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Today Mel finally got the editing machine of her dreams. Her parents revealed that she had a bunch of savings bonds that they had been saving since she was born. They encouraged her to cash them in to buy a new, super slick, computer primarily for video editing. Since the main focus of this computer would be video, photo, and audio editing, she decided to go with a Mac. And not just any Mac either, but the tricked out MacPro. This thing is insanely sweet. It's current stats are: 250GB capacity, 1GB memory, two 2.66 gHz Intel Xeon dual-core processors. The icing on the cake is her monitor, a gorgeous 23 inch LCD screen. She'll be getting a lot of work done on this thing (especially considering that it can be upgraded to 2 terabytes of hard drive space and 16 gigs of memory). Congrats Mel!

It was a long weekend, so I went home to hang out. Not a whole lot happened, but you guys get another batch of "strange grocery store products". That's always fun.

The pictures wrap up with some cool pictures taken using the 15 second exposure time on my new camera and some lasers. We turned Brett into a laser mummy!
The screen's box
There it is...
Mel clears a space for her new machine
HD 23-inch... *drool*
She even got a free printer!
Carefully opening the box..
Little tiny cuts
The box is open!
Mel's mom holds the box down
Mel takes time to savor the moment
Mel with some sort of box
Thar she blows
The extraction begins
Careful guys
I can see the head! I mean.. both handles!
Isn't she a beauty?
The screen is all wrapped up nice
Look how big it is!
Mel loves her screen
It's enormous
The empty boxes went home with Mel's parents
Empty boxes
Mel with her new computer "Quenty" and screen "Lawrence"
Put it to good use Mel!
Mike and Brett teamed up against me in Magic
"We're gonna kick your ass"
A pretty tree
Some weird cable in Back Bay station
Becky with her new car
Dad figures out how to screw the front license plate on
He eventually had to drill in
Becky poses with his license plate
There was a small dent in the back
Some bird in a tree
Who comes up with these names?
Becky's shopping
Doo doooo doodoodoo
Becky looks oddly suspicious with that bunch of bananas
More strange hybrid fruits
Since when did Shaw's have a Wild Oats section?
Take it to the MAX with max cola!!
Becky browses the ramen section
That's gross becky
Ah yes, small, cold, hard, circular toast. My favorite
Who's that nerd?
My new drill
It was broken, so Isabelle was not impressed
Retainer lady got my name wrong
My new retainer. I'll try not to throw this one away..
Yeah, that drawing will help a lot..
Bye Mom
Colored leaves blurring by
Blurry leaves
Slightly less blurry leaves
Electric stuff in the background
Nice trees
More blurs
Some gross water
A truck with some stuff on it
Blurry window
Sarah on the train
Sarah reading some sort of book..
More blurs outside the window
Laser exposures!
It's supposed to say "HI" with circles around it
Laser, the blue light, and some sort of strange stain on the wall
Mike got his green laser pointer
Me and Mike both wrote our names... then crossed out the other's. Unfortunately Mike wrote too high
Mike crossed out "yatpay"!
We drew Brett. This was way harder than it looks since we could only see a little dot in the darkness with no reference points
Brett take two
Brett got lasered!
Brett's a laser mummy!
This is pretty crazy actually...
Superflash plus lasers!!!
You are viewing images from 10/10/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 82 pictures.
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