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My cables hanging out of the basement ceiling
Muffie's depiction of James
Becky's dress
Getting closer to the dress..
Too close!
My new notebook. You know you love the black duct tape
How sad is this? I have two space books with the same picture on their covers.
I got this when I worked at Johnnies...
Space Cat!?
This book looks hilarious
But I'm probably not going to read it
Space cats are good for space mice
What happened!? How could somebody be injured on the seemingly lush and fertile surface of the moon!?
Becky's ready for the wedding
Now that's a bigass lock
Yay, we made it
Looking at the program
The program
Carol & Richard Burke, Barbara Burke
Amy and Uncle Jimmy
Amy and Dan
There they are
Dad botched this shot
I thought this window was creepy
Meeting people outside
Uncle Jimmy
Uncle Jimmy is looking the wrong way
There we go
Dad and Aunt Nancy
Aunt Nancy
The Groom's father
People standing around
Amy and Dan
Amy with Elaine's baby
Yaaay babies
The baby looks bored
Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Nancy
Aunt Nancy
Ed & Beth Burke and Marie McGee
All in black
Don't we look excited?
What's over there?
Uncle Jimmy checks out the horses
I got bored
Brothers discuss the horsies
Group photo
Group photo again
Another group photo
Bride and Groom
Standing in the door
And a kiss
Elaine and Brian
Elaine's husband Henry Scully and thier son Jacob
Another shot of the couple
Yaay, posing
Get in the carriage
There you go
All ready to go
Just about to leave
Driveby picture shooting
Waiting for a picture of the carriage coming.. we eventually gave up
Yup, let the good times roll
Eww, Buddweiser
Yaay cheese
Weee, pyramid!
Gotta love the pyramid
Pyramid on glass!
Better pyramid!
Tilted and blurry pyramid!
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jimmy
Amy and Dan
Barbara Ellen and Julian
Who are those dweebs?
Becky, my dad, and me
Beth and Ed
Jimmy and Ed
Nancy and Barbara
Richard and Brian
Nancy's parents
So many people
A toast!
My creation!!
Jimmy talking to people
The menu
The bride
I'm not sure who this is
Or these people
Becky, my dad, and me again
Elaine and Jacob
Yay, filet mignon
Cake cutting
Show that cake who's boss
Father daughter dance
Dance dance dance
Dance the night away
Look at him go
Brian and Amy
The fathers of the couple
Brian, Becky, and Amy
Table 13
Hi there
What's up
Nice pose
You closed your eyes!
Becky and my dad
Blurry dancing
Flashy dancing
Look at Uncle Jimmy go
Dance! Dance! Dance!
Everybody dance!
Everybody disco dancing!
Go, Becky and dad
This guy was the computer admin at MHS! What a crazy coincidence
So many people
The signy dealy
A blurry picture of the signy dealy
The DJ
Holding the camera up
Dicky Do's missing!
Tired baby
My dad looks partied out
Random Pepsi One shot?
Panorama of the wedding. Too bad the dude in blue got cut in half
You are viewing images from 07/24/05 in the main gallery. This set contains 140 pictures.
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