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First I'd like to point out that this is probably going to be one of the last batches of pictures taken with my trusty Canon PowerShot A300. It sure had a great run, from Christmas 2003, to July 3rd 2006 (This batch is dated with 07/02/06 so that it won't collide with the new camera results). That's a total of 922 days. Or 2 years, 6 months, and 9 days. That little camera got me into the world of photography and I took over 15,000 pictures with it, for an average of more than 16 pictures a day. I was quite distressed when I discovered that my little camera was dying on me, but all good things must pass. My new camera, the Canon PowerShot S2 IS takes me to a whole new level of photography because as great as the A300 was, it did not have optical zoom, or any manual settings. So enjoy this last batch! Thanks PowerShot A300! :D

This batch starts out with what I call my "Water Army". My dad always makes sure that I have a full supply of water out at Worcester, which is great. The next group is Pat (Nugget), Melvin, and I goofing off at ITS. After that I head home for the long weekend, and then there's pictures of my new camera!
The fire army won't know what hit it
This guy had a crazy tiny motorcycle
Tubes = lightsabers?
Melvin's head would have been sliced off!
"No pictures!"
My first ITS paycheck!
Pat and Dave
Strawberry and Ein hang out
Becky's new t-shirt
The new camera's memory card
From above with the flash down
Lens cap on..
Lens cap off, showing that beautiful huge lens
Size comparison with a quarter
Same comparison with the flash up
The back of the camera
I love how almost all the buttons are on the right so I can easily use the camera with one hand
The screen swivels all over the place
Here's where the memory card goes in
The USB port and DC power jack
The bottom of the camera
4 AAs is a bit rough, but I 've got a ton of rechargables
Helloooo new camera!
The camera when it's on and the screen swiveled a bit
You are viewing images from 07/02/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 24 pictures.
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