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Bryce is going to Japan this summer so he needed a picture that he could give to the university he's staying with.. or something. So I took his picture so he could go print it out. I kept it because I thought it was funny. After that we went to the Bistro for dinner. After dinner I took a really great sunset-ish panorama of the UC, the new Biology building, the Biophysics building, and the Sackler Science Center.. as well as Mel being an idiot. She ran around so she could be in most of the shots. Then I got a few really great shots of Mel goofing off. On the way back we saw a crazy squirrel and took a blurry picture of him.
Bryce's picture for Japan
Mel at the Bistro
Brett blinked!
The UC, with the tables outside
Mel goofing off in the panorama
What is the matter with her?
Blurry Mel!
Hahaha, click on this one, it's great
A great shot of crazy Mel
Mel stopped running just as I took this picture
This one's not as good
Tired already?
Bored already?
Now she's trying to sneak away
A great shot of Mel sitting under a tree
Another good shot of Mel under the tree
She blinked!
Brett's got food!
The sign for the Sackler Science Center
Under the bridges. Brett stopped to look at a squirrel, which you can just barely see
Squirrel! It's a squirrel!
Desu fever!!
Brett was caught by surprise
John walking back from dinner
Mel walking along
Don't give me that look
Mel swipes in
A closeup of the elevator button. It looks pretty cool with the light on
Fire! Ahhh!
The area between Sackler and the Biophysics building
From left to right, there's the Sackler Science Center / UC, the new Bio building (in the distance), the Biophysics building, and the rest of the Sackler Science Center. As well as a whole bunch of shots of Mel
You are viewing images from 04/27/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 31 pictures.
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