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This first batch of pictures has a bit of a story behind them. I woke up on Saturday morning here at Clark and decided to go to the ATM in the University Center so I could buy some food. Getting to the ATM during the week has suddenly become very challenging because the only time that the UC is open and I'm free is during my lunch break, and I've already got stuff to do during that time (still moving stuff). So I headed over there on Saturday morning only to discover that the UC is closed on the weekends in the summer! Well, I still needed money, so I decided to try all the doors on the building, and if one was open, I'd be all set. Lucky me, the next door I tried was not only unlocked, it was barely closed. So I ducked in a closed the door before anyone saw me. Clark University staff, if you're reading, I'd like to point out that not only was this door not locked, it said nothing about me not being allowed in there. Anyway.. I ran up some stairs and found a bunch of rooms above the cafeteria I'd never seen. Apparently they're some fancy faculty dining areas. Too good for us! After that I headed downstairs and noticed that the doors to the cafeteria were wide open. I went in and wandered around a little bit and took a few pictures of myself. I then headed downstairs, hoping to find a way into the Grind, so I could pop out right next to the ATM without being spotted. When I got to the doors for the Grind, I discovered that they now claim to be alarmed! Since I had no other choice, I simplly left the cafeteria by the main exit and headed over to the ATM. Then, joke's on me, I discovered that the ATM was turned off! Oh well. After that I went up the stairs to check my mail, and decided to go into Tilton Hall to play the piano for a little. Next, I found an elevator I hadn't noticed before and took it to the ground level. What I had stumbled across was the basement for the building! I found a bunch of signs directed towards employees of Bon Appetit and some open storage room full of neat stuff I took some pictures of.

After leaving the UC, I took a few more pictures of the construction work going on outside Atwood hall, including a new trench.

The next batch is of lunch at Applebees with Becky and our dad. That was fun, especially since Dad never really handles waitresses well, and kind of confused ours.

The last set of pictures is of an incredible sunset that took place while a thunderstorm was headed in from the west. I didn't manage to snag a picture of any lightning, but there was a sizable bolt every minute or so coming from the clouds in the pictures. I will admit to turning on the "vivid" setting on my camera, but the color in the pictures is very accurate. That's what it really looked like. Eventually it started to rain and I had to run for cover. After initially hiding under the library, I headed over to Dana Commons where I opened the floor to ceiling windows, pulled up a chair, and worked on the Reviews section of my site practically out in the storm!
Some dining room that was locked up
Faculty dining
I'm looking at some grill dealy they use to make pasta
Empty and creepy..
A lot of the equipment had plastic bags over it
It's true, I tested it
"Nobody came to eat with me :("
The main course area
I found this by the pizza section. Notes?
The door to The Grind
Gah! The ATM is off!
Some construction on the roof?
"No one came to my lecture either :("
Some weird rolls on the roof
Ooo, the basement!
Storage room
Catering equipment
Catering equipment and some drinks. No, I didn't take any
Boxes of crap
More basement
Some notice to the Bon Appetit employees
One of the stops on the elevator was right behind the main grills!
Neato, grills
What's all this white powder?
I like how fluid the asphalt looks
A pile of dirt
Some contruction equpiment
China Lantern!
Becky outside Applebees
Dad trying to figure out why the window wasn't working
"What do you want?"
Dad makes up his mind on what to order
Becky the Psycho decides what to order
I couldn't quite capture the neat bubble formations in Dad's beer
I love this picture
Becky waiting for food
Dad waiting for food
It was this weird pink sky that initially drew me in
Getting closer
The sky really looked like this
That gradient wasn't introduced by the camera, it was really like that
It looks like the sky is on fire
A longer exposure
Hiding in the garage
High exposure stablized by a column
I thought the colors of the buildings looked really neat
Orange sky! Professor Chou would be proud
Light coming in over the athletic center
Incredible lighting!
The sky over Wright Hall
Showing the incredible transition from blue to red
The empty cafeteria
The hallway outside ITS. I work right behind that door all day
Pink sky in the background
Another good pano showing the sunset
Amazing sunset!!
That weird trench
The sunset as seen from the garage
You are viewing images from 06/21/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 60 pictures.
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