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These are all the pictures I took while hanging out at Mel's house for a week. We had both finished work for the summer and were pretty much just happy to lie around doing nothing. I did a lot of origami. At first I just did it because I need to be doing something with my hands while watching TV, but then Mel told me how Sketch, a friend of ours, suggested making more origami Katamaris and selling them at cons. So since my origami book was at Clark, me and Topaz managed to extract the information I needed out of the Google print version and Amazon.

The other main event of this batch is our trip to Burger King where we ate the monstrosity that is the Quadruple Bacon Cheeseburger. After we finished that heart clogging experience, we discovered that Mel's car wouldn't start. It turned out to be a fried computer chip, and everything's OK now. We had some fun trying to get it started and watching it be towed away. Oh well. Thanks AAA!

The last set of pictures are from our attempt to shave Mo. Mo's fur is all gross and knotted so Mel finally couldn't take it anymore and started cutting fur off of him. We got a lot off him before he got sick of us and ran away. Oh well, it's a start.
Mel hugs the completed buckyball
Hmm, this pose seems familiar..
270 PHiZZ units
Not bad lighting..
I'm glad I decided to use some color
A closeup
It's pretty sturdy
With the Coke bottle for scale
A little overexposed..
We decided to play catch with it!
Careful guys!
Mel has turned into some sort of origami zombie!!
Trying to strike a pose while it's in the air..
Oops, too late
Mel can make things float
Mel hides behind her teddy bear
Watching TV
Can you tell they're related?
I had some extra pieces so I made an origami shoe
The katamari, before spikes
Another angle of the spikeless icosahedron
A huge inflatable dinosaur
Bailey found a notebook
Bailey pose!
"I love studying!!"
Mel checks out the whiteboard section
I forgot to take after pics, but whatever. Before haircut, hair down, front
Before haircut, hair down, side
Before haircur, hair down, back
Before haircut, hair up, front
Before haircut, hair up, side
Before haircut, hair up, back
Our gross order on the computer
Behold... the quadruple bacon cheeseburger
Mel fears it
The quad stacker, half gone
Mel's car is broken
Of course..
Mel seems somewhat... not surprised
Truly the king of burgers..
The one is the ad looks way better!!
Waiting for someone to help us out
Heyyy Mel
Waiting for Margaret
Is she over there?
Mel is not amused
Margaret's here!
Margaret will wait with us
Mel's parents arrive
Her dad seems to pleased
Margaret has some jumper cables!
Let's just stand around
Time to open the hood?
Yes, time to open the hood
Nothing looks really bad..
Or does it? I have no idea
Mel's dad tries to get his hood open
The hinge for the hood
It's open!
Mel's battery. Note the pieces of mouse nests
The battery again
Under the van's hood
Hooking up cables
Don't touch them together!
All hooked up
Uhohes, the cars are too far apart
Mel and Margaret were very helpful
Derrick, a mechanic, happened to be passing and helped us out
Hooking up the cables again
Connected at last
Derrick helps Mel try to start the car
Mel and Margaret hung out in the car
Derrick's nametag
Mel's mom checks out the engine
Mel's dad is having a blast
Calling AAA
We took up a lot of spaces at Burger King
AAA is going to come and tow it!
Waiting for the tow truck
Hanging out
Standing around
Mel is used to this kind of stuff
Margaret with her cables
Cables. Serious business.
Writing contact information
The car will be towed to his garage
Mel's dad stands nearby
Mel does a dance
Everyone's having a blast
Moving stuff to the van
This guy had car troubles too!
The tow truck is here!
Mel's back
Talking to the tow truck guy
Mel through out some trash
The tow truck
I keep accidentally typing "toe struck"
It's a party!
Lining it up...
The claw thing comes down
All lined up!
Mel watches the car get towed away
Two katamaris in my case
Pretty much the same picture..
I kept some paper behind them
Turkeys in Mel's yard!!
I went outside to get a clearer image but they rand away
Spikes for Topaz's katamari
The pre-spiked katamari
"TV is fun... nuh."
Topaz's katamari!
A closeup
Time to shave Mo
Mo doesn't know how to feel about this
Snip snip snip
Mo has so much fur
He was just hanging limp
Lots of Mo fur
Bailey wanted to make a pillow
Bailey holds him down in case he freaks out
Bailey is having fuuuhhnnn
Snip snip snip
Mo didn't really care
He struggled a little, but not really
Shaving Mo...
Hold him down...
Mo is sick of this game
Snip snips snip
Mo's stupid head
Gross! Cat dandruff!
We almost gave him a bath
Mel is a nice person
Pretty day
A nice looking road
More nice clouds
A bridge
Empire chinese buffet! Good stuff!
We ended up paying with a bunch of ones
Bailey gets her head pulled off
Mel gets struck with some sort of photon torpedo
Bailey is in no mood for pictures
I guess they're always open since they can't change the sign
Bailey in the back
Katamari cousins!!
So many cousins!
They're eating that baby!!
I took this by accident but it looks pretty cool
This is how we're rolling up the millino roses
Mo is all pakced and ready to go
You can't come Mo
Mo wants to come :(
Bailey's gross lens
Everyone loves Wikiw
Wiki sandwich?
Wiki is escaping!
Chill out Wiki
He's gotten a lot bigger
Hello WIki!
Old people make good drivers...
Look at him go
Another road
Driving driving driving
A big X in the sky! Neat contrails
H E L P me... make...this sign
Doughnut Inn II, the sequel
A weird t-shirt stand
This is how I move my stuff, in trash bags
Mel has replaced Elizabeth Rogers as the new RA
Mel has her own TV show!
Mel's new room!
The view from Mel's window
The view, with exposure set for clouds
You can see people in Maywood...
..and some goo coming off Dana
Mel's window seat but something's missing..
There we go, the seat is complete
No bed frames are necessary
I like how Mel stores her detergent
Making the bed
The car hooked up to the truck
Bye car
You are viewing images from 08/12/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 198 pictures.
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