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The view from the dock
Inside the cabin
The view from the dock at night
A river!
James making a weird face
Me making a weirder face
Why did they even make the bottom left dial?
Starting the trip!
Dad is driving
A rest stop!
I was reading some printouts on orbital dynamics
Dad at the rest stop
Some really creepy trash recepticles
The roads are getting worse and worse..
Action shot
No cell phone network!
A river!
Same river
Dusty roads
Becky's having fun
Entering the Allagash!
Some sort of lake?
Yeah probably
The road continues
The back of the truck was a little dirty
Official arrival time. Travel time was about 9 hours
Improving Dad's rear window
I wonder who wrote this..
Now here is a sign you don't see every day..
Dad readies the key
An animal track!
Inside the cabin!
It's dark inside right now
Nice little sitting area
Dad is psyched
Moose antlers?
A boat!
Another view of the cabin
I found this book
The stairs
Some hot sauce we found
Hey I know that guy
A deer!
Becky came prepared
So did I
This is crap I had to read.. The Things They Carried wasn't bad
My bed!
Dad's charcoal thinger
Sure is smokey
Nothing like a barbeque in a barbeque
The view from the porch
My pants smelled gross from bring crumpled up so I tried to smoke them
Hanging out!
A shakey thumbs up
Mmm, marshmallows
Becky strikes a pose
My setup was a little precarious
As was Dad's grip on reality..
This is apparently an old school toaster
And this is an old school heart attack
The view from the sitting area
Dad holds what appears to be a piece of an animal
Gotta move stuff out of the way!
We had to drive around this one
This textbook had no idea what was coming
Shooting gallery!
King Tut had it coming
I shot this quarter!
The quarter came flying back and nearly hit me.. so we stopped shooting quarters
I made a happy face!
The other side is pretty sharp
Dad sets up some more targets
Digging out the bullets
A few made it through
We showed the Industrial Revolution who's boss
Shooting lead made for some pretty interesting shapes
This headline just cracked me up
Dishes! Notice something missing?
Apparently "shift" keys haven't made it this far north.. caps lock sure has..
Becky gets some reading done
Oh jeeze
The view from the top of the stairs
Becky lying on the couch
Dad got his own room
We've got lots of fans..
The good stuff
These pancakes seem suspicious..
Dad throws a throwing knife
Becky wasn't interested
But we eventually got her to give it a shot
Dad with the cabin
This photo totally wasn't staged or anything
She was a real sport to sit there while we threw knives at her
Dad out by the board we were throwing a knife at
A chipmunk!
Look at him!
He even stayed while we opened the door!
Hanging out in the living room area
I show that safety sign who's boss.. and some soda cans
Dad and Becky took my camera for a walk
They found a weird plant
And some berries
And another plant
A bunny!
They also found another cabin
And apparently broke into it
The kitchen!
The beds!
A nice trail
A cool shot of a dock
The dock
The other cabin
Our outhouse was nicer
A cabin?
Dad took some weird pictures
Another dock
Another cabin
A patch of ash?
Or something?
Who knows
I have no idea
Becky on the road!
Someone took a piece of Dad's newspaper!
This one was my idea
In case you didn't guess
What could go wrong?
It was actually a lot slower than I expected
The remains
Match hell
I stacked them up afterwards
The moon over the lake
Becky and Dad set off for some twilight canoeing
Bye guys!
I left a light on the dock so they could find the way back
Cause it was dark out!
Another shot of the moon
Burning paper plates in the oven
Becky does some dishes
We only had one die, so I made another one out of origami
I think I was the hat
Mad monies
Somehow a bullet worked its way into this..
Becky loves Monopoly
Two and a half hours later..
Monopoly endgame
Hrm. I guess it really does take three hours
If you look really carefully you can see a squirrel in there
No comment
Dad got in the back to help pack the car
Washing the windshield
The back fills up!
Becky cleans the inside
Don't forget to wash your hands!
A broken logo.. or modern art?
Becky poses in front of the cabin
All three of us pose!
It was a fun weekend
A river on the way out
Another river.. or something
Someone totally shot this sign
Dad and Becky check out another river
White water!
It was a neat river
Look at all the white water
Dad loves nature
Becky's a fan too
Dad and Becky pose with what I believe is Mount Katahdin in the background
River and mountain
Me and Becky posed too
Yes, we are in fact related
Me and Dad. Now all permutations are complete
The mountain again
I'm pretty sure it's Mount Katahdin
The creepy entrance to the pig farm's halloween thing
A goat chilling
Becky pets the goat
What do you want?
This goat is in trouble
Another goat
Jimmy Downey and Dad talk about something
Becky feeds some goats
Goats love food
True story
A horse!
More horses.. or ponies.. or something
Don't jump!
Brandon saw this and said "Dumb goat.. like a sheep could go any faster"
Weird goat
You are viewing images from 08/20/05 in the main gallery. This set contains 211 pictures.
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