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This batch starts off with a few pictures of Mike playing with Wiki. Wiki's gotten a lot bigger!

The rest of the pictures are of the review session for the final exam in Multivariable Calculus. Professor Chou was nice enough to get us all pizza, soda, and chips. The session went pretty good and made me feel a lot more prepared for the test. I'd been kind of freaking out since I was a little behind in the homework, but after a week of non-stop multivar, I'm almost totally caught up and feel confident about the final.

I tried to take a few panoramas of the entire class, but I kind of botched them. I rushed the pictures since I didn't want people moving around too much, and I was kind of uncomfortable taking weird pictures of people, most of whom I don't even know their name. What ended up happening is that a series of pictures that was meant to be one panorama would end up being two, smaller ones, which I ended up "brute force"ing together with Photoshop. So they don't look so great, but you still get the idea. I left all of the component shots in this batch since they're kind of interesting, and because the panoramas didn't come out so great.
Mike with Wiki
Aww, isn't he cute? ...Wiki, that is
You can see Wiki trying to crawl around to Mike's back
Some guys in my Multivar class
I talk to this kid all the time and I don't even know his name
There was a lot of soda
"Just don't take a picture of me doing something weird like thi-*click*"
It was tough for her to see the board
There's Professor Chou in the corner
Most of the pepperoni is already gone!
These guys were doing a "staged teaching" thing. Mike thinks it looks like they're all looking at a balloon
Scott's not playing along. Steve is though
Professor Chou took the camera for these two shots
This picture is awful because I'm making a weird face and Scott is messing with me
All the pizza's gone!
There were five pizzas
I thought this was kind of a funny picture. The pepperoni has to be off by itself. The veggie pizza smelled weird and was right in front of me
Steve elaborates on a question
Professor Chou answers it
More pano shots
This question was about orientation on curves
Pano shot with some math on the board
Pano shot
Vladimir in the window
The rest of the class
I thought this reflection was neat
Professor Chou answers another question
More pano shots
Pano shot
Pano shot
Look at all the math!
A terrible pano shot
Yeah, this test is going to be fun..
I only stayed for about a half an hour. I kind of left by accident, I thought it was over but didn't want to like.. unpack all my stuff again
Review in action
This is the only part that came out of the big panorama
This is the big panorama forced together. The seams are really obvious where I just put the image in and tried to make it fit. I still think it came out looking alright
Another panorama with even more apparent "brute force" seams
You are viewing images from 05/04/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 38 pictures.
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