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First off are a bunch of pictures of the random construction work going on around Clark. Some oil tanks are being dug up in front of Atwood, and some work is being done on the roof of the library.

After that is an awkward bunch of pictures of me that Mel took. I'm wearing my new "official nerd" ITS shirt.

Next is just a few random pictures around campus or just off it, which I'll just explain in the captions..

After that is Bailey's 16th birthday party. Bailey got a new PS2 just like mine to replace the old and broken one. Her party was at Fire & Ice, which I guess isn't as horrifying as I initially thought, but it's still pretty freaky. The highlight of the event for me was when I constructed a long pole out of straws and chopsticks that reached all the way from my cup to the lighting fixture.

Lastly are some great pictures of Mo and Wiki interacting on the kitchen floor.
Big crane!
Yep, sure is a big crane
A slightly blurry picture of the crane
One of those things with the arms digs around
The hole used to be deeper
Carlson Hall, this is where I work
Oh my god
That's a good book
C pointers are useful. Look at the book, not at me.
Nerds get all the chicks
Yep, look at me go
An impromtu rain jacket fashioned out of a garbage bag
Look at how clean my room is!
This is where I play Playstation
I love the name of this machine at work
Hey look at that, ketchup at the Bistro
Hahaha, hilarious!
Looks like someone lost some transmission fluid... or their face..
Ah the Perl Man, I know him well
The house of the Perl Man
Go Perl Man go
Nearby is Bra Man
What's that sign say?
I see...
A big hole on the side of the caf!
Looks like they're doing construction on the caf again..
Bailey throws an airplane towards the camera
Bailey's official birthday picture pose
Very funny
A picture of a flash going off!!
What's in the box?
A PS2!
The old PS2 next to the new one. Quite a difference!
I made this thing...
..out of straws and chopsticks..
..that reached to the lighting fixture
Neato, yes?
Another wall stablized shot
Prelude to a space elevator?
It was at least five feet tall
Everyone pose in the cart!
Mel's dad decides to sit on Bailey
Pose #1
Poor Bailey
That's a good shot!
Wiki wanders around
Blurry, blurry Wiki
There he is!
Wiki tries to get in the cabinet
Wiki runs across Mo
Neither of them know what to think of the other..
Mel's dad demonstrates how Wiki will climb into his armpit and unless caught, fall down
A small hedgehog in a big room
These are... so gross
This jerk had a jackhammer on a robot arm!!
The top of the parking garage
A view of Hughes from the garage. The top looks a little weird from the white balance
A view from some stairs
A seamless image of my mostly clean room
You are viewing images from 06/13/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 59 pictures.
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