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This was the Weekend of the Burrito, where Brandon participated in a burrito eating contest at Moe's. While Brandon lost, he put in an incredible effort and there was no shame in his defeat. All of the pictures of him being depressed were actually staged. The pictures of him being incredible full are real. We got some good video footage and video project using it is in the works now. That's pretty much it, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
A rubber band ball at ITS
Someone wrote this with duct tape on a shade in Jonas Clark
Some sweet DVDs I bought online
Dusty dusty construction
Melvin stuck up on Patrick and stamped him
Patrick stamped him later
The stamp up close
Safari mangled our project!!
There was some crazy lighting going on when I took this picture. If you look really carefully you can tell that the sun kept coming in and out while I was taking the panorama
A big creepy dark cloud coming overhead
That cool squirrel again
Heyyyyy squirrel
Running away
Matrix squirrel, jumping off the pole
Another squirrel
A big ass pile of dirt
James' got some Top Pop!
As well as bunch of other soft drinks
Some limes too!
Check out how far away their stove is into the kitchen
Brandon's so hungry he decided to start early
"Worcester city trashbags??"
The Speech Champions' new apartment's common room
James is skiing or something
Nice ceiling
James shouts into the mystery tube
Brandon on the couch
James is simulataneously bent over and standing!
James' sweet desktop
James' empty room
James' head got messed up in this pano
James with his cribbage boat
Brandon thinks he took the wrong box to Worcester.. look what he found
"This blanket stinks!"
James found some utensils that haven't been washed in months
Sooo gross
"The Noid!"
Their bathroom
Brandon's bed
Doorknob hole
Drinking on the couch
Some sweet plate Brandon found in his box
James seems to be deep in concentration
James making a completely crazy face
"Turn the flash up all the way, I want to see what it can do. Ahhh holy shit!!"
Some gross old fruit
The stove is so far away from the wall
James checking out the stove pipe
He decided he likes it
"You look like you're representin' Steve Urkel!"
Brandon in the Dana Commons kitchen
James walks around an oven
Anyone want some pinapples?
James found some glasses
James looks around
We found a ladder
Super flash mode of Brandon climbing the myster ladder
Into the chamber
"I can't see anything!"
James meets The Raptor
Note the screen...
Joe arrives
Ultra flash mode strikes again
I think super flash mode is too powerful...
Brandon and Joe standing around
Brandon just flew in here from Australia...
A car drove by during an exposure
James gives a thumbs up
On the porch
Up the stairs..
Coming out of James' room
Joe meets the super flash mode
James on the couch
James is deep in concentration again
James walking by
Joe's friend
Standing around
Crazy, blurry James
Joe drank out of a huge jug
Brandon in the folding chair
Go Joe go
James does not approve of... something
Joe's friend makes a weird face
Playing with iTunes
In Joe's apartment.. nice window
James looks at.. something
Joe's friend
Brandon looks perplexed
Joe looks around
Hi Joe!
James hates radiator!
Joe's friend makes another crazy face
The taboo buzzer is so much fun
Looking for team shirts at Salvation Army
Comparing different shirts
Nice shirt
The "A.C. Slater" shirt
Standing around Salvies
James found a referee shirt
It even had a badge!
"Mainely A-Cappella"
I refused to buy the Office XP shirt
Uhoh, Brandon found a weird shirt
Brandon's having some difficulty putting this shirt on
Time to button it up
James checks out some ties
Brandon puts on the finishing touches
Lookin' good!
Time for some glassware
James thought this was a really terrible cup..
...then he realized it was a candlestick holder
You can't even reach into this to get one!
Getting some cheap crap
James browses the rows of stuff
Sweet DVD in the cookware aisle
Gross used George Foreman grill
The glasses they ended up getting
James nearly bought this painting, too bad he didn't
Traveling through the creepy corridors of clothes
Want some Speeds?
It says "Free Video" but I feel like if I tried to leave with it they wouldn't have been pleased
Scary face thing
I wonder how many times people tried to buy this tree
"Why is there a rabbit, a pink rhino, and a panda at the north pole"
Lately they generally try to prevent Micahel Jackson from associating with children
Hey James, look what I found
Only $2.50
Another decent game
"A Bunch O' Hits" wow..
I can't believe I bought this
Brandon wearing... a stool?
Oh no! He's headed this way
Blurry arm
OK, that's enough of the stool game
Taking the stool off
Playing with color switcher mode
"Brandon, have you been eating pollen?"
James the smurf
The floor is red!
James is red!
Brandon with a sketchy look
Me sitting on the couch
Me and James
This is apparently James' actor headshot
Brandon in the chair
Crazy detailed Brandon
Action shot! That's his foot
James backing up
Driving to Moe's
"I see you!"
Brandon with the sign
Accepting the challenge!
Going into Moe's
Here we go!
This can't be what I think it is
Brandon prepares for the contest
The table of fate
So. Many. Burritos.
Almost time!
They're so big!
The last supper?
The time is here!
Heading over to the table
Can you see the tension mounting?
James is ready for support mode
Puke buckets, comming through
They even had a paramedic!
Brandon having the rules explained to him
The contestants ready themselves
Not as many people showed up as expected
Brandon listens intently to the rules
More competitors
Brandon waiting around
Almost time, Brandon!
Even the people on TV are watching!
Drawing numbers
Brandon's ready!
He'll in the second round
This is it!
Look at the size of those burritos!
Water for Brandon
He's ready
Almost time
Almost time!
It has begun!!
Go Brandon go!
He annihilated that first burrito
Don't forget the water!
Starting to feel it..
No longer having fun
Get it in there Brandon!
Post-competition depression
James tries to ligthen the mood
Depressed Brandon
Gotta get that whiskey open
Brandon looks for the cure for a ruptured stomach at the bottom of a whiskey bottle
Let it go Brandon, let it go
Too depressed to even put his sock on properly
You are viewing images from 07/22/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 216 pictures.
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