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My message to Wright Hall for the weekend
Officially start Anime Boston weekend... now
Niki and Bryce on the commuter rail
Tony's up early
So is Mel
James isn't here
That is one sad Luffy
Checking pictures
Looking up at the hotel
Another angle
James' light up belt. It said "" and "badger"
A lame picture of the roof
Another lame roof picture
It's MIT!
The skybridge to the Prudential Center
The top of the Prudential
We really wanted to try this out..
Tony as Itachi
Bryce as Luffy
A botched picture that I thought looked cool
Niki as Inner Sakura (she wrote "Inner Sakura" on her forehead eventually)
Mel blinked! She's Miyazawa Yukino from Karekano
And now it's not in focus!
I think this the only picture with me in it
James is so excited
On the way to the convention center
The Prudential Tower
I told you it was the Prudential Tower
That's James hiding on the other escalator
Rakka! Yaaay Haibane cosplayers!
Haru from FLCL and a guy I don't recognize
Some Naruto characters
This game looked kind of cool
Nice Spike
They're Team Rocket and they fight for what's wrong
Reki! Yay for more haibane cosplayers!
A lame picture of the dealer's room
Poor Sakaki -san
A very cool Ed
I don't know who this guy is but he was already posing
The cat returns!
Ash and a pissed off Pikachu
James' lightup belt in action
Princess Mononoke
Aeris! Turns out she was also one of my linemates in the Masquerade last year
I don't know who this is either but it was a cool costume
Sumomo and Kotoko
An awesome Katamari prince
Nice footwear
Another cool Ed
A bunch of webcomic people
A lighter picture
Hawk and Tim Buckley from Applegeeks and Ctrl+Alt+Del got bored
The pyramid fell down
The Green Power Ranger!
An amzing Chise from Saikano
Hellsing + Chii
Kanti -sama!
Card Captor Sakura (?)
Yeah. We're cool.
Killing time
Number four and five
The cop outside the main events room
Oh no, "Oh Wow" showed up
A Naruto
That big blob thing!
Oh Wow was in the class that me and Phil taught at MIT
The AMV contest line
Still over an hour to go
The line blob
Bryce was the only AMV editor inside for a while
My ratings and picks
Mel tried making ravioli with a hair dryer
The Iron Editor panel
The Iron Editor panel... sideways!
Mel on the panel
Pixie stick water
McKeen lead the panel again
Recognize anyone?
McKeen got more drunk as the panel went on..
DOKool with no hat
He drank 750 ml of sake during the panel!
Looking for something to do
The bell incident
Leading drunken McKeen back to his room
"I had two IDs!"
This is where we left him. He made it back to his room alright
This roommate relationship just got a little weirder
"It's not what it looks like!"
Luffy assualted Tony
Some pictures from 27 stories up
The John Hancock tower
Giant fans
Long way down
The Prudential Tower and that other tower
The Prudential center
The John Hancock from the 38th floor
The Outlaw Star Girls
I wanted to translate this later... I see "American"
The world's cutest Kiki
Me and James thought this plug was cool
The Kill Bill girls
The first angel from Eva
Hanging out in the mall
The giant Naruto group picture
It's like "Where's Waldo?" but "Where's McKeen?"
Mike and Tony got in there but the pics are on Mike's camera
The Puchiko guy is back!
This year's Masquerade linemate
Edward Scissorhands
98 -tan
Pizza + line = best idea ever
Rabi En Rose
A classic Sailor Moon
Captain Jack Sparrow
Great costume
"Belt Girl" haha, I don't know the character's name
She was posing so I took a picture, cool costume
Hanging out in the line
Great costumes! The one on the right won something
That cactus dude
Look what McKeen can do
It's like he defeated gravity
"Hi, can I get your picture?"
"If we don't have to get up"
Line line line
Yaoi was way too popular this year
"Step 1: put it together"
Phil controls the line
More line
It's cyborg dressed as #18 again!
Last line picture
Phil directing traffic
I should've turned this but I'm too lazy too now
Weird facial expressions going on here
The crowd
The stage
AMVs before the Masquerade
Fun with glowsticks
The cosplay band "Bad Luck" ..they needed some practice
The Chobits bunnies!
Some persocons
Itachi gets a hug from the blob girl
Mel finally dyes her hair back to brown
Tony got some pepperoni
We didn't have a knife... we used a can of fruit cocktail
11.15 ounces! What a ripoff!
Mel back with her natural hair color
The Beef Jerky Queen!
Most disturbing picture of the entire convention
On the way back
My badge
My new headband
Officially over
Bryce died on the way back
This totally wasn't illegal
The game room wasn't as good as last year
the John Hancock tower and nearby buildings
You are viewing images from 05/01/05 in the main gallery. This set contains 189 pictures.
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