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This first batch of pictures shows some of the people I work with at ITS and gives a good idea of what a typical day at ITS is like.

After that are a few more pictures of the construction that's been going on at Clark. It seemed that they were wrapping up but now they're making a bigger mess than ever!

After that are some pictures of squirrels! By sitting in one place for a long time, a large group of squirrels decided it was ok to get closer to me. That, combined with the zoom resulted in some awesome, detailed pictures of squirrels!

At the end are some panorama experiments. Be warned, though, the images are HUGE.
Melvin got caught by the rubber band police
Oh noes!
He's free!
Michael, one of my bosses
Note the mobius strip hanging from the shelf..
I changed Melvin's "Punch in/out" sign to see if he'd notice
Jim, another guy from ITS
Matt always looks surprised in these pictures
I drew a hypercube on Matt's whiteboard
Matt's ITS mascot, the eye!
Dave and Matt in the hallway
Anthony, another of my bosses
Mel came by for an Indiana Jones marathon
Space Shuttle Discovery landed succesfully after a nearly flawless mission
"Why do they have a quick release thing if they also screw it in?"
Box o laptops, aka the mobile classroom
Testing laptops
Lookee what I made
Anthony and Michael discuss network issues
A sign on the door to Anthony's office
My feet with the lens cap swinging freely
This squirrel's getting away from me
"What's he up to?"
"What's this thing?"
Construction equipment
So dirty
The shovel
Thanks in the ground
The top of a tank
The front of that machine
Some doofy roof they put over a door into Jefferson
Quiet House
This squirrel is lying down on a bench!
What a weird thing for a squirrel to do
Bench time is over
Squirrel confrontation!
A very suspicious squirrel
Another confrontation begins
That one on the left just wants to eat
The fight is about to begin!!
Ahhhh run!
Up the tree!
This squirrel spotted me and stopped in his tracks
Running around the tree
Trying to look big in front of the other squirrels
"Any food over here?"
A squirrel gets closer
"Is that a guy on that bench?"
Squirrels are funny
Peaceful foraging..
Peaceful for now.. but who knows when another fight will break out
"Hey wait... that guy has food!"
"I could have his food!"
"Get away!!"
This guy found some... food...
That's a lame excuse for a poofy tail
These guys were always hanging out together
I moved closer and they moved farther away
Get back over here you jerk
Whoa! This one got really close!
Time for a closeup photo shoot!
He kept looking up when the shutter made noise
"What's that guy doing??"
Getting closer....
This is as close as he got, about 5 feet away
Making up his mind about me..
He doesn't like what he sees
Back up the tree!!
He kept looking at me
He'd move a little, look at me, move a little, look at me
He went up and down the tree a few times
Still trying to figure me out
Looking at other squirrels
"What are they up to?"
Still eyeing me
He's kind of skinny from the side
"Is it safe to come back down?"
Slowly turning around..
I guess he's deemed me an acceptable risk
Move a few feet.. look at me.. repeat
How can he stand like that?
Come on dude, it's ok!
He was only on the ground for a few seconds before heading back for the tree
They just hold onto the tree like it's nothing
Most of the squirrel
Slightly zoomed out...
I think this squirrel has something wrong with his legs, he's always lying down
He came back down on a different tree!
Yes, squirrel, I'm still here
Slowly making his way down the tree
Sure, just walk down a wall.. you crazy squirrel
He was a very cautious squirrel
The guy from the grass came closer
He had some food in his mouth
He wasn't sure about me either
He was more cautious than the first squirrel
Stupid branch in the stupid way
Eating in the tree is safer
What's he got?
Just for comparison.. this is a non-zoomed picture. This is what the old camera could do
This is what the new camera can do
Zoomed about half way
Zoomed only a little
I saw this one on the way back
An experiment with zoomed panoramas. Be warned, this image is pretty huge
A slightly zoomed 360 makes for a thinner strip, but more detail
You are viewing images from 07/18/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 110 pictures.
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