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We found some cool cat outside of Maywood and played with him a little. He even let me pick him up. On Saint Patrick's day the caf staff made a shamrock pizza. I appreciate the effort, but it just came out kind of gross. After that was the first of two huge games of Magic. Involved in this game was myself, Bryce, James, Mel, Dan, Laura, Mike, and Brett. Bryce put together this ridiculous five color deck that was ginormous. I forget who won, but it wasn't me so I probably just wandered off. Playing a big game can be a bit frustrating because it takes so long before your turn comes up again, but it's fun to hang out with all of your friends and attack each other randomly. We had a slightly smaller, but still pretty big game, later on in Dana Commons.
Shamrock pizza
James is afraid of Bryce's giant deck
The gang gathers for the game
Laura.. great.
Dan plans his strategy
Dan, Mel, and Brett
James prepares his deck
Bryce and James shuffling
Bryce knows his deck is ridiculous
Bryce's deck compared to James' deck
Crazy man!
James examines one of Dan's cards
The game begins
Dan looks bored
Mike hands me a card while Laura looks at him
Some kind of crazy dude on someone's card, I forget who
Bryce thinks he's cool
Laura's turn
Dan... being Dan
Mel looks around
Mel, Brett, and James wait for Laura to make her move
James looks bored already
My notebook
My big D20
Looks like James is dead
Some drawings by Mel's dad
This guy's a of truth
Mike makes a card house while waiting for the next game to start. Nice shirt!
The middle of the game
It's tough to get a non-blurry shot
I took this from Maywood, zoomed in to the max
Wiki in one of his boxes
Another crazy Japanese story
Magic fun!
Everyone waits for Laura to make her move
You are viewing images from 03/20/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 37 pictures.
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