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The creepy Bob's furniture truck
The middle school being demolished
The big pile of dirt outside the middle school
The accidental "lake" due to digging next to the middle school
Becky in her element
The front door to AMTech
The outside door to AMTech
AMTech.. from an angle
AMTech... the wall!
Yes folks, they both ship and receive
The vaguely fun ribbon door
Some random truck at the loading dock
Witchcraft on the left.. bibles on the right. Good call
Si Senior
This can only spell disaster
The beginning of Boccerball's demise
I always knew Boccerball was the Combine's game of choice
Becky is much less enthusiastic
Becky and Strawberry
Sorry Topaz :)
Becky at our grandmother's house
Becky and Aunt Teresa
Becky and our grandmother
This time with smiling!
That's how much I made at the laundromat
First picture at Clark. The new caf
Mike is very excited
Mike has WAY too many boxes
Stupid boxes
Bryce is on two phones at once
Mel's having too much fun in the bathroom
Mike takes on his Sim persona
My snazzy new Empire decal
I see...
Flash must've heard that England is thinking of having a manned space program
Mel making the Weasly Clock
Stupid duct tape
The super creepy mouths that Mike put on the wall
The original setup for Mel's desk
The super creepy masks of Mel's face..
..are on top of the window
Hooray suite!
Hooray projector!
Now for some scale..
Crush the words Mel!
Something very strange happened to Laura's face..
Laura waves at the words
Mike in his bathrobe and after-shower-hat
Uhoh, he's looking at you
Without the "we" it's just "lcome"
Mike tries to sneak up on the projection
For some reason
Suite is number one!
This is why Mel isn't allowed to have duct tape
Hooray for refridgerators
Part of a panorama...
Brett playing a little GTA
Ah, CRT monitors..
This was clearly supposed to be a panorama..
..but I was clearly to lazy.. stitch it together..
.. hey look it's Brett's clock
Our door
My desk from Brett's
Awesome shirt!
Weird Bryce picture
Flash is here too!
Headless Jason hits Danny for some reason
Dr. Know-it-all explains everything. No need for Clarissa
And then Danny ascended to another plane of existance
Woogly arms
Mel's an astronaut
So many people!
James saw a ghost and saved us all by eating it
Mel's friends that I don't know
James looks crazy, and Mel looks pissed
A panorama from the back of our room
A panorama from the front of our room
You are viewing images from 08/27/05 in the main gallery. This set contains 87 pictures.
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