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Today started off when a faculty member showed up at ITS to scan a bunch of slides and brought his dog Atlas. The dog was pretty good and just sat around.

The next set of pictures was a bunch of closeups of an ant I found walking along a wall. Most of the shots didn't come out because I was too close and the focus was thrown off. The ones left came out pretty well.

After that I headed over to the Sackler Science Center to take some pictures of the neat underground hallways I found at the bottom of some stairwell. I'm not sure if I'm allowed down there, but I didn't see any signs that would make me think otherwise.

After leaving the Sackler Science Center I walked over to the new Biology building (Lasry) and took some pictures of it from the lawn. While there I noticed construction for the new dorm building. Since there's a good chance that I'll be living there next year I thought I might as well get some pictures of it being built.

On the way back to Quiet House I had to walk by Maywood. I decided to see if the card swiper would work. The swiper blinked red, but the door was unlocked anyway. Once inside I discovered that all the doors to suites were open! I went up to our suite from last semester. Being in our suite was very surreal. All emotional attachment to the place had been severed, so being there felt like being in any other random room. It was strange to think about all the experiences and time I had spent there and now the same place meant nothing to me. After leaving our suite, I realized that I could open any other door. Being able to walk into any suite I wanted to was an even more surreal. It felt like I was dead or something. I could walk into any suite I wanted. I finally found out what the RA "suite" was like, and what was just around the corner in the suite that I sometimes caught a glimpse into when the door was closing. That was a lot of fun, but I wanted to try to see our new rooms in Dana before sunset, so I left.

Upon discovering that Dana was locked and there was no way in (short of opening a window) I headed over to Dana Commons. When there I noticed that the small door on the side of the counter was open, so I walked in and took a few pictures of the kitchen. The whole place smelled like a big corn dog. On the way back to my room I took a panorama of a boiler room in Jonas Clark through a window.
Atlas was a good dog
He looked a little sad though
He mostly just looked around
This squirrel is digging for something..
Run little ant!
Two ants briefly meet up
This one was a little blurry but helped convey how fast he was moving for his size
More construction outside of Atwood
Some pipes
Inside.. outside..
Pipes in an underground hallway
Longer exposure
The pipes go on for a while
This looks like a fun room
I found a big passageway in the wall about 8 feet up. I set my camera for a 15 second exposure with high sensitivity and put it up there. Looks interesting..
The hallway between the two auditorium-style classrooms
A weird machine
I think it's a projector
An oscilloscope
A flash image of the oscilloscope
Some more neat machinery up close
I'll keep that in mind..
I decided not to try the side door to the science library..
I could see through the whole building from the stairwell
The somewhat sparse fridge in the Math Common Room
A neat shot with a tree and some clouds
The bio building.. and grass!
Focus on the grass..
Focus on the bio building
This is a picture of the new dorm building
It was painfully obvious that the people in it were Photoshopped
A small airplane flew overhead
New dorm construction
Looks like the foundation is mostly ready
I guess these are used to support... stuff?
Neato cloud
I guess that doesn't include me
Oh the things I could flatten with one of these
A passing airplane
A big ole' rock
A pidgeon
Some cups left outside
The outside our suite
In the bathroom of our suite
Mel and Laura's room
Mike and Bryce/John's room
Me on the phone with Mel in the common room
An RA room
It's like they live in the common room
A lot of paint was on the second floor
The moon with two passenger jets going by
Some protest graffiti on Hughes
The moon behind a tree
Kosher area only
If it was so profitable why did they have to get rid of it!
Funny moonlight menu 1/4
Funny moonlight menu 2/4
Funny moonlight menu 3/4
Funny moonlight menu 4/4
A lower exposure picture of the moooooon
Some.. random shot of Carlson
I was trying to get a pano of the clouds, but I should've finished off the building..
New dorm construction
Empty common room
Our room from last year
Right behind the counter at the Moonlight
The far corner in the kitchen of the Moonlight
Some pipes in what seems to be a boiler room
You are viewing images from 07/06/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 71 pictures.
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