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This year marked the first year that Mel and I were staff at Anime Boston, though we've been going since it's inception. I was a lowly junior tech staffer and Mel was one of the mascots, A-chan. Topaz wasn't hired as a webmaster (not because they didn't think he was skilled enough, but because no one ever responded to his application) but he still came and had a great time. I've got a few pictures of him, but he won't let me post them. You can yell at him by going to his website,

I didn't take quite as many pictures, and not nearly as much video as I would have liked because I accidentally left my USB cable for my camera at home so I had to make sure I didn't run out of space on my 256MB flash memory card. I still took a lot of cool pictures of some amazing cosplayers though. This is the first year that you visitors have had the power of direct feedback on my images. If you like a picture, click +; if you don't like it, click -. Mel and Topaz told me not to say "It's that simple!" here. So I took it out.. jerks. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Mel shows off her staff shirt
Mel displays the back of the staff shirts
Taking the elevator down to the con
Checking out the maps
Waiting outside con ops for something to do
A bunch of the tech staff waited around at the loading dock for something to move
Loading dock fun
Mel makes a lovely face. AB's proud mascot
Hey cool, we're actually authorized!
It took a while for the truck to show up
The tech staff loads stuff up outside Vid112
Ah, room 100. We know it well from last year
I liked the giant lense on this projector
People were already waiting in line on Thursday!
Wow, hardcore!
A staffer hands a con-goer a badge, fresh off the printers
"I can help someone here"
Andrea and Patrick get ready for the staff meeting
This guy had the circuit board that defeated DOKool in Iron Editor '03
There it is! Signed by the participants
Mel waits around
All the security staff sat on one side and the blue shirts sat on the other
Hi Mel!
Mel's spiffy badge
More of the e-board gathers
Here's most of the e-board
My work schedule during the week. I actually worked from 4pm to 8pm on Friday.
Another view from the hotel window
Oh no! A-chan died!
Poor, poor A-chan
She's alive!
People start filing in for the opening ceremonies
Patrick (the con chair) with the two mascots, A-chan and B-kun
A Kaiju sat in the front row
First official cosplay picture: Vash, complete with donuts
AB06's guests
A blurry, non-flash pics of the guests
Another flash pictures of the guests
Willy Wonka!
Badger girl returns!! Hooray!!
Even the King of all Cosmos made an appearance
Bryce, in his slightly disturbing costume, and Tony, appearing as Protoman
Volunteers in prog ops
A bunch of people lined up in the cosplay photo area
A flash version of the same picture
Mel takes the stage!
She sang "Number One" from Bleach
This was the bathroom in the con suite. Hooray for soda!
A great picture of Bryce with his ear of corn
Lain in her bear pajamas
Aeris and Cloud
Bryce sitting with the other AMV creators
A-chan works the crowd
Tech staff waits for the AMV contest to start
A really great Haku cosplay, with mask
The same Haku cosplayer without the mask
Kakashi and Pakkun!
If you look carefully you can see A-chan working the crowd at the AMV contest
If you look at this one, A-chan has a weird glow in her eyes. Demon A-chan!
A wall-stabalized non-flash picture of the crowd
A-chan working the crowd
Another shot of the AMV contest crowd
I think that blur is A-chan
AMV ballot. "S" means I didn't watch it for fear of spoilers
The other side of the AMV ballot
All of the AMV creators pose after the contest
Due to a printing error, there were not many copies of the correct schedule for Saturday, so I took a picture of the Infodesk's
On the way to the airport to get Topaz, I saw a Rosetta Stone booth in the mall!
A really good Chouji cosplay
Wow! This cursed seal Sasuke is amazing! Now that's dedication
A blurry picture of people waiting in line
A-chan hangs out in registration
A fantastic Haruko from FLCL
Cait Sith!
It's Totoro on wheels!
Someone taking a picture of A-chan
Al, from Full Metal Alchemist
This girl was hilarious. Hooray for DDR girl!
A really impressive Final Fantasy costume
Some more people gather in the cosplay photo area
A non-flash picture of the cosplay photo area
A nearly flawless Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3
I noticed this picture of the Anime Boston mascots on a pin at a pin booth
Faye from Cowboy Bebop! Great job!
It's Chii!
A really impressive Riku from Final Fantasy X-2
Yomiko Readman!
A really great Princess Mononoke
A gross, but well made, Eva unit 02
Tony combined his costumes from last year and this year making... Akatsuki Man?
Bryce gets to work on a Mecha model. Sorry I forgot to come back, Bryce!
Gah! A tonberry! run!
Some ANBU members made an appearance
A rail-stablized view of the main convention floor
So many people!
Some of the equipment I got to play-err-work with
This is the view I had for many an hour during the weekend
Oh-Wow makes an appearance
Oh-Wow hates Naruto I guess
A random line
More random people
More of the random line
This guy was in a wheelchair a few minutes ago!! What's he doing standing up??
The view of the Masquerade audience from the balcony
The audience and stage
Some Kaiju in a skit on stage
A clearer shot of the Kaiju
A staffer keeps her camera trained on the skits
Who let those two doofuses up there?
A-chan and B-kun are famous!
People started waving their cell phones during one song
It looked really really cool
I saw one guy who actually had a lighter
This should be a cell phone commercial
People were flashing their camera out the window at each other in the hotels, I kept this one picture to remind me of it
A-chan takes on a more casual look for Sunday
Jonathon Klein, a dubbed producer
He worked on Haibane Renmei, among other things
The tech staff during "tear down"
Moving boxes to storage
Last official AB picture. The outside of the Hynes Convention Center. Can you find Sketch?
A small part (about 10%) of the line for people who didn't pre-reg
A two picture "pano" of the loading dock
A great panorama of the Masquerade audience
A pano shot of the view out our hotel window
Prog ops
The security and the "blue shirts" sat on different sides of the room
A pano of room 100 while we were waiting for people to tell us what to do
You are viewing images from 05/28/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 132 pictures.
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