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In case you didn't know, I'll be working at Clark this summer for ITS. This means that I basically get a three week vacation in Melrose, two of which will be tied up at Mel's house, Anime Boston, and Topaz staying over at my house. This doesn't leave a whole lot of time to hang out with my Melrose friends. Unfortunately, there was a huge flood in Eastern Massachusetts and I didn't get out much. Anyway, one day, the rain eventually stopped and we all headed off for Porter Square in Cambridge. Our target for the mission was Kotobukiya, a neato Japanese store in the mall at Porter Square. They've got all sorts of things imported from Japan, including VHS tapes of anime recorded right off the TV. One of these days I'll figure out how to rent them. They've also got a lot of funny Engrish products (I like "Mafu!"). I didn't have much cash so I just bought this weird Gatorade-ish drink called "Calpico". It's "pure & gentle flavor" was just what I needed since I had stayed up until 5:30 the previous night watching Reboot.

After heading back from Cambridge, Muffie headed home while James, Rob, and myself headed to Route One Minigolf. I haven't been there in a year or so (I don't think any of us had) so we were pretty out of practice, but still had a lot of fun. I took a lot of videos, and if I get Premiere to cooperate, you might see some sort of compilation. I didn't do as badly as I expected. The final lineup was: Rob came in first, I got second, and James (with an abyssmal 70 stroke on a 42 par course) came in last. Ah well, we still had fun. After minigolf James did two rounds in the batting cages right next door... and screamed at every ball.
Rob works at Papa Ginos. "What makes the pizza Rustic?" "We don't pop the bubbles..."
Muffie looks surprised
These are so pano components I forgot to delete
Ah well, it's a good view of the Orange Line cars
There's the platform outside
James tries to act cool on the train
Muffie looks around
Rob and Muffie on the train
A terrible pano shot with Rob in the corner
Pano component
The old map of the subway. It's still mostly accurate
The crazy long escalator at Porter Square. At the top of this one is... another escalator
A view from the railing on the huge escalator
Naruto, raw, straight from Japan
This says something about rentals.
Melts in.. the box?
Shouldn't you bake them for me?
Shouldn't this be "Mi-Amor" ?
This entire box is ridiculous
Mafu! It's almost Muffie!
Haha, I like how it starts off with "&"
Looks like bugles to me
Mmm, chicken flavored baby star
Japan's gum brands seem to be based on color alone.
Black gum..
Green gum...
My can of Calpico. It was pretty good despite the fact that it looked like coconut milk
"It's like one big cheese doodle"
James loves his peas
Hooray for Kotobukiya
Muffie's banana roll. "I am a banana!"
A bag of crap from Kotobukiya
Tampopo was a good movie
I might turn this into a logo later
A blurry picture of some cool Japanese food
James, Muffie, and Rob on the train
I saw this in a newspaper on the train. A bridge collapsed in Maine from the flooding
Ah yes, I should probably remember to pick up the 2005 update of the Internet.
James hits the ball on the first hole of the game
They're both so angry!
Rob lines up his first shot
This thing was harder than it looks. The ball is supposed to roll around the inside, but mine and James' just
There used to be a Chinese pagoda or something here
Golf is fun
James lines up his putt
Rob actually plays golf so he's way better than us
Bowling pins and what appear to be bombs
See? Bombs.
That stupid orange dinosaur.
Golf master James is not pleased
James makes yet another crazy face
Rob watches while James takes his turn
Hey, I know that hippo
James messing with something
Of course... we all touched it
Rob dodges the spinning wood thing
Yep, that's my golf ball
Rob and James hit the ball at the same time
I like this hole. You have to hit it just right of it'll go backwards to one of the other exits. The top one counts as a hole in one
James makes more weird faces
I hate this hole. This is barely even an obstacle
The stupid hole of doom. It's so hard
The final score
The batting cages. At this point it was just starting to rain again
This was leftover from the last batch of pictures. From left to right: my grandmother, Becky on my laptop Gamakichi, my Aunt Teresa (the blur), and my mom
A 360 at the minigolf course
James looks into the obstacle thing
Rob sits around
Rob, Muffie, and James on the train
You are viewing images from 05/17/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 71 pictures.
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