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Everybody's finally back on campus, so a bunch of us hung out at 86 Florence (Speech Champion Headquarters) and I took a bunch of pictures.

The RAs put on a bunch of skits about safety and campus life for the freshmen and Mel sang a song. It'll probably be on Youtube at some point.

After leaving Atwood Hall, I wandered around Clark and took some long exposures with my new tripod. I think the images came out pretty neat!
There are freshmen everywhere!
A messed up looking squirrel
Run squirrely!
The completed bulletin board
Mel hanging out on my bed
Brandon, Mike and Bryce
Laura and Mike's friend Teresa
Some crazy bug bite that James got
ID card shown for scale
Sitting around
Zoomed in Mike!
Brandon made his own hot sauce
Unfortunately, the homemade hotsauce makes you go insane
A little dab'll do you
Bryce pours some coke
Getting ready to disperse for supplies
James, Bryce, Mike, and Laura
Ladies first
Bryce's face.. melted...
Store 24
Bryce really looks like he's stealing something, especially when you look in the mirror
Brandon tries to decide if he should get a sandwich
So many decisions
Waiting in line
"This is a good deal!"
Paying for crap
Brandon didn't buy anything.. I think
These guys are still paying for stuff
Hi Bryce
Bryce makes a grab for the stuff
How tall are they?
Back in the darkness
Waiting to cross Main Street
This turned out pretty good for a handheld long exposure
Walking down Oliver St
We found a cat!
In the lighting my conditions, it was tough to get a good picture
James said "if he follows us into the apartment we're keeping him.. and naming him Fuzzy-Wuz"
Bye kitty!
James puts stuff away in his room
Bryce on the backwards couch
He's playing Banjo-Kazooie
Brandon seems somewhat disapproving
Notice how Bryce barely moves in this series of pictures
"Are you taking pictures?"
Bryce still hasn't moved
This one is just funny for some reason
When I zoomed in it got kind of creepy
It's like Bryce is a midget or something
James checks his goblet
"Are you taking pictures of me??"
Little known fact, Mike is 002
Brandon, as seen through the wide angle lens that doesn't fit
Creepy distorted Mike
James with his huge stein
It's way too big
He bought a forty just so he could use it
He seems to be enjoying it
Brandon had a normal sized glass
It's bigger than his head!
Mike's using his wide angle lens
Teresa describes.. something
Mike meets the megaflash
Mike changes some camera settings
Oh no, I'm on the wrong end of the lens
Teresa checks out the video game
Brandon hate game!
Mike was moving way too much during this picture..
Mike sitting around
Teresa with a beer
Teresa sitting around
Laura listens to a story
Teresa's awesome camera and Mike's camera with the wide angle lens
James doing.. something
Bryce got these in Japan
I don't think Rei would be a very nice nurse
This is a little blurry, I'll get his whole collection one of these days
Brandon and James totally weren't checking out the new dorm's construction site
Brandon got mud all over the hallway outside my room
Mel's ocarina arrived at last!!
I put the Sharpie there for scale
The triforce symbol
It fits right into your hand
Mel on stage during the RA skit section
Maybe a good desktop?
Mel and another RA
Explaining something?
15 second exposure time! This is the library at dusk
Lights and part of the Goddard memorial
Some people on the green
Joe walked by during this one
A van turning onto Downing
Freud got leid
My shadow
Traffic on Main Street as seen from Red Square
Some dark trees
Jonas Clark at dusk
Somone turned on the light in this one!
The Bistro at night
The Bistro with the new bio building in the background
The UC
This guy was looking for something in the grass and was so still he looks fine in this 15 second picture
An awesome picture of the new bio building
Sackler's lights look neat
The new bio building again
Can 2010 really be that close??
There was a big cloud coming in
One of the bridges connecting the Biophysics building with Sackler
Creepy Maywood
Dana Hall's all sparkly!
Dana Commons. If you look carefully you can see a blur that is...
Bryce, James, and Brandon. They want to use this image for an album cover or something
You are viewing images from 08/26/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 117 pictures.
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