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Mel's family shaves their cat Mo about once a year because he's a long hair cat and he's an idiot. After about a year, he's so gross and knotted that nobody can take it anymore, so off he goes. Mo looks really funny when he's shaved. Unfortunately, I was in 640x480 mode for a lot of these pictures.. oh well.

Mel and I bought some swivel office chairs for our rooms, and we had some fun putting them together.

The last batch is from a yearly party that my dad's friends have at John Cave's pig farm. Me and Becky didn't exactly have a blast, but it was still fun.
So clever
I haven't played one of these games in years
I'm so badass
Shaved Mo!
Mo wants down
He's so soft!
Mo runs away
He looks so much smaller!
He's still pretty big though..
Mo is so awkward looking
Mo wants down
Mo: The zombie cat!
Don't look over there!
There he is!
He looks like a totally different cat
That looks like a familiar pose
He's so creepy with those eyes
Mo checks out his shorter, softer fur
Dance, Mo, Dance!
He looks so freaked out
What's going on over there?
Standing time is fun
I think he's sick of this game
Mo on the chair
Mo in defensive mode
Mel brings out the glove so she can mess with him
Biting the glove will not help, Mo
Petting Mo
He looks like such a nutcase
At this point he didn't really care any more
What a tiny tent
These were obviously models, but they were still funny
Tiny sleeping bags!
Putting together Mel's chair
Mel's having fun
Who needs the bottom half?
All done!
I made a tiny buckyball
120 pieces!
Mel's bear likes the origami
Mel enjoys her new sheets, comforter, and huge microfiber pillow
Mel's bulletin board in the works
That snake looks suspicious
There was a lot of traffic going the other way due to an accident
It just goes on forever!
"Now you know why I was late!"
A tattooed biker dude
This truck had some vaguely funny stuff written on the dust on the back
A pig over the fire
Someone was turning 60, and Lilo thinks that's awesome
Nice cake
Charlie plays the banjo
He was pretty funny
Becky's having fun...
Closeup bug!
I got way too close to this bug
Look how many cars were in the front yard!
Peace man
Becky wore the hat
Becky's arm next to my arm
Wtf is going on here?
You are viewing images from 08/19/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 143 pictures.
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