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This set shows a pretty typical weekend when I'm home. I made a ton of PHiZZ units at my dad's house but have yet to make anything really interesting with them. I might try to make a torus, but with class and work starting, who knows.

Dad busted out the grill for some great steak tips. While waiting to eat I snapped some good shots of him cooking and his garden.

After that are some pictures from a trip to the dentist, where I got a clean bill of health.
Lots of PHiZZ units
These smaller ones take less time to make
Squares turn into PHiZZ units
Ahhh I made way more!!
I didn't have much to do
Dad says "Wants some coat hangers??"
"Why'd you buy some? I've got a bunch"
The grill!
The grill I'm going to bring out to Clark
My dad's tenants leave the craziest stuff behind
Gotta let the flames kick up again
Now I'm hungry
Want a baked potato?
A nice overview of the grill
My dad turns over a potato
You've gotta love it. The USA shirt, the beer, the grill, perfect.
"What're you doing on my property?"
Underexposed fire
My dad's flag
This plant is older that I am..
Lots of smoke
Blurry smoke
So much smoke
Playing with zoom. Hi bird.
A flower!
Flower with blurry background
More flowers
It's darker orange
There's a good flower
Garlic and peppers!
Awesome when grilled
Hungry? This picture just might satisfy you
Yellow flowers
With this camera I can just make my own desktops!
Something's been eating these flowers..
Both kinds of floweres
Another nice desktop?
Berry things
I wouldn't eat them..
A before shot for when the new guy moves in next door. Will he cut the lawn?
Replace sky blue with red and you get ARMAGEDDON!!
An X-ray of my mouth from when I still had wisdom teeth
A really old X-ray from when I still had braces
My teeth!
More of my teeth!
When you can see the insides like that they look like cartoon teeth
They just pointed this thing at my head
The after shots from my braces... the befores are in the next batch I think
A really creep mouth model thing
Construction on Main Street
Busting up the street
Dumping the asphalt in the truck
Scrapey scrapey
Pouring aslphalt into the truck
There were a lot of barrels
I think it's neat how it bends like that
A big pile of dirt outside the new middle school
That stupid red dot
Guys working on the building
MHS added a new wheelchair ramp
This wasn't sketchy or anything...
Peeking through holes in the fence
Some guys working
A better shot of the skeleton of the building
The crane starts to move
Cool clouds
Stupid bird
Moving a beam
The crane makes it look so easy
Dudes on a cherry picker
This guy's putting bolts in or something
A bunch of concrete chunks
Dirt and puddles
A farther back shot of the middle school
Exposure set to show inside of the buildling
Need some rocks?
These guys could totally set you up with some rocks.
A dude sitting on a beam
Carefully guiding it into place
Almost there!
Digging a hole
I think it's neat how they stand like that
Almost done!
Another side of the building
Some guys..
New middle school
That thing seems unsafe
The cherry picker guys again
Yet another side of the building
Putting yellow stuff on the side
This sign always make me kind of laugh
A blimp!
$00 fine eh? I think I'll take that chance
Balanced rocks
A messed up looking cat
He looks like he could die right now
While playing with optical zoom combined with digital zoom, I got this shot of Bob Downey from 470 feet
Hi Strawberry!
Don't you sniff my lens
I keel you
Strawberry in the window
Some origami directions for me to use later.. you can use it too if you want
A neato Columbia patch that James got for me at the Smithsonian
I'll put it on my bag when I get to school
I took this from across the room with digital zoom
I finally faced the megaflash myself
Overexposed living room
Isabelle walks up to Becky
Becky and Isabelle
Their expressions are priceless
Isabelle makes a run for it
"Gimme a kiss!"
Isabelle escapes
Isabelle in the window
Strawberry approaches...
My mom has come to dread this view
Stupid cat
He gets even closer...
...until he's in your face
The origami ball I made over the winter is holding up well
A desktopish picture
Lots of pieces
See how they connect?
The icosahedron!
Taken from across the room with digital zoom
My cellphone's keypad in super closer up mode
My cellphone's screen in super macro
Middle school under construction
The side of the middle school
A higher resolution version of the side of the middle school
You are viewing images from 08/21/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 144 pictures.
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