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Continuing on in our "fun with Topaz and Mel" series, we start off with a few rounds of Magic: The Gathering. Topaz won one game, and Mel won the second. My Unglued deck didn't go over very well, so I got pounded pretty hard. After that we played Topaz's neato magnetic game "Polarity". The whole game is based on balancing magnets on each other. It's pretty tricky, but a lot of fun, especially cleanup.

The next set of pictures is from our trip to Super 88 Market, a mini-mall-ish kind of place with a bunch of asian food stores. Mel didn't get anything because she's allergic to eggs and seafood and decided it wasn't worth the risk. I didn't get anything but I didn't have any money (Topaz offered to cover me but I wouldn't let him). At the Super 88 Market we met Brian, aka Skie, who is a friend of Topaz' from RIT. Apparently he knew me and Mel through the internet, and I had seen him on the Team Awesome IRC channel a few times, so that's one more person on the internet I've met.

After Topaz and Skie finished eating, we headed home, where my sister was preparing for prom night. There was some sort of photoshoot, so I took a whole bunch of pictures of various people standing around. After that we headed to Fuddruckers (whoops! no pictures) and iParty where we found all kinds of cheap crap. Fun fun!
Topaz doesn't tilt his cards all the way when he taps. Booo
Mel was in charge of music
Topaz's turn
A closeup of the art on the back of all magic cards
Topaz stacked all the Polarity pieces
The game begins!
You basically want to balance all your pieces like this
The game continues
Balancing against "towers" is stricker due to the stronger magnetic field
It sure does look neat
The game is really going now!
As the game goes on, the towers get so tall that you can't balance against them anymore.
Topaz carefully makes his move
I think this is a "game over" picture
Mel tries her hand at Polarity
Mel places a piece
A small cluster
More fun with Polarity
Don't disturb the red disc or you lose!
Topaz on a subway for the third time
North Station
Topaz poses at North Station
This shot seems familiar..
Das Train!
Mel and Topaz pose in front of Fenway
It's those big coke bottles
That Citgo sign
Topaz points to the Citgo sign
Another giant anti-gun ad
Lollicup eh?
Is this loli?
Skie appears
Topaz has chopstick difficulties
Skie didn't do much better
Mel's sad
No not really
Topaz's meal
Mel decides on what kind of slushie to buy
Mel waits for her slushie
Topaz takes a food POV
Topaz talking
Skie grabs a chunk of rice
Mel got a mango slushie
Topaz.. didn't
I had some water
Random shot out the window
Topaz.. sits
I saw this guy driving by
This doesn't look safe at all
Hey! A mattress!
A walking mattress
Mel is not amused
Mel's "that was a dumb joke" face
I sat around
Mel took this picure of Topaz
the Super 88 market
Topaz doesn't know what's going on
The green line train arrives
My mom and dad look at my sister coming down the stairs
Thar she is
From left to right, Aunt Teresa, Aunt Kathy, and my grandmother
Becky has a snazzy dress
Note the Konoha headband
I'm a ninja.
Becky and some friend
Becky and friend.. aren't paying attention
Aunt Kathy and Becky
Mom, Becky, Dad
Mom, Becky, Dad.. again
Becky with her date
Becky with her date
The photoshoot
Becky with her date
I'm not sure if my dad looks proud or disapproving
Becky and her date
Cool, cool, glasses, Gragra
A very rare picture of my parents standing near each other and talking
Very rare indeed...
The photoshoot from a distance
The obscene Hummer limo that Meghan got
Prom people
Prom people
Prom people
Prom people
Prom people
Becky and mom
Becky makes a face
Becky cracks a smile
This guy had a crazy car
Topaz took this shot of me and Mel. You've gotta love the look that Mel is giving me
Mel was making her skirt fly around
Prom people
Mel ducked down for the picture
This was mismarked at $2, so they had to give it to me! Rocks to my chest!
This isn't a coaster!
Ooo, network card goodness
Snakes on a plane!?
Stooge number 4
Man, I wish I had some cool toys
Mel said "I can't believe they made this"
You are viewing images from 06/01/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 105 pictures.
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