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Breakfast at the caf... yum
Look what Mel found
Japanese class is still pretty full since not a lot of people have dropped it yet
See Bryce?
Brett in Japanese class
Prof Rudolph looks like he's thinking "...I didn't teach this..."
Steve and Nagraj
Nothing more fun than Topology in the morning, right guys?
Weird closeup
Migrating to a new room
Waiting in the hall
Professor Rudolph
A Clark nalgene
Prof. Rudolph looks a little crazy
Topology NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prof. Rudolph hangs on for dear life
Can anybody read this???
Gotta love the lights that face the window
The motion detector hanging off the ceiling
I took this from all the way across the room with digital zoom
Prof. Joyce gets his overhead projector ready
Yep, that's the date
A long exposure of a helicopter flying by
I didn't get this one as well..
The helicopter kept doing orbits around some place on Park Ave
I like how you can see the blinky lights on the bottom
We're not allowed into the Peapod show yet
The squad gets ready on stage
Zoom sure is fun
Can we come in yet?
Derks sat like this until the show started
Creeps under the curtain
I see you back there
Jason and Dan showed up, but Dan's face fell off
The opening was a spoof on "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys
It was quite impressive
Unfortunately I just didn't have the battery power to take a video
Does anyone have a video of this?
Derks supplied the music
Emily and Mel are having fun on stage
Brendan's all blurry
Derks died somehow
Danny is always moving
Opening's over
Brendan explains Freeze and Live
Mel and Danny get ready
Mel's a blur!
Look out Danny!
Danny seems surprised that Mel can fly
Mel kicks Danny
Brendan is a worm?
Go Wormdan!
I completely forget what is going on here
Is he cutting off his head?
Passport shows up as the first audience member to ever participate in Freeze and Live
He wasn't bad
Ok, yes he was
Passport's turn is over
And another audience member jumps in!
Something about heroin...
Three audience members participated in freeze and live but I didn't get hte third guy's picture... and Mel doesn't care
Derks and Danny
Mel's got a whistle
Emily got crucified
Mel and Brendan in work excuses
Danny in Oxygen Deprivation
Danny needs help!!
Derks comes out of the water tank
You are viewing images from 08/31/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 71 pictures.
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