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The Class of 2004's senior prank was epic. In the middle of the night, a team of dozens of people (that I was not involved with) broke into our school and took every chair and desk out of every room and put them all in the library. Once they were in the library, many of them were stacked into a tower (which I was not able to photograph) and were taped together with packaging tape. After sitting around in empty classrooms for a while, teachers got anxious about whether or not they'd get enough chairs for their rooms, so sent students out to get chairs. What ensued was chaos, students walking everywhere with chairs and desks. Most rooms now had all types and colors of furniture in them.

Since I was seen photographing the event, I was a prime suspect and was detained in the principal's office for hours and had my camera confiscated. After deciding that I wasn't involved, my camera was returned to me and I was free to go. Thankfully they didn't delete the pictures because otherwise you would have missed out on these amazing pictures!

Great job guys!
Weird train
Construction equipment
I was in this room about half a second before I got blasted for taking pictures
Look at all the chairs!
So many chairs
The sea of chairs go on forever
They were all stacked haphazardly
So many desks
They were more concentrated in this area
There were tons of dividers from the Open Space all over the hallways
Chairs and desks!
Chairs forever
See? I wasn't the only one taking pictures
The chairs from another angle
Admins and Dr. Groden trying to figure out what to do
The library as seen from the rooms overlooking it
I love all the shiny legs in the background
The chairs near the main entrance to the library
Another shot from ground level
Red chairs
More red chairs
The chairs as seen through the trophy room
The Open Space is totally empty!
Look at all the open space in the Open Space!
Thankfully they left Dr. Peterson's filing cabinets
Sitting around in Miss Hiti's room
Mr. Carovillano let us just lounge around for a while. He was pretty amused
A panorama of Miss Hiti's room
A panorama of the open space
So much space!
Some furniture survived
Dr. Peterson's room is empty!
A panorama of chairs
You are viewing images from 05/12/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 34 pictures.
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