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For some reason I kept getting injured this weekend. A few days ago I hit my head on a shelf while setting up a computer for some professor ("Alright, you're all set. Am I bleeding a lot?" "Ahh!!") and then during this trip I fell on the escalator and punched a hole in my knee. Those little escalator teeth are sharp!!

I also tried to trade my iPod in for a new one at the Apple store to no avail. I think I'm going to sell it on eBay since even when they're broken they seem to be going for around $50. Anyone want it?
The big stairway in the Worcester train station
A train outside my window
Hey look, it's the Traina Center
Check out this Clark truck
It's got a face on it
Such an angry truck
Outside the train
That's the door I went in
Trucks on a train!
Rob with the new fried ravioli from Papa Gino's
Hi Rob
James was there too
Whoa! James!
James tries to play it cool
Rob's turn to be cool
James flashes some sort of... coaster.. gang... sign.
The retainer goo.. holder...thing
The shiny bit on the stick
They fill this with goo and put it in my mouth
Rubber bands for braces
Some sort of box
Retainer colors
I forgot to pick one
The neato rubber bowl, minus the goo
Care for a mouthful of goo?
He uses curtains as a cape
I fell on the escalator
It didn't hurt that much, but it bled a lot
All fixed.. kind of
Those sharp sharp teeth
There were a lot of people working on the T
Some constructing dude
This kind of reminded me of Half Life 2
Whoops! This dude was looking right at me!
Some airplane
Another Half Life 2 -esque picture
This dude's walking around in the water!
What's he up to
The fountain
A shorter exposure of the fountain
James outside the mall
James is with that arrow
Waiting to get into the Apple store
I really liked the focus blurring on this
An ouchies from a few days ago. Stupid shelf thing
This ad was wicked weird
Ah, the genius bar. Home of the geniuses
We found Mars!
See? Mars
My new toy, the Phlat Ball. Now it's a frisbee...
Now it's a ball!
The Zakim Bridge
Zoomed in on the Zakim Bridge
Commuter rail
The Moo-Flower
Stupid cow
Trojan cow
Hallo Trojan cow
A huge panorama of the Worcester train station
A medium sized version. These were all put together in Photoshop
A smaller version
I met this soldier guy outside of the train station
He's a cool guy. Good luck out there man!
Mike's new LCD TV
A firetruck and a police car outside my room. Note Aoi's lights on the left
My knee about 30 hours later
Now it's starting to hurt...
You are viewing images from 09/14/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 68 pictures.
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