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Thanh in DP's class
My bag is ready for the rain
James walking in the rain
What happened to James' other leg?
Ouch, bad sunburn
The Force is strong with Abby
I came prepared for the AP test
Abby has a secret weapon too
People standing around in the library before the test
Steph gets in some last minute studying
My equipment
People make last minute preparations
Everyone's a little nervous
I've got plenty of caffeine gum
My weapon
More people
Dave is ready to rock
Mr. Schott explains how it's going to go down
All done!
Party in Dr. Peterson's room!
Rob and Abby grab some pizza
Dr. Peterson talks about the test with Rob.. but Rob seems pre-occupied
Plenty of cups
DP and her students
Milling around
Jared and Abby
More AP students
A lot are from the AB class so I don't know them
Hi Dr. Peterson!
Rob makes a break for it with some leftovers
Abby isn't very tall
Thanh is even shorter!
Dr. Peterson cleans up some trash
Melissa and Jared continue studying for more tests
Party's all over
And Steph is out of here
DJ Ziplux is what!?
Sean in The Squish
"It's not squishy!" says James
Like hell it's not
The baseball field
A new dugout thing
James with the lock pile
Sean tries to set it on fire
I took a picture of myself in the mirror
James driving
Muffie in the mirror
James throws a snowball
Standing on top of snow mountain!
Run, Muffie!
Ahhh! James comes after me with a giant snowball!
It looks like James is getting creamed, but he's actually throwing it
Take that, evil snowball
He's got another already!
Hanging out on the weird playground thing
Oh yeah, this is super safe.. I almost ran my head into this
Holding on for dear life..
He made it!
Post-AP Test Party in DP's room!
You are viewing images from 05/05/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 62 pictures.
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