil board I got
James' badge
My badge
I liked the old badge better
The bag art
The other side of the bag
People waiting for their badges
Commander's badge
Commander checks out the free crap in the bag
Commander's friend
I finally got around to asking Cosplayer #1 for a proper picture
Commander and her buddies look through the program guide
Matt the Mat makes an appearance
Nice hat, Matt
That sign again
This is the infamous Coke machine that Wacko (as Ed) ran across the street at 1am to get some Coke from
Someone's drink?
My backpack, I had to show my Haibane fandom somehow
James enthusiastically announces Friday
My getup for Friday
Hmm, this seems somehow.. illegal
James is a scofflaw
Looking for a drink to bring
Walking on the tracks
James on the tracks
Walking to Oak Grove
James' face was so bad he made me blur it out
An odd ad
James on the train
Me sitting on the train
James' assorted badges
Going up the disorienting escalator
Since the tiles align with the railing and not the floor, you feel like you're falling over
Coming out into the light
Where's the hotel at?
Walking down the street
The Park Plaza hotel
James approaches the Park Plaza
Some cosplayers!
People standing around the lobby
An awful picture of a Rakka cosplayer
I found Commander!
People milling around the lobby
The view from our hotel room
Hi James
We couldn't really see the street
There's the street
Ah yes, ye olde dataport
Our gear
High quality food right there
More junk food
Muffie and James on the balcony
Streets and buildings
Some skyscrapers
A building in the distance
MIT's Green Building
Some building under construction
More buildings
James with shorts on!
James hides his shorts
On my way out the door
Lots of buttons
Some skyscrapers
Kenshin cosplayers!
I found Rakka!
That bum Draco Malfoy
Nami from One Piece
A very clever touch by some One Piece cosplayers
If only I knew she was wanted before I took the picture!
Some Naruto cosplayers
That Puchiko guy who shows up every year
Assorted cosplayers
Naota from FLCL
Sana's mom!
Princess Mononoke herself!
A very nice Tsukasa, complete with hippo
I have no idea why I took this picture.. or why he took it for that matter
Sana's mom is under attack!
People waiting around the balcony
People in the Masquerade audience, and Adam
Gendo with his typical pose.. a little awkward without the table
This girl was cool
Lots of people in the audience
Is this Cloud?
Oh no! Shinra soldiers!
Pyoko - nyo!
Solid Snake! I had to chase him down the stairs
A Battle Royale survivor
A black mage
Some anime maid
Another Rakka in her winter clothes
A great Haru Haruko
I found Phil
Hi Phil
It's that sketchy asbestos sign again
Ryoga snuck in with no badge, which is why he looks so paranoid
Anime Boston 2004 AMV ballot
Iron Editor!
The Iron Editor people gather around the table
The contest begins
McKeed moves around the crowd
The thing on the right looks like The Cat in the Hat takes a bow, but if you stop halfway it looks like he's having sex with himself
More people gathered around the table
Milling around..
The guy on the right was originally an audience member until McKeed gave him a microphone
DOKool hard at work
McKeed wanders around the audience
More people in teh audience
People near the front of the room
DOKool's competition had an outdated computer
Naruto audience man
Naruto audience man heckles DOKool
OtakuForLife has the mic
McKeed holds the mic up for someone
A Vash gets interviewed
That girl on the panel talks about something
And attacks some guy!
McKeed continues working his way around the audience
Some guy on the panel
They almost got the sign right
Mckeed talks to someone
A sign stuck to DOKool's computer
OtakuForLife checks out DOKool's work
Some config menu
DOKool looks pretty pleased with himself
People on the panel
OtakuForLife moves his computer
Some guy stands up
Naruto Audience Man
Seras looks a little nervous
OtakuForLife near the table
Someone's rebooting
DOKool walks around
That's a lot of icons
Everyone views the video
DOKool holds his computer for support
Part of a video
People watching the video
Milling around
The two competing computers
The competitors shake hands
Digging through teh box
The sign outside the room
We got out pretty late
Some guy
Some other guy
Phil hates the light
Sitting around with my laptop
Someone barfed in the elevator
Someone else
James is tired
This guy was more tired
James is upside down!
The coolest vacuum ever
The street at night
The breakfast of champions
Saturday officially begins
People gathered outside The Castle
Darcy as A-Chan walks by
Hi Commander, bye Commander!
Waiting in line
People on the bus were pointing at us
Waiting in line
Pocky girl!
Nice costume!
The Dealer's Room
Crap in the Dealer's Room
People buying stuff
I swear she's only pissed for the pose. Nice Rakka!
A great Rakka!
Sailor Moon!
Nice cosplay!
Some Trigun cosplayers
People in the lobby
More cosplayers
I met Max, somehow took a picture of his badge but not him
A great Yuzuki (from Chobits) cosplay
Ahhh, duck! It's Meryl Stryfe!
Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe
Some people on the stage
A wicked creepy Azumanga cosplay
Some group posing
More posing
The Paper
Rakka again!
Rakka competed in some game
Waiting in the Masquerade line
I sat next to this guy for like 3 hours
I think this guy is from Berserk
Some Eva cosplayers
Bear Lain
From Pyoko's crew?
Ooo, pocky!
There were a lot of "hug me" signs
Some video taping in progress
A very tall cosplayer
Luffy stands around
Nice wings
Luffy and Inuyasha gang up on the tall cosplayer
Some Sailor scouts
This girl sat next to me in the line
The Paper again
Anime Boston's photographer
Cosplayers in the hall
Cosplayers walking by
A really creepy Chii
Sketch in his amazing Vash costume
More sign holders
I can see why they cracked down on sign holders
An incredible Belldandy cosplayer
Badger Girl!!
I don't remember seeing any cell towers in Guri
"Can I take your picture?" "Sure! Wait, me?? *looks behind her*" *click*
"Yes you!" "Oh, OK!"
Scott as B-kun!
A badass Cloud
Cosplayers in the hall
This guy was first in line
People near the end of the line
The line was verrry long
Another cosplayer
A Sailor Scout with a sign
Ryoga found his way to the con!
That makes me 28th!
Free Hugs people
More hug signs
DOKool's pimping this girl out
DOKool's got signs
Everyone was getting in on the sign action
People in the lobby
Another cosplayer
I suggested charging for hugs
People in teh line
Someone taking pictures
Standing around
Hallo there!
People in the hall
Nice costume
Ed wasn't ready for a picture
There we go!
Random cosplayer
More cosplayers
Female Ranma!
Some guy
That cat character from .hack//SIGN
"Generic Cosplayer"
Love Hina cosplayers
An anti-hug sign
Some person
Commander walked by
A nice Sora cosplayer
Another Vash cosplayer
Vash gets a hug
Some guy died
An Azumanga Otakon badge
Line guy got a hug despite his sign
The line's moving!
Everyone checking badges
I've got my badges
Nice costume
Very funny, DOKool
Getting seats
I got pretty close
6th row, actually
People behind me
A kiss!
People in their seats
The "will kiss for pocky" girls keep their promises!
These girls were funny, dancing to the music
Everyone cheered for the balcony people
Growlith unmasked!
Balcony people
Adam takes the mic
Bowser takes the stage
Followed by Badger Girl!
This is why I didn't really have any pictures..
Lauren Goodnight started her MC Reign of Terror in 2004
A funny screen from the YMCA AMV
Prize winners
People on stage...
Getitng prizes!
Gathering on stage
Lauren standing around
People on stage...
Belldandy shows off her wings
Sketch got some prizes
Sketch got a LOT of prizes
The winner pose
Lots of winners
Good costumes!
Sketch shows off his Vash costume
Very well done, Sketch
Go Sketch Go
Sketch gets a hug
These cosplayers had extremely intricate costumes
That cat girl
More cosplayers
Trigun people
Random cosplayers
We apparently used a lot of towels. I blame James and Muffie
Hi Commander
Commander and her buddies: take 1
Commander and her buddies: take 2
Commander and her buddies: take 3
Bye Commander, see you next time!
Another One Piece wanted sign
Some guy
A vash keychain
Look at this guy go!
Crazy shapes
Dance dance dance!
True story
I got a pin!
Waiting in line
The view from my room's balcony
Our room
The lobby
The first floor of the lobby
The lobby very late at night
The masquerade, 360 with a flash
The same area with no flash
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