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This batch starts off with some pictures of Mike's spiffy green laser. He got a big gift certificiate to and figured that putting the whole thing toward a laser wasn't a bad tradeoff. The thing is super bright and supposely can go five miles. We had some fun shining it on people walking by, people in other dorms, and licence plates of parked cars very far away. The reflective material of the plate really makes it shine!

The next set of pictures is from when I backed up Yatpay's Archives onto my laptop, then installed Ubuntu Linux on Kotoko and reinstalled the site. The whole ordeal took about 5 hours, and I managed to forget to copy my scripts. That included the picture script, guestbook, and polls. I'm still not sure if I'll be able to recover that data. Other than that the operation was a complete success and I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm now using MySQL for many features on the site.

The last, and by far the largest, set of pictures is from a trip to the Boston Museum of Science with Mel and James. James has a membership to the museum, which means he and a few guests can get in for free, and was nice enough to let us bum off it. Mel had never been to the Museum of Science, but me and James had been dozens of times. Before going to the actual museum, we went to the Cambridgeside Galleria to get some food and check out the Apple store. After we were all fed we headed back to the museum. It was a bit crowded in the morning since there were so many school groups there on field trips, but around 1 it started to clear out. We showed Mel all of the usual exhibits, and planned on going to the Electricity Theatre in the afternoon. The show was a bit disappointing, most of the electricity was very toned down. We figured this was because there were so many little kids there and they freak out whenever anything loud happens. We'll have to bring Mel back some other time to show her how great the show can really go. We had some fun in the Mathematics room with the swinging sand pendulum. We wrote "O RLY?" and then let the pendulum go. After a while we noticed that the pattern looked a lot like an owl! After that we went to a few more exhibits including one that had some monkeys I had never noticed before. Next we went to the roof of the parking garage for some panorama shots that I think came out pretty nice. All in all it was a great trip, we'll definiately have to do it again sometime.
Bryce hunches over to play some Magic
The green laser lighting up the carpet
Shining into water always looks neat
It shows up really well when there's some kind of moisture in the air
Look at it go!
Bryce and Brett discuss Magic strategies
A weird tilted shot of Brett nad Bryce
Bryce plays with a part of his jacket
James puts together a deck for a tournament
In order to get both the hard dirve and CD-ROM working at once I had to have them hanging outside of Kotoko on the floor
Ubuntu installing
This what looked like while I was working on Kotoko. It was a crazy dancing cat!
Poor gutted Kotoko
Kotoko boots Ubuntu for the first time
Becky took this weird picture of me behind the desk
James was late to the train station
Mel poses with the T-Rex
James makes a weird face
"It's QRIO!"
There was this creepy sculpture full of heads. James gave it a hug
Mel decided to participate
There was gum in some of the heads
I didn't take any pictures in the Apple store. I inverted a screen's colors but felt that taking a picture of it would draw too much attention to myself
Mel tries to decide what to order for breakfast... at Burger King
"Excuse me?"
James had a bagel
James getting cream cheese ready
Yep.... what a dumb picture
The bagel used to be healthier than the burger.. until James got at it
Mel takes a bite of her burger
It's good!
Mel poking some ad guy's butt
This guy had a neat bike
We found Mercury in the MoS's scale model of the solar system. Size and distance are both to scale
Mel's floating in space
That black hole "put your pennies in here" thing in the lobby
A blurry penny makes it way toward certain doom
Round and round and round it goes
Almost gone...
It's gone!
It was really really full
There was some stupid Star Wars exhibit
X-wing from the front
X-wing from the side
Mel's in!
A closeup of the stamp on my hand
That weird "perpetual motion" machine
The Cambridge / Boston town line
James watches the machine go
It does all kinds of crap
Yes there are even gears involved
Some neat machine.. it moves water or something
If your arms go along these metal things you move your arms like a bird flaps it's wings
There were stupid little kids everywhere
So that's what Brett does all day
Mel's sad because she's poking a cactus
Stop touching that cactus!
Some crazy raccoon
Hahaha, this bird fell over and nobody ever fixed it. Hilarious
Mel makes the same weird face as the raccoon
A closeup of a stuffed rabbit
Mel does some lame computer exhibit
She's cleaning virtual pottery or something
Prairie dogs!
A turtle's skull! Mike thinks it looks like a cartoon character
A hippo's skull
A normal cow's skull
Coaster class is now in session
Mel and James try to find something interesting in the desk
Mel makes a weird face
James fell down
Different snowflakes
James made me a "computer"
Owls! camera!
I just left that there
I doubt anyone will get it
He doesn't look that threatening
Mel drew this
He's more threatening, but we couldn't get the reflection to go away
That's where I left the "YA RLY"
A cobra and a mongoose in battle forever
Mel looks at tracks
This special liquid shows turbulence
Mel and James make it spin
James got it going really fast
All of the liquid is turbulent!
Some solar powered cars
Mel gives DNA a hug
The new T-Rex
He must be cold I guess
Mel leaves a video message
I described to Mel how to build my structure with a curtain between us. She only got it wrong because she didn't have all the pieces
"Wolves and cougars ate our roast beef!"
My attempt at building Mel's structure was a disaster
The giant Van de Graff generator
A better shot of the Van de Graffs
Some neat tornado thing they added recently
If you blew on it it would disappear for about 10 seconds before reforming
A non-flash picture of the tornado
A Jacob's ladder
Some plasma
An even better shot of the Van de Graff
That weird light thing
I took these by shaking the camera
The new and "improved" electric show
This guy was the host
If you look carefully you can see some plasma in the air
The guy raised himself up to the Van de Graff
Some lightning
Tesla coil?
The best shot I got of the lightning
Basically the same shot but not as good
Some more lightning
A smaller Tesla coil
A cool computer case
Robot dogs!
Mel hates space
This thing is so inaccurate it hurts
The aquarium section had all these Camp Hoffman counseler names!
I forget who Sharky is
The virtual aquarium
Some doofy statue
A model of Mount Everest with LEDs in landmarks
A really really old tree. It was about a foot wide when Jesus was born
There are way too many of these signs
Oooo, Mars meteorite!
A flash picture of a Skylab model
Basically the same thing as the "black hole penny thing"
You can't mess with this one
A neato Mobius strip!
You probably don't like the probability exhibit
Weird bubbles
I like the bubble on the right
This bubble is a Mobius strip!
The sand is making AIDS!
The sand pendulum in action
A closeup of the center
As we let the pendulum go...
.. it began to resemble an owl!
So we gave it a face
Some stupid kids
That cool tinker toy computer. Note the kid making a weird face
The stupid Star Wars thing. Apparently there was a sign right next to me saying "No Photography"
My planetarium ticket
The planetarium thing
Another shot of the planetarium thing
"Where'd that asteroid go?" "You mean James?"
A scale model of the solar system. The plants are scale in size only, not distance. This sun is the center of the huge scale solar system
These creeps are molesting Jupiter and Saturn!
A giant light bright!
Well of course... we wrote ""
The panorama came out alright, see below
Well.. yes, I suppose it is
The "miracle of life" area
Mel didn't like this room
Mel poses with the average height graph
James on the seesaw in the "science in the playground" area
Flash picture of the Naboo fighter
A lighter, but blurry, shot of the Naboo fighter
Bye Boston!
We found Venus all the way on the top of the parking garage
Quit touching it
The Red Line makes its away across the Charles River
Mel vs. Boston?
A nice shot of Boston
A panorama of Boston and Cambridge from the top of the Museum of Science's parking garage
The view of Boston from right next to the motion machine
The Electricity Theatre
Stupid kids!
James watches the motion machine
James in some weird "outside" room in the Museum of Science
Stupid yellow not showing up.
You are viewing images from 03/06/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 185 pictures.
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