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This was one of my favorite things ever written on a board at MHS
Rob is sleeping
Directions to WPI
Underneath Boston
Mom driving
We made it to WPI!
Parking lot
My mom poses on a footbridge
The road that goes under the bridge
Mom on the bridge again
Me on the bridge
A library
Sideview mirror
Mom on the phone
Tech Pizza? Neato
A footbridge
A pub
My camera
A ferris wheel
My mom goes into Dunkin' Donuts
See? Dunkin' Donuts
Whoooo, coffee coolata!
A Hello Kitty store?
Oof, a whole bumper
A park?
Going over the Zakim bridge
Looking behind us out the sunroof
Mr. Barth with his Hip Onesies case
Hip Onesies!
Mr. Carovillano's room
Patrick Pinder
Cause this isn't sketchy at all
I'm not sure who these people are
Mike Handelman
Handelman rocks out
Creepy hand face
Max dives for an anime DVD
Mr. Burkett asserts his point again
Nick is crazy
Max is after something of Nick's
Nick kicks himself in the head
Nick goes crazy out in the hallway
Beany is all Bat Commander'd out
Rose and some guy
A carnival
Check out the lights!
Dan From Work without a hat!
At the movies!
Walking along Maywood Street
The Lasry Bio Building under construction
Looking up a path from Maywood
The University Center
Dad in front of the Sackler Science Center
Inside Tilton Hall
Stairs in the UC
Jonas Clark
The Bistro
Red Square
The Freud Statue
Jefferson Hall
The library
Wright and Estabrooke in the background
In Atwood on the balcony
Someone talks
The crazy library
The walker robot from Star Wars?
Carlson Hall
In Sackler
Going out towards Red Square again
In the caf
Campus map
Graffiti on Main Street
Walking along Main Street
A Clark University sign
Me standing in front of Clark
Looking out from the UC
People walking out..
Looking down from the second floor
The stairs in the UC
Mom in front of Lasry
The Biophysics building
My dad's truck
Hi Dad
The sand thing
Good to note
The third floor hallway in Sackler
Another sign
A chemistry lab
Gotta love the Darwin fish
Walking through Sackler
Science equipment
A biology lab?
More of the lab
A crazy magnet thing
Stay behind the black line if you want your credit cards to work later
More neato equipment
Soldiers are our friends..
I made my choice!
Mom on the parking garage
Pacman ghost!
A fire back near home!
Crazy smoke
Freaking brush fires
You are viewing images from 04/17/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 110 pictures.
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