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First off is a stupid idea I had to pack my little black connector things in a latex glove. Then there's some pictures of the mess that resulted from moving out of the suite. I'll miss the suite, but I'm also looking forward to my new room in Dana. The next set of pictures is of the massive flooding all over Melrose. After raining non-stop for over a week, Massachusetts was in an official state of emergency. Rather than being a good citizen and staying in the house and off the roads, I went out and took all the pictures I could. Lots of panoramas. After that is a ridiculous photoshoot with my sister, mom, aunt, and grandmother. I figured if I took enough shots they'd all like at leasst one. I ended up keeping most of them for some reason.
Good idea?
I've got a bunch of these I had to store
All gone!
It held for a while, later on it broke. Oh well
After pointing out that hotpots weren't allowed, Mike crossed it out and then added a bunch of other stuff
No bombs
Mike with his box
The going home pile, and the going to storage pile
Don't refrigerate Mike's stuff
My multivariable calculus cheat sheet
Now this brings back memories..
A picture of my dad when he was 8
Strawberry's sleepy
My grandmother and aunt arrive
Someone braving a large puddle
The parking lot was mostly flooded
The corner of Melrose street and the Lynn Fells Parkway
Looking towards the high school
Some people drove around the barrier anyway
This guy was stuck
I saw this in front of Johnnies on Main street
This guy kept driving around making waves
It looks like he's stuck...
Look at him go.
The wave trapped me on my little island for a minute
No one can get into that apartment complex near the school
This guy turned around
It got really deep
This is pretty much the worst it gets in Melrose
Another shot of the intersection
This is the closest I got to the intersection
Those stupid benches were almost underwater
Becky's having fun
People driving around the parking lot
Driving down main street
Looking toward the high school again
Ell pond was up to the benches
Becky's still having fun
Driving to James' house
There was a small river coming out of Conant park
James walks along the semi-floating wood
There was a lot of water... I had to be careful not to fall with my camera
James hangs out in the flood
Play ball?
No. No ball.
Becky likes the rain I guess
My sister got my mom an iPod nano for her birthday
Mother / Daughter shot
The iPod nano with a AA battery
She even got it engraved!
The color screen on the iPod
Group shot take 1
Group shot take 2
Group shot take 3
Group shot take 4
Group shot take 5
Group shot take 6
I suddenly ran up to my grandmother and took this shot
Group shot take 7
Group shot take 8
Group shot take 9
Group shot take 10
Group shot take 11
Group shot take 12, I threw a pillow at Becky
Group shot take 13
Group shot take 14
Everyone left!
Hanging out in the living room
James next to the baseball field
Becky driving in the rain
Becky driving down mainstreet
A brute-forced panorama at the corner
A picture of the intersection from the Johnnies parking lot
My mom's house
James' backyard
Mel makes a face at me while I take a panorama
The MHS parking lot
James is the pitcher
You are viewing images from 05/14/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 78 pictures.
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