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This was my Halloween costume. Oh yeah, I'm cool.
Clark seems to be implying that alcohol is an essential nutrient
Anthony was a ninja-pirate!
The playgrounnd looks creepy now
Kind of Half-Life 2-sh
The broken swing adds to the atmosphere
On my way to Traina
Nice sky
There are three airplanes in this picture, along with a ton of older contrails
Seee? Airplane
This weird machine took a picture of the back of my eye
Neato eye checking equipment
I looked through the other end
Another cool eye checking machine
Which is clearer, 1, or 2?
Tony digs into the magnets
What's he making?
Ah, a space elevator
I knew that pipe on the ceiling would come in handy
It goes all the way up
Space elevator!
Tony attached this to the bottom
Brett has an unusually shiny head today
Lookee what I made, kind of like DNA
Tony makes more structures
Professor Rudolph in action
Look at him go.
Some nice trees
Mel gets in on the magnet action
Very nice, Mel!
Magnets = fun
I love smoke
Why is smoke so much fun to me?
It was tough to get good pictures of the smoke
The focus kept changing
Steel balls + small magnets = icosahedron!
Incense smoke ring!
Another smoke ring
Yet another smoke ring
A larger icosahedron
An anti-Mo!
They sometimes moved together which made it look like a mirror
Anti-Mo looks meaner than Mo
Weird little figurines in Mel's garage
Mel looks at trees
:D Hi Mel
Bailey seem startled
Walking to the movie theater for "Borat!"
A seagull
Hahaha, I can't wait for this movie
In the ticket line
Fun fun
Oh no!
Mel's dad is confused
Bailey pets the horsey
Bailey.. feed the brush to the horsey
Stupid horsey
You can already buy accessories!
W. T. F.
Blinding Brett!!!
You are viewing images from 11/05/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 66 pictures.
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