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Mo looks so... glum
Hi Mo!
Cheer up!
Mel's on the phone
Check out Mo's crown
Mo's ready to leave
He hates this game
It's Mooooo
15 second exposure?
Like mother like daughter?
More 15 second exposures
What's even going on here?
Mel's got three heads
Mel's starting to freak me out now
Mel's dad got washed out by the window
Mel = Janus?
Wicked creepy... Mel moved her mouth for 15 seconds
15 second exposures are weird
Mel's mom meets the megaflash
Bailey's having fun
Hi Mel!
When I first heard about this place I thought it was "Cough and Cream"
We went to Worcester hoping to find Mel's birthday present in the mail
Big trucks taking up the road
Zoom = fun
We thought this dude was following us.. he wasn't
Mel sings a jaunty tune
Gas prices officially peaked on Mel's birthday
The big origami ball in the making
Mo is so slumpy
Opening presents!
For a tilting good time
What's in the envelope?
Mel's dad looks on
Bailey reads a card
Mel was moving around a lot
What's going on?
Mo is tired
"What's this check?"
Mel getting poked
Cards are funny
Mel's mom looks a little... expectant?
Mel's dad was poking her from outside the image
Checking out her new DVDs
Moar DVDs!
Mel got volume one of both The Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain
Opening a box
Very classy, Mel
Mel puts her hair back to try on her earrings
Earrings are funny?
Mel looks so... wary
Mel's her own gang
"Get away from me!"
Mel gives her dad a distrusting look
"Watchoo want"
A cool laundry bag with backpack straps
Aww, a kiss from her daddy
Who's gonna go to the They Might Be Giants 2040 tour?
Mel looks deep into Mo's eyes and sees that nobody is home
Aww, Mo
Bailey mangled a "Sweet Sixteen" sign into this. Good job!
On the way to the mall
Driving is funny
Magaret in the back!
A weird abandoned building
I took these pictures for Wacko
Hey Wacko, what do you think?
Should I go check it out?
It looks pretty sketchy
I think I'll pass
Weird blurry Mel
Walking through the parking garage
For some reason I thought this vending machine was neat
Walking to the restaraunt
Mel's dad is getting away
Mel's mom gives Margaret ordering advice?
Mel browses the menu
Fresh fish tacos!?
Talking about something..
This is a shiny spoon
Mel's mom tries her weird ice tea
Mel waits for her food
Mel's GIANT hamburger
Oh my god that is huge
Mel approves
Take a bite Mel!
By compressing it, she managed to get a big bite out of it
Mel's dad steals Bailey's shoe
Bailey gets her shoe back
Mel got a happy birthday message written on her plate!
The waiters even sang
Some guy actually tried to jump from one escalator to another... yeah... he died.
Mel and her dad have a staring contest
Just a bit creepy
Ah, the pirate section of the book store
I bought a new tripod..
And set it up in the car...
So I got some neat blurry light images
This is just warp speed 1
Whooooo light speed!
Lights are fun!
Now we're turning
It doesn't look that good when you're zoomed in
Turning on an exit
Traffic lights!
More traffic lights!
*pant* a brief *pant* break
Ahhh light speed again!!
The Future War [H]ouse? Hmm... not as big as the Pentagon
Good job Best Buy
Mel found We Love Katamari!
Bah, I need no HDTV to watch shuttle launches!
Mel found a bunch of copies of Reservoir Dogs
Mel likes this bunch
Mmmm, Reservoir Dogs
Kind of a strange store name...
Erin Esurance is in the Sims??
I'm the origami master
So lumpy
You are viewing images from 08/08/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 140 pictures.
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