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Throughout the workday, the network here at Clark kept going down. While Melvin was horrified by this (since he couldn't get on the internet and he also was flooded with calls by people asking why they couldn't send t3h e-mails) Pat and I benefitted. Without the internet, we had no way to do any work, so we just kind of wandered around the office until it went back up. This led to a few interesting pictures.

During my lunch break, I decided to wander around campus and take some pictures rather than sit in my room and go "nuh" at the wall. The zoom lens is a ton of fun!

After work I saw a squirrel, and invented a new sport: squirrel stalking. You all can probably expect a lot of squirrel pictures this summer because they're a lot of fun to try to follow.
Someone knocked the barrier down
Melvin shakes his fist at someone
That stupid Mac
Melvin loves coffee
Nugget looks skeptical of.. cameras?
There's no old media lab, it's the lab for new media
Why are you so suspicious, Nugget?
I caught Matt off guard
Sounds reasonable to me
Matt explains.. something
I somehow caught him off guard again!
Hanging out at work
Melvin mans the help desk
A neat little foam car on Sharon's desk
Hey look! Melvin's having fun!
Nugget gives another suspicious look through the door
Neat lines from mowing the lawn
Atomic models in the science building
Whatever you say
The new tanks are almost done being installed
Soon all the heavy equpiment will be gone
With the crazy zoom, I "walked" right up to this guy
Another worker cleaning up
This guy is a hardcore fan
The San Andreas poster on my window
Someone spraypainted Ghandi on the back of a street sign
Some construction outside Estabrook
That weird tree outside the Little Center
Going up?
A flag in the distance
Some workers down the block
Sanford Hall
This ball looks angry
This wire setup looks pretty sketchy
Johnson Hall
Some fire... thing
The Downing St sign is all bent
A flower on supermacro mode
A flower with a blurry background
Parking garage
This doesn't look good..
The man is watching!
A bird!
Birds are hard to photograph
Some gross mushrooms
The view through my mailbox
The mailroom
My favorite kind of vending machine
Some tables outside
Tools in Tilton hall
Those stupid hexagons
The Grind sign
I found this gross thing in the cafeteria
What is this thing?
ITS, this way!
The intern is trying to sleep again
A squirrel!
A squirrel.. up close!
I've been spotted
Shaheen on the Green!
A fish in China Lantern
Fish don't like me
Hi fish
Cacti in China Lantern
Some creepy statue across the street
I don't think this is a ladybug.. but almost
Another shot of the mystery bug
The mysterious refridgerated yellow bottle at China Lantern
Quiet House, my home for the summer
Another squirrel!
He's on to me
He's getting ready to leave
This squirrel is lying down!
All the construction workers are gone for the day
The almost buried tank
Flower, lower exposure
Flower, higher exposure
"It's beer! Hooray beer!"
A bird taking off
Another squirrel running away
He doesn't know what to think of me
The squirrel peeks up at me
He found something to eat
He still doesn't know what to do about me
Bye squirrel
The construction site from above
My secret desk area
A pile of crap in a stairwell in the library
Estabrook's satellite dish
People bent the metal on this light to write stuff
Another squirrel!
Up close and personal
This kid wanted me to take his picture
The squirrel was yelling at me
This thing was kind of neat
Danger Will Robinson!
A new challenge: birds
A bird and a squirrel. Wow.
This squirrel was ready to panic
He decided to leave
The sign outside quiet house
Some stupid birds
Another bird
Does this count?
Due to a featureless wall, this panorama didn't come out so great, but you get the idea.
The library as seen from Estabrook
Bizarre drawings on Matt's whiteboard. "I'd erase her but I'm afraid she'll kill me in my sleep"
A 360 outside Sanford
You are viewing images from 07/05/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 113 pictures.
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