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Mel and Topaz stayed at my house for the week following Anime Boston 2006. We've mostly been sitting around, playing games, working on my site, and watching anime. We decided, however, that we should probably get out of the house, so we went minigolfing. On the way home we were going to go to Dairy Dome, but they didn't accept credit cards, so we went to Friendly's instead. Mel, Topaz and myself got real meals, but James just got a lot of ice cream. Not a bad day!
I saw this in the super market. Totally ridiculous..
My mom apparently left her chicken timer too close to the grill
Topaz plays the piano
Mel on the couch
Mel does a weird thing with her leg
Topaz took these shots of me playing with my balloon toy
It's a balloon powered helicopter!
Calzones are here!
A weird picture of Mel
The first hole at minigolf. Topaz got a hole in one!
James takes a shot
Mel's turn
These blades weren't even an obstacle
Mel was the scorekeeper
James and Topaz wait for their turn
Mel lines up a putt
Hey! I know that owl!
A neato curvy bank
Topaz tries to dodge the blue hills of doom
Mel had the yellow ball
James is having fun?
Topaz walks to the next hole
It looks like a rock.. but it's not
Ball airtime!
Topaz didn't hit his ball as hard
Mel's turn
Note Mel's ball, airborne, leaving the play area
Another non-obstacle
"This one slopes down!"
Mel tallies up the scores to see who's in the lead
Topaz watches on as James lines up his shot
There he goes!
James makes a weird face while sitting on a bench
Topaz watched Mel take a shot
James' turn again
Hole #12
This thing was pretty neat. Topaz managed to get a hole in one on it
Looks like this was supposed to be a pano
Oh well
This guy was a total asshole. He ran the place and was such a jerk
James found a caterpillar on his putter!
James was taking pictures too
Topaz poses for a picture
Topaz tries to get his ball to stay on the starting point
We switched to simultaneous play
Another ramp with ball airtime!
Look at all this wasted space. We could be having fun there!
Everyone went right except for Mel
Who is trying so desperately to get in?
Mel hit her ball right next to James'. James just hit both
Potential logo?
Jerk man again
Here's some outdated advertising
The final tally
James makes a weird face
Topaz waits for food
Mel makes a look
Topaz took this picture of me
James is hiding... and Topaz is blurry
Or is it?
Topaz's t-shirt
James makes a crazy face
This was James' second course
Mmm, ice cream
Mel hearts ice cream!
More pictures of James
Topaz got ice cream too
Who's drinking who?
Mel talks
Topaz has ice cream
You can see the kitchen!
James' neato cell phone
I paid Mel for my food with a 2 dollar bill
James is on the Friendly's ride
All done
We saw this rabbit in James' backyard
Topaz has the owl!
Minigold panorama.. featuring Topaz!
I took a quick video, broke it down into images, and made this pano!
You are viewing images from 05/31/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 83 pictures.
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