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In our first taste of "hitting the circuit", Mel and I attended ConnectiCon this year. ConnectiCon was a lot of fun, but as I walked away, I knew it simply didn't compare to Anime Boston. I'm not sure if this is a ConnectiCon thing in general, or just this year, but I noticed a few interesting things. At this con, there were huge groups of roaming cosplayers that bunched together based on their show. For instance, there were about 20-25 Naruto cosplayers that moved as a group, as well as Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach. This was pretty cool since they were always goofing off and posing, which made for great photo shoots. You guys rocked!

Mel spent most of the day hanging out with Sketch at his table in the "Artists' Colony". She had a blast just hanging out. While I spent a lot of time at Sketch's table, I also checked out a lot more of the con. In my wanderings I met Ian McConville and Matt Boyd from Mac Hall, Kiey from Abstract Gender, and Greg Dean from Real Life Comics. The Applegeeks guys were there as well. So if you're out to meet webcomic artists, Connecticon seems like the place to be!

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I thought this sign was funny because the "D" in "INDIAN" is obviously a mangled "P"
Mel at a rest stop
Just for reference..
My, what an odd looking tree
Mmm, sodey
Mel's got a Batman shirt
I'm not sure why she was making this face
We decided to get breakfast at Papa Gino's
Ah, pizza. The breakfast of champions
This girl kept turning around and giving someone a dirty look, so I took her picture
Hey! That's where we want to go!
This road is straight
We got lost and ended up at the Expo Center, which was apparently closed and.. abandoned..
We knew we were in the right area when we saw these guys
This guy drove a funny little car around the parking lot and gave us a ride
Mel's having fun on the tiny car
There he goes!
Looks like we found it!
Major Armstrong! Complete with sparkles!
Ug, the registration line
The line went on for a while
These guys were filiming a documentary or something
Sailor Moon
Nice camera
I saw this through the window
Do you see the fnords?
This was a really well made costume
Link and.. someone walking towards the con
Mel holds up her registration form
This was the scariest thing I've ever seen
Ohhh man
This guy was hilarious, he kept the line in order
Hey, I know that con
Even Carl got off his couch to come to Connecticon
Ahhh! Run!
...people were walking around
I knew I should've worn my Anime Boston Staff shirt!
The FMA group poses
Hughes, and the Hawkeyes
These guys had really great costumes
This Hughes even found pictures of his "daughter"!
A well done Greed
Great job guys
The badge art was done by Hawk from AppleGeeks
The dealer's room
There was all sorts of crap to buy
People like buying crapp
Anko takes a break from shopping to pose for a picture
Haha! NERO was there!
Oops, an overexposed Joker
Nice Gundam!
I found that Sora!
Hey, I know that rabbit...
Neato chain mail
I don't know what this guy's deal was
That is a huge syringe
Mel and Sketch look at.. something
Bye rabbit!
Auron from Final Fantasy X
It takes a lot of guts to wear an all spandex suit to a con..
Mel's new shirt
Mel puts her shirt on
Shirt designed by Sketch, crazy face designed by Mel
This guy wants nothing to do with that huge gun
Seras and a random Hellsing soldier. Great costumes!
The Sims!
This guy was swinging this stick around a lot
Mel looking at people standing around
Dark Vash?
Playing with zoom..
Mel poses with.. herself?
Checking out the program
Star Wars guy is on break
A really great Aeris cosplayer, too bad I never found her again..
Kakashi and Pakkun
Rock Lee gets ready for battle
Oh no! Look out Rock Lee!
Damn you Akatsuki!
This picture seems unlikely in the Naruto universe
Kankuro is just chilling
Ninja pyramid!
Graboid man! ..well, that's what I call him
Sasuke poses too
The guys on the bottom weren't all that happy
Badger girl! Hooraaaay badger girl!
Cool costume
Oh great.. it's DOKool
This woman was selling hats and dumped them all out so Mel could pick one
Hat #1 (she went with this one)
Hat #2
Hey, it's Winry
The FMA guys goofing off
Strike a pose!
These guys were like this all day
A great Temari. She put a lot of work into this. (The hair was especially impressive)
Oh no! I caught her blinking! Oh well
The Armstrong from earlier takes his turn in the NERO battle ring
Voldo! Great costume, but super creepy
Voldo watches the other cosplayers
Another FMA photoshoot
I love the giant stuffed Al
I took a lot of pictures of these guys..
Haha, I'm running out of things to say in the caption
Whenever they saw a passing FMA character they made them join the group
Ah! homunculi? Who knows..
Ed and Envy.. or maybe Wrath goof off
Winry, Ed, and Al
Another passerby gets roped into this photoshoot
All the costumes were really well done
Another great Hughes, complete with pictures
One Hawkeye... twoHawkeyes!?
More FMA photoshoot
People just kept joining up
Another Ed has appeared!
Alright, that's enough of you guys
Now I'm at the Naruto photoshoot
What are these Akatsuki up to?
Sing it with me! "The Akatsuki bunch..."
Graboid man!
A huge group photo of Naruto characters
Great job guys!
Rock Lee strikes a pose
This Akatsuki girl suddenly went after Sasuke
She had to be restrained
Hold her back!
Naruto thought it was funny
Hey, put your mask on!
Gaara's worst nightmare
Sasuke, Sakura, an Anko
Everyone gathers around Kakashi
Voldo strikes a pose again
Great job man, but oh man is it creepy
Back to the FMA photoshoot
OK, I really have fun out of things to say about these guys
Ed's got some buddies apparently
They were there for a long time
Flash mode
Ed seems pretty psyched
Cool costume
These guys were pretty into it
Batch to Sketch's table
"I still hadn't been promoted to 'box'"
Mel and Sketch talk about cons
Lulu from Final Fantasy X
Mel looks around #1
Mel looks around #2
Mel looks around #3
Sketch looks around
Hey look! It's Greg Dean from Real Life Comics!
He drew on one of my business cards
Thanks for the banner art, Greg!
Ian from Mac Hall does a sketch for me
Ian and Matt from Mac Hall!
Ian sketching
Asuka and a friend
Uhoh, Asuka's spotted me
Ian McConville's sketch
Ash and Misty!
A clearer shot of Greg Dean's drawing
A Jedi fight!
Neato light sabers
Hey, that's supposed to be Artists' Alley!
I found Badger Girl again!
Mel with her spiffy new hat
ConnectiCon's mascot, also the Belldandy with expanding wings from AB04
Some kind of crazy fight going on here..
They're fighting with fans!
A lunge!
The real Al wouldn't make a good pillow
More weird fighting
A bunch of Naruto and Bleach cosplayers
That's a big sword
The Naruto group hangs out
Akatsuki strikes!
They somehow found this plug and were playing Naruto themesongs
What's down there?
Look out Sasuke!
The Naruto bunch hangs out
Looking at Graboid Man
Ninja Hokey Pokey?
This was hard to photograph..
Jutsu symbols!
Fun fun
Another shot of the circle
Some Bleach characters get in on the action
Everyone summons stuff!
Playing with the zoom
There was some weird bass fishing con downstairs..
Some Star Wars guys
Greg looks surprised
Greg signed a copy of his book for me
My nice shiny new Real Life Comics book
Thanks, Greg!
The folks on Artists' Alley were hard at work
I bought a Quidditch ball from the Mac Hall guys
Look! It lights up!
Sketch drew this for Mel
This costume was awesome
She even put it on for me!
Haha, thanks Sketch...
More Star Wars guys
This guy didn't look too enthusiastic
DOKool bothering the Anime Boston people
Wow! An actual staffer! "Why is everyone taking my picture??"
Duck Duck Goose!
Run run run!
Asuka and Rei, take one
Asuka and Rei, take two. You can't really tell from my crappy picture but these costumes were incredible
A longer exposure of the game room
Lots of screens
The game room was pretty sweet
They even had legit computers!
Can anyone tell me what game this is?
DDR... blurry mode!
A stream of arrows
This guy was pretty good, but he was using two hands (on the keyboard)
Green girl
Sketch caught in the act
He had a huge bag of these
Sketch's business card
An impressive Rikku
Mel gives me a weird look
Sketch and Mel... hard at work.
This guy was leaving the panel.. I don't think he was actually running it
There was, in fact, no pie eating contest.
These guys were waiting for a panel to start
Hey, it's Patrick!
See? Patrick
Sketch and Mel hanging out
Patrick tries to figure out who Mel is when she doesn't have blue hair
Patrick's ridiculously small tripod
Chain mail is fun
The guy next to Sketch made this awesome chain mail ball. There was something in the middle so it worked like a bell
More chain mail stuff
This shirt was going for $500. It took him two months to make
Closeup on the shirt
More neato stuff
Hey, it's like that earring James had
A cool necklace
Kiey from Abstract Gender! Too bad I didn't get a better picture..
Patrick interviewing Sketch
Sketch looks distressed
This is for a video podcast on the Chibi Project
Nice camera, Patrick
Now Mel's getting interviewed
Go, Patrick, Go
A headband designed by Sketch
Anime ducks!
This is a great idea
Naruto duck!
Strongbad duck! Mel actually bought this guy later
Krillin duck
Vegeta duck, a work in progress
Only $12 each! Go and buy them!
Creepy Tien duck
A very tall sword makes it's way through the crowd
Insert Jaws theme here...
Some links and a guy with keyblades
Ian McConville again
Sana's mom again! I see her every year at Anime Boston
Mel was in charge of Sketch's table for a little while..
Morlock makes an appearance
That guy with the soda tab armor! I think I saw him at NERO
Everyone gathers around a computer monitor to watch AMVs
I'm so glad the Cheat is not dead
The sign reads "Looking for fanboys"
This link was a really impressive flautist
I stuck some really bad comics on Sketch's back
This one was shot so you could read one...
Mel turns around
Bye Sketch! Thanks for letting us hang out!
ConnecitCon is over for us!
Mel / A-chan says goodbye to ConnectiCon in her own special way
This elevator seems so pointless
Haha, I know what they were up to...
Not bad!
Some people waiting in line
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