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A cool shot of Brett playing chess
The Weasly Clock that Mel made!
"We're friends!"
Mel tries to hide behind a pillow
Commander visits Clark!
Commander makes a terrible face but it's a decent picture of Mel so I kept it
"Why do all the pictures of me suck!?"
"Who is it?"
Tony makes an appearance
"This is Sarah" he got it from a happy meal
Waiting outside Applebee's
The Applebee's sign
Bryce and Brett
Playing some stupid game
Cool shot of Bryce
Stupid crayon game
Yes, Bryce was there too
I don't know.. lights?
I distract Mike from the game
Look at them go
I have no idea
I thought this looked neat with the lights
The stupid game continues
"You see, the thing is..."
See Mom? I leave campus..
I guess it tastes bad
Laura's head is transparent
A straw pokes Bryce in the head
Brett waits for food
Mike hides in the corner
Poor Mel finds herself on the wrong side of a camera once again
Where's that food, anyway?
Soda is fun
Brett is empowered by the prospect of his cowboy burger
Mel hates this picture
Laura does that thing with her eye
Oh no! This isn't right!
I have no idea what they're looking at
This is what a bug on a table would see
Mel takes a bizarre picture of herself
Pepsi > Coke
Bryce is hypnotized
Camera control struggle!
For some reason..
This shirt rocks
Strike a pose!
Brett is sick of waiting for food
Laura tries to eat Brett
Another crazy face brought to you by Bryce
Tell me he doesn't look crazy..
Bryce finds himself in the best of both worlds
What kind of a keyboard is this!?
"Save fuel!" proclaims the Hummer
Mike's hair goes crazy. Look closely
Ha! Proof Brett cares!
"I don't care"
Mel makes a duck or something
Laura does not care
Gah! My eye
Mel washes clothes in the shower
What a terrible idea
Stupid.. stupid.. stupid
Why would anyone do this
Stupid mirror
Stupid clothes
This is such a Mel thing to do
Brett plays DDR
He's so blurry
That's... disturbing
Worst case scenario for Brett's bed!
Bryce isn't leaving
The tower of NERD
Our table at the caf
This is a great face, I demand you click this picture
Food = good
Bryce disagrees
Roommate fight?
Mike accidentally ate two of his fingers
Bryce tells it how it is
"Want some baaacon?"
"What do you want?"
I swear she's wearing pants
The time for nerd is now!
The four dimensional Rubik's cube I'm trying to solve
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