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This first batch of pictures is some of some rare and unusual clouds I saw outside the train on the way to Mel's house. I thought they looked really cool and so I took a whole bunch of pictures of them. Next is various pictures from spending a few days at Mel's house, including the money from the first wave of DVD sales. After that, Mel gets into her full A-chan costume, and goofs off while I take pictures. Lastly, some pictures on the way back to my house.
Neato clouds!
They're all bubbly
I saw them in Twister
So bubbly
So weird
Does anyone know what they're called?
This one came out really neat
Blurry trees and weird clouds
The blurry trees, bubbly clouds, and bright blue, make for a cool picture
More bubbly clouds
Bahbbles bahbbles bahbbles
OK, I've run out of things to say in captions
The end of the bubbly cloud bank
There's only so much you can say about the same clouds
Yep, they sure are cool
The end of the cloud bank again
One more, why not
The last picture of the end of the cloud bank
The weird clouds in the distance
This was taken a few miles away
A funny sign outside a church
A pile of booty
No money for Mo
No Mel! Don't eat the money!
Haha, I like this saying
Bailey at Chello's
A weird picture of Mel at Chello's
Oops. No comment from Mel.
Mel's dad's van has this weird mirror in it
This is to trip the ninja turtles
Mel and a weird statue
Mel gets her wig ready
Casual A-chan?
Mel's secret is out, this what she wears under her wig to keep her real hair in place
Well, Mel's packed
Mel tries on her "Colonial A-chan" costume
There's the hat
A full body shot of colonial A-chan
Mo and A-chan!
Check out where Mo is loooking..
Colonial A-chan with colonial Mo -kun
Mo -kun doesn't really like his hat
Mo looks so surprised
Mo and A-chan
Mo seems to be getting bored of this
Mo is scowling
A-chan in the woods?
What's over there?
A-chan points at something
A-chan in the woods
Ahh! A-chan's coming after me!
Noo A-chan no!
This is the closet to the "grizzly bear" pose that Mel could get in a corset
A-chan wanders off
Photo time is over
Mel wanders back toward the house
A-chan can skateboard?
I didn't know the colonists had skateboards
A-chan moves... a little bit at a time
Mel makes a crazy face in the corner
Mel took this picture of her making a face at me
Some more neat clouds
These machines reminded me of Angel #1 on Evangelion
Bailey in Chello's
You are viewing images from 05/24/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 66 pictures.
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