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Beany and Dan From Work came to get me
Beany's got her cat ears on
Dan in the rear-view mirror
Dan walks along
Beany's got art all over her pants
More art
A bunny
Dan props himself up between the gas pump and his truck
Driving along
Hellooo Beany!
It's hard to take a picture of Dan
Dan through the window
Oncoming traffic
Driving on Route One
Dan on the phone
Helloooo Dan
That Japanese food place
Traffic behind us
Dan's got some water
Beany thinks something is funny
Dan driving
Can Beany hold a bottle with her boobs?
The back of Dan's hat
Discman and CDs
Me in the backseat
Don't pick your nose, Dan
Beany reaches for something
Beany's tossing my origami ball around
Origami ball in the air!
Origami ball coming at you!
The beach!
Dan getting out of the car
Beany heads for the beach
Beany jumps for joy
The ocean!
Dan cut his leg somehow
I wrote my old URL on a rock
Beany reaches for rocks
Don't fall over!
Dan in the distance
I'm getting a little too close to the ocean
More art on Beany's butt
Beany found a perch
You show that ocean who's boss
Beany imitates Arty, the Strongest Man... in the World
A rock with a weird pattern around it
Beany's cat symbol!
I wrote my website in the sand
More neat sand patterns
URL and art
A sign on a rock
I'm breaking the law
Dan and Beany in the distance
A cool gap
A tree on a rock
Land in the distance
I pose in front of the tree
That tree again but in the distance
Dan fell over and Beany leans over him
And pins him!
Wrestling on the beach
Poor Dan
Dan's X-Men underwear revealed!
Poor Dan is all sandy
That's an inconvenient place to keep a cell phone
Beany's shoe
Leave Dan alone!
Beany jumps!
Strike a pose!
Beany attacks!!
Beany jumps again!
Dan kind of jumps
Beany is after Dan's hat
Oh noes! A snail thing on Beany's shulder!
Dan got hurt somehow
And Beany comforts him
Beany's shoelace belt?
Dan's truck
Dan is the strongest man.. in the world
Mmm, cheeseburger
Standing around a comic book shop
Beany bought something
A carnival?
A slide
Going in a store
The Weekly World News gets crazier every week
Oh yeah?
Dan looks totally crazy
Beany helps Strawberry pose
Bowl chairs in the basement
You are viewing images from 04/19/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 95 pictures.
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