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If any of you are thinking of getting a tattoo, Doug at Miraculous Creations on Park Ave in Worcester is your guy! Thanks Doug!
Mel fills out the information packet
Go Mel go
Mel's allergies are pretty funny
Handing in the paperwork
Mel browses the collection to find one a batman symbol
Very clever, guys
Mel's psyched
Found it!
Mel's ready
Doug explains how it works
Mel's butt cheek is exposed!
Doug wipes down the area
Tattoo pigments
Lots of colors
Mel's going with straight black
Some tattooing equipment
The outline of the tattoo, this was just rubbed on
Mel assumes the position
Ready to rock!
Doug shows Mel that the needles are being unwrapped
Mel's getting comfy
The needle
Setting up equipment
Doug gets the pigments ready
Who's that dweeb?
A closeup of the outline
Glovin' up!
It begins!
Mel's marked for life!
"Is that it?"
Doug concentrates
Hi Mel!
Some of that is real ink, folks!
Tattoo in progress
Doug is hard at work
Doug almost looks like he's thinking "whooops!"
Everything's going well
The pigments
The outline is halfway done!
Doug continues
Go Doug go!
It's times like this that I'm glad I've got a zoom lens
Doug's been at it for a while now
Another "butt update" for mel
Looking good!
The completed outline, with a little bit of the main body
The center is filling up!
Mel didn't complain one bit
How's it going, Mel?
Half way done!
More filling in
Doug dabs off extra pigment
Mel adjusts her position... carefully
"My hand is asleep"
Wiggle that hand!
Nearly done now!
Almost there!
The completed product, with a little antiseptic
A closeup of the batman tattoo
All done!
Just a little sore :)
Doug patches Mel up
You are viewing images from 09/27/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 64 pictures.
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