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Ah, Spring Break 2005. I'll forever remember it as... the week that I had my wisdom teeth out and was mostly out of it the entire time. Yes, folks, I had the pleasure of having my wisdom teeth out over Spring Break. The only thing that softened this horrible deal was the fact that I convinced my mom to buy be the Apollo 11 package from This had all kinds of neat raw footage from the Apollo 11 footage including the complete moonwalk, all three and a half hours of it. So Spring Break was a lot of sitting around, watching DVDs, and making things out of origami. Lots and lots of origami. Enjoy!
Over Spring Break I left a webcam doing a time lapse out the window. I covered it mostly with cardboard so the sun wouldn't overheat it.. the video wasn't that good
Becky at my Dad's house
Becky's taken control of the camera
My dad ties his shoes
Becky takes weird pictures of herself
Becky.. give my camera back
This is why I don't give her my camera
Becky's eye
Has Becky become bored with my camera?
Gah, she took a picture of me
Still more pictures of Becky
After this I got the camera back from her
James' new hair. It was supposed to be red.
James does a headstand sort of thing
Isabelle is sick of the camera
I took this 51 hours after my wisdom teeth were taken out to demonstrate the swelling
Isabelle mania!!
Isabelle has really good reflexes.. she usually blinks at flash pictures
A rare "eyes open" picture of Isabelle
It's so hard to take a good flash picture of her
Come on! Open your eyes!
Finally, I resorted to a non-flash picture
One petal sub-unit
Four petal sub-units
One petal unit
Six petal units
A completed petal ball!
The same ball from a different angle
Becky's hair is weird
Becky on the computer
A small petal ball
A larger "icosahedron" shape
Getting bigger!
It starts to get unstable if you make it too big
Smoke rings!
Incense can be fun
Whooo smoke rings
I made this katamari-ish ball to put in front of my Prince guy
Another petal ball
A smaller petal ball
A level two buckyball made from PHiZZ units
A tetrahedron based petal ball
This is what I did over spring break..
Mike has a neato incense box
Look at that smoke go.. in black and white.. for some reason
The cover of the Apollo 11 DVD set
Non-flash version
The side
The back
Non-flash back
The inside case
The back of the inside case
The quote on the inside case
The three DVD cases inside the inside case
It's a very nice DVD set
Disc one
Inside disc one
Disc two
Disc two, non-flash
This one has the moon walk on it
Disc three
Disc three, non-flash
Inside disc three
My computer setup for the later part of freshman year
A panorama of the room
This one came together pretty well.. Matt's only "poster" was his "written up" letter and an ad for Afroman
My side of the room, freshman year
You are viewing images from 03/13/05 in the main gallery. This set contains 70 pictures.
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