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Almost this entire batch is from Mel's first trip to Canobie Lake Park. We met up with James and Muffie in Melrose and headed off to Canobie. At the time though, we didn't realize Muffie was with us... When James came to pick us up, he had Muffie hide in the way back of his car. When we got out at a rest stop in New Hampshire, Muffie got out and got into the front seat. We were pretty surprised when we got back to the car. Not bad guys!

Once at Canobie Rob joined us for a while, but he was with other friends so he didn't stick around for the entire day.

Unfortunately, my feet were nearly useless this entire trip due to some nasty blisters and some other strange affliction that made it hard to walk. Regardless of that, we still had a lot of fun, and Mel enjoyed her first trip to Canobie. We'll have to go back next summer when I can actually walk right (and the lines are smaller!)

The last set of pictures is of me, Mel, and Bailey bugging their cat Mo. Poor Mo.
Mel drives from Worcester
Hey look! We found 95 North!
Radio towers
More radio towers
One of those neat changing billboards with a Canobie ad
The car hit a bump right as I took this so I missed a big chunk of the sign
I caught it as we drove by
James was in Emo mode
Mel tied James' tie for him
Why do all girls know how to tie ties?
James adjusts his tie
There you go
Mel's having fun already
Whoops, still on indoors camera settings. Ah well
Haha, why would a real estate company have a space shuttle on their sign!?
"Stop taking pictures of me while I'm driving!"
James in the rear view mirror
It's a tarp!
We made it!
Information on the Yankee Cannonball
Mel's freaked out
James looks like he's having fun
Cannonball line
Muffie's just setting herself up for a sunburn
An overexposed shot of the Cannonball lift hill
The ride op
There goes one train
James hates this pictures
There go some more people!
Mel thinks she's cool with these shades
James is excited!!
It's almost the top of the lift hill!!
Mel is considerably less... crazy
Time to start recording video
James taking some sneaky shots of the Canobie paint shop
Normally he just puts his arm and camera through a small gap and takes pictutres blindly...
Boston Teaparty wave
Ahhh, everybody run away!
I was right in the wave zone when I took these pictures, so I had to shoot and run
Mel, Muffie, and James wait in the
Still not their turn
Can you tell it's a wave?
Going up the lift hill! James wanted to sit in the front so he sat with two random girls
James with the random girls
Please face forward
Whoops, mistimed the shot. I got James and Muffie though!
Now they're all wet
Muffie and Mel had fun!
Mel has never been on the Turkish Twist..
Mel's in for a surprise...
"Do you puke on these things?" "I don't know" "...*edges away*"
It's like that scene in Contact!
Enter the matrix..
James holds his face on
Muffie and Rob in line for the Corkscrew
James pulls a somewhat reluctant rob up the ramp
A train going by
Uhoh, I've been spotted
Rob shows off the "skunk" ?
Time to keep moving
Another train goes by
Getting the settings just right is tricky
Hey, I was bored
Mel is not amused
Mel points to her ear?
Cool cool glasses
Hi Mel!
The caterpillar in action
Look at it go
Skater, one of the new rides at Canobie
I've always wanted to ride a giant skateboard
Not really though
Look at it go
Mel waits in line for the Psychodrome
She doesn't know what's she's in for
James on the caterpillar
Rob peeks over the top of the seat
James took a video of me!
James... screaming!
I dont' think he's really that scared
Mel confronts the superflash once again
"You can't out-camp-counselor me!" says Mel
Rob left to go hang out with his other friends
That's not the LM!
This guy had sad pants
James waiting for Starblaster to start
Hi guys!
Waiting for the launch..
Getting closer..
Taken on the way down. Looked like fun!
Oldies was there for some reason
Giving away stuff..
There was a lot of smoke coming out of this building
But it was supposed to have smoke come out of it
This guy had "Park Photographer" on his shirt so I took his pictures and said "Now you're the Park Photographee!!"
That guy was there for hours...
The big rotating hamburger
A new rotating thing.. Betty Boop!
The records from Rockin' Rider!
Mel imitates Betty Boop
Good job Mel
Frisbee sounds interesting
James stands where the Rockin' Rider's station used to be.
Getting on the train
Now we're moving
James told me to stop taking pictures of him..
Mel's like "Don't you point that thing at me, don't you point that thing at me"
James is sick of pictures
"Oh god!"
Muffie doesn't care
"The thing about trains is.."
Parts of Canobie's new ride: Frisbee
Frisbee parts
Frisbee parts
Frisbee parts
Frisbee parts
Frisbee parts
Frisbee parts
Frisbee parts
Frisbee parts
Frisbee parts
James takes pictures of the disassembled Frisbee for
Slightly longer exposure to blur the ground
The stupid train
At one point we hit warp speed
Mel's background was less interesting
Hey look! It's Canobie Lake!
Some guys on the lake
Taken from James' car in the parking lot... do you see him?
Superflash!! Ahh!!
My favorite scale
I've never actually used it
The log flume splashes down
We forgot to ride this! Sorry Mel!
Looks like they had fun
Mel plays some skiball
Go Mel go
Win a prize!
Last one!
Mel was pretty good!
This guy's cheating!
I forget what she got on this one
Blurry skiball
You can barely see the ball
So that's how these things work, Sketch is inside frantically drawing!
A creepy robot man
Outside the Mine of Lost Souls
This guy was driving a bathtub
I don't think he's actually a professor
Mel thinks the camera is way to close
Professor Uncanny takes a break to watch a different show
Mel on the phone
Ride controls
Ride ops
Some stupid show
A hilarious robot dude in the mine
A coffin
We're in egypt now?
I'm so afraid
We got snakes on a train!!
Want a head?
Super macro mode of Mel's eye
I found Nemo!
Me and Mel pose in front of the Canobie map
Mel somehow went from standing to falling over with no apparent cause
The worker at the exit
Just outside the gates
The moon
Some seagulls
A seagull
Another seagull
Muffie and Mel on the way back
Rob's excited for the Car Ride
Muffie meets the superflash
Mo looks bored with his life
Hi Mo!
He's like a carpet!
Mel on the phone
"What do you want??"
Bailey at her computer
Mo with his new crown!
Mo wants to get down now
No escape!
"I'm sick of this game"
Pretty pretty Mo
The Boston Teaparty. I'm not sure what's up with that blob in the middle
Most of the Yankee Cannonball
One of the loops in the Canobie Corkscrew
The Skater sign
You are viewing images from 08/05/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 196 pictures.
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