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The track listing for the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack
Part two of the FFVIII soundtrack
Whiteboard of the week! Rush 2 rules!
In the bio lab
Creepy models
Liquid in a beaker
Ah yes, the slime tube. An important part of copulation everywhere
That appears to be a laptop on fire! *gasp*
Some.. cells. I don't know.
A squirrel!
In a tunnel in boston
Isabelle's first picture!
She's so tiny!
Get away from her cow
My mom plays with her new kitty
Isabelle likes playing with stuff
I try to grab her with no success
Isabelle climbs into one of the clogs
What's outside?
Isabelle reaches for Strawberry
Friendly fighting
Fight to the death! Not really
What am I doing up so freaking early!?
James strikes a strange pose
Yeah, that's my number one concern
James with that bear
James rides that creepy airplane
We want to play games!
James hugs some weird.. tiki.. thing
He's got his money ready! He just wants to play games!
We stayed in Brookstone for like 50 minutes playing with the awesome chairs
Want some food Wendy?
Getting closer..
James dons his "coaster professional" vest
Q-bot! It helps us skip the lines
Batman the Dark Knight
BDK in action
Batman the Dark Knight rolls by
BDK in the loop
Mind Eraser (left eye)
Mind Eraser (right eye)
One of them used to be Hellivator
Not anymore
James stands on the Footsie-Wootsie
It makes your feet go numb!
Superman: Ride of Steel
James looks at SROS at SFNE
Supports for a turn
Here comes the train!
A train approaches the top of the lift hill
Getting closer...
Over the top!
Some western show
The General Manager notices James' vest and starts talking to him
The show continues
James didn't quite know how to handle this
Ron, the GM of SFNE, was a really cool dude who talked at length with James about how to improve the park
Maps in Ron's office!
An old map of Riverside
The SFNE mangement kitchen
Some other office
The door to Ron's office
Ron seemed to get a kick out of James' enthusiasm
James takes some pictures around Ron's office. Secret documents about the next year's rides were right next to the desk!
Ewww, Flashback
Flashback up close
The Skycoaster harness
Let's do the Time Warp.. never
Some people on Skycoaster
Skycoaster people again
Ron's card
James near some pumpkins
Gone fishin'
The train in Flashback's loop
Our reflection in some glass
So many pumpkins!
So many!
Tons of Jack-O-Lanterns
Lots and lots of Jack-O-Lanterns
Weird village
Ominous picture of Scream? Not really
Ooo, ammo
Oh no! The MP is dead!
The pumpkins at night
Merry go roudn
Scream in the background
We left at 8:27
We didn't get back until 11! (We had dinner in between)
Muffie shaved her head!
Oh Muffie, you so crazy!
Muffie's got a monkey!
Kotoko's not looking so good
I made an origami thing
You are viewing images from 10/11/04 in the main gallery. This set contains 106 pictures.
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