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This batch is a pretty important one for the site. It's the first batch using my new, Canon Powershot S2 IS digital camera. The camera has 5 megapixels, manual shutter settings, and a 12x optical zoom. What does this mean for you? Better pictures! Hooraaaay!

The first set of pictures is just me playing around with my new camera with James and Muffie as my subjects. After a while I went to my Dad's house and messed around some more with the camera. Eventually I headed to the top of a hill near his house and took some zoomed pictures of Boston. Next are some long exposure pictures of fireworks, all legally purchased of course, and then a trip to Revere Beach.
First picture with the new camera!
James and Muffie hang out
Muffie sat across from me
So she was the subject of a lot of pictures
Isabelle from across the room
The clock on the wall
James hiding
Muffie looking at something in a weird way
James is still hiding
A closeup of Muffie that came out really good
Muffie's new tattoo, she designed it herself
Nice shirt, Muffie
James' hat
"You should totally take a picture through this stuff"
Muffie looks at the TV or something
James.. I don't know
The globe
Muffie's getting bored
James and Muffie fight over the door or something
Outside picures come out really clear
You can kind of see Muffie through the window
You can't escape my zoom!
Almost at the stop sign, but I can still read the license plate!
"What do you want?"
My A/C
Super closeup mode
"Switch colors" mode. In this one I switched a certain shade of white with red
Strawberry and Isabelle hang out
"Get away from me!"
My mom's weird lamp
Some plant..
A flag that's far away
Some car
Those new LED street lights
Blurry Becky!
Becky thinks she's cool
Trying to read text from 16 feet away
Dad's beat up alarm clock
This shot was taken from 16 or 17 feet away.. and you can still read the text on my shirt in the picture
Closeup of my cell phone
A store... far away
The moon
A developing thunderstorm
Some birdfeeder thing in a neighbor's yard
"We like da mooonn..."
"Dad, what's up with this?" "..these things take time"
An ant on super closeup mode
Go ant go!
My dad kept him from running off the edge
Aww, my dad killed him
The GTA:SA box
A zoomed picture of my dad's grandfather clock
Boston! Stupid haze!
An apartment building
A bridge
Eww, Malden Middle School
An airplane passes overhead
Neato contrail
Zoomed out a little..
Another picture of the moon
A radio/cell tower in the distance
Someone's been celebrating early
A piece of the anchor for the tower that used to be up here
Some gross gum
Metal stuff with neat focus
Manual focus demo: close
Manual focus demo: far
A broken bottle
Broken glass
The path down the hill
A bus
Another path. My dad's friend Mike Crystal once fell off that rock wall while practicing rock climbing. Ouchies
A squirrel!
I've been spotted
He doesn't like me
Squirrely looks around
The sign outside John Crowe's house
Becky shows off her new shirt
"Seriously, WTF"
"WTF? I don't know!"
That picture my dad always has on the wall
Now it's the whole picture
My dad holds his picture
Dad sits in his chair
My old Powershot A300
Old camera open..
The back..
This one was funny to watch. I pointed both cameras at each other, and set both 10 second timers. They blinked a lot and I got two neat pictures
A strobe going off
Long exposure + strobe = fun
15 second exposure from the top of Becky's car
"Hey watch this" pzzZZOOOOMM *smack* ".................whoa!"
A fuse burning
This is a small strobe
Big strobe!
It's too bright!
A shorter exposure
Driving to James' house
It's hard to keep stteady while driving!
Everyone watching the strobe
One of James' fireworks going off
My dad's 96 shot goes off, and James shoots a fireball in the distance
Look at it go
James busts out some more roman candles
James is full of lasers!!
A "spinner" in the grass
These things were very loud, so we left right afterwards
A spinner going off nearby
This one was so close I closed my eyes at the end
"Sea of Light"
Spinner + snow shovel = cool?
Lots of small spinners + show shovel = cool!
You have to look at this one carefully... James had a strobe on a show shovel for a few seconds and then threw it. You can see it falling on the left, and strobing once on the way down. Neat, ne?
James, Rob, Muffie, and Colleen standing in the smoke
The Squire
Practicing night shots from the car
Ugg, no comment
What a weird idea
Airplanes flying by
An airplane landing
Revere Beach at night
An incoming airplane
Getting closer..
Blurry buildings
Still blurry....
There we go
Everyone standing around on the beach
James points at something
Standing around with lights in the background
A surprise flash picture!
Becky on the computer
A zoomed panorama of Boston
You are viewing images from 07/03/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 141 pictures.
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